Nov 202012

According to media reports, Facebook said in a statement on Monday, the company did not negotiate with Yahoo on search cooperation.

A British newspaper reported on Sunday, according to informed sources, Facebook was negotiating with Yahoo and it may want to establish cooperative relationship with the latter. But Facebook denied this rumour in its most recent statement.

The British newspaper the Sunday Telegraph reported that: “Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg had talked on alliance.

But Facebook said in a statement Monday: “people want to get better search experience on Facebook. We are working to improve to better meet those expectations, but we did not negotiate with other companies in building new search cooperation. ”

The well-known blogger Kara Swisher posted in AllThingsD web that Microsoft and Yahoo search relationship has not ended, and it’s unrealistic to build new partnership with the Facebook.

But it does not mean that Facebook didn’t negotiate with Yahoo on other cooperation, only the content of cooperation is unlikely to be the search area.

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  1. I am not very superb with English but I find this real easy to read.

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