May 242013

Samsung has always been the loyal manufacturer of Android, but it does not mean that Samsung does not develop other operating systems. Today, Samsung’s first TIZEN system mobile phone I8805 configuration revealed for the first time, the device will be equipped with 720P resolution screen.

Although the first TIZEN system I8805 does not have any spy shots revealed, its official internal documents are leaked online. Seen from the information, the I8805 will use the Cortex-A19 processor, and the 720P resolution screen, it supports LTE 4G network. The overall configuration seems to be mid-range, but from the Samsung internal message, the TIZEN system will define it as the flagship.

TIZEN is the the operating system developed for mobile phones and other devices by Linux two alliances LiMo Foundation and Linux Foundation working together with Intel and Samsung Electronics. The system integrates the LiMo and MeeGo two operating systems, currently Samsung is main hardware pusher of the TIZEN system.

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