Oct 122012

Irritated by news of “soon will receive orders for Apple’s iPhone”, Foxconn shares again rose 10% on Friday.

Daiwa Capital Markets released a report on Thursday, the Foxconn will soon get the iPhone orders. The report said: “Our research shows that, due to the iPhone capacity planning, FIH may start producing the iPhone at the end of this year or early 2013.”

Foxconn International is the world’s largest mobile phone OEM companies, whose customers include Nokia, Huawei and ZTE. Apple iPhone was major OEM by Foxconn parent company Hon Hai.

Daiwa Capital Markets refers that Foxconn also get involved in the tablet computer foundry, and it just got first-line products OEM orders from Amazon Kindle Fire.

Daiwa Capital Markets thinks Foxconn remains its core competitiveness, and it’s believed Apple and Amazon orders is capable to reach Nokia, Motorola weak demand.

Affected by the message, Foxconn International stock rose 10.2 percent in Friday morning, trading at HK $3.35, the highest since June. On Thursday, Foxconn shares have gained 17%, marking the biggest one-day gain since mid-2009.

Foxconn declined to comment, but said later today they will release a statement.

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