Sep 282012

According to media reports, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said after using the company latest Windows 8 operating system which is scheduled to launch next month, “Windows 8 is a very exciting product and its release has a vital role for Microsoft. ”

Gates revealed in an interview with the Associated Press on Thursday, he has begun to use Windows 8, and it is very satisfying.

Windows 8 system is the product which Microsoft has made the biggest changes over the past decade on Windows system. The company is trying to continue to maintain its leading position today’s world where mobile devices have begun to fully beyond the PCs through this product.

“Company hardware partners are trying to take advantage of the new features of our products, which is a very important point,” Gates said.

Microsoft previously announced that Windows 8 operating system, as well as the new version Internet Explorer browser will be released on October 26.

Industry insiders estimate that Windows 8 will completely replace Windows 7 in almost all personal computers sold to consumers to become the flagship operating system, this system has had tremendous change in the user-machine interaction. Windows 8 has multiple versions, and in addition to the PCs, it can also run on the tablet PC and smartphone platforms.

Microsoft has become more than just a company who only develops computer operating system, Microsoft’s business scope also includes providing computer services for the enterprise and selling Xbox consoles for the gaming enthusiasts, but the Windows business is always the most important part in Microsoft business segments, and it also occupies Microsoft’s a large part revenue.

In 2011, Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live department received a total of $19 billion in revenue, accounting for 27% of total revenues of $69.9 billion.

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