Dec 102012

There are already many tablet PC designed specifically for children. This week, the manufacturer Fuhu which has launched the Children’s Tablet PC Nabi announced a Tablet PC Nabi Jr. for younger children. This tablet is for the toddler.

Nabi Jr. will give children first experience of the Tablet PC, but can also rescue your more expensive Android or Apple tablet PCs from dirty-sticky small hands.

The new 5-inch product is with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra processor, the touch screen resolution is 800×400, and it’s with a flip Webcam. It uses Ice Cream Sandwich system, and it has many customized educational software which covers the curriculum from kindergarten to sixth grade, so the children can use it to improve the ability of their own writing, reading and mathematics, improve early childhood learning interest, and enhance their ability to learn and confidence. In the selling price, the 4GB version is only $100 and the 16GB version is $130.

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  1. I have not found a brick and mortar store acknowledging that they are expecting this device.

  2. Release date

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