Dec 102012

There are already many tablet PC designed specifically for children. This week, the manufacturer Fuhu which has launched the Children’s Tablet PC Nabi announced a Tablet PC Nabi Jr. for younger children. This tablet is for the toddler.

Nabi Jr. will give children first experience of the Tablet PC, but can also rescue your more expensive Android or Apple tablet PCs from dirty-sticky small hands.

The new 5-inch product is with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra processor, the touch screen resolution is 800×400, and it’s with a flip Webcam. It uses Ice Cream Sandwich system, and it has many customized educational software which covers the curriculum from kindergarten to sixth grade, so the children can use it to improve the ability of their own writing, reading and mathematics, improve early childhood learning interest, and enhance their ability to learn and confidence. In the selling price, the 4GB version is only $100 and the 16GB version is $130.

Dec 072012

According to media reports, market analysts on Wednesday said that the market currently has a very strong demand for the Windows 8 touch screen PC.

Bob O’Donnell, vice president of market research firm IDC projects said, ” the touch screen PC sales have actually exceeded market expectations.” This means that the supply of these products have been shortage. O’Donnell said that some vendors in fact have already been facing the problem of shortages, because the touch screen panel supply is extremely limited. Sellers said that they currently can not get enough touch-screen devices to meet consumer needs.

Another market research firm Rhoda Alexander also said, “We have been explored with a number of PC manufacturers, they had some trouble in obtaining the touch screen panel. Some dealers said, Windows 8 the touch screen PC has a shortage situation. ”

Microsoft Windows CMO and CFO Tami Reller said last week that the store shelves were currectly not with “adequate” touch screen devices.

The touch screen PC includes the standard laptop with a touch screen, hybrid notebook- tablet PC, and tablet PC. Under normal circumstances, the touch screen PC’s price is more expensive than the standard non-touch screen laptop.

Currently, Microsoft’s official online store is selling series of tablet PCs and hybrid laptops, including the $499 Acer Iconia W510, the $779 ASUS VivoTab, as well as the $849 HP Envy x2. Touchscreen laptops include the $699 Asus VivoBook, the $1,299 Acer Aspire S7, the $899 Sony Vaio T13, and the $1,349 HP Spectre XT TouchSmart.

IDC’s O’Donnell added, however, the non-touch screen Windows 8 PC’s current sales are not very good. The analyst said: ” the non-touch screen PC sales are lower than the market expection, if the sales of high-end equipment is better than expected, it will be a good thing, but not enough to make up for the sales of low-end products.”

Dec 052012

Microsoft recently announced the Surface Pro based on full version Window system will be listed in January next year, and it is called as the full version PC and the full version Tablet PC, but the price is almost the same with some notebooks and Ultrabook. It is reported that the price of the 64GB version Surface Pro is $899, and the 128GB version is $999, and it can use all Windows 7 applications. Both models are equipped with digital pen, but without the keyboard and protective sleeve, users can get both with additional $130.

It is understood that the Surface RT supported by Nvidia has been sold in Microsoft’s retail stores and its website on October 26, and it’s priced from $ 499. But the Surface and Windows 8′s new design failed to bring enough to the Windows system users. According to sources of the supply chain, Microsoft has cut Surface Tablet PC orders to 2 million units, half lower than the original booking 4 million units. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also said this tablet PC sales is “moderate” at the beginning.

Due to the use of Intel chips and Windows 8 operating system, rather than the Surface RT AMR-chip and Windows RT system, the Surface Pro can run the existing Windows program. The Surface Pro Tablet PC with Intel chips also uses a similar keyboard protective cover and bracket, but the weight and size specifications are larger, this tablet PC is running based on the the i5 chip and the display resolution is 1920×1080. The Surface RT weight is less than 2 pounds and the thickness is less than 14 mm, while the Surface Pro is heavier and thicker.

Nov 212012

According to media reports Amazon plan to sell Kindle e-book reader in the Chinese mainland market was suspended. Earlier there were reports saying, Amazon has suspended to launch the Chinese version Cloud Drive service, which is also considered as key factor to sell Kindle.

Amazon has not officially announced plans to sell Kindle in China, but earlier this month, media report said, there were indications that Amazon is speeding up to sell Kindle in China. For example, Kindle Paperwhite has recently added support for Simplified Chinese. However, the message from the Chinese side that due to the suspended of the launch of the Cloud Drive service in China, it leaves suspense if the Kindle can visit the Chinese mainland market.

The anonymous sources from Amazon said, as Kindle greatly depends on the Cloud Drive service, plan of Kindle sale in China is bound to be affected. The report said that Amazon has changed plans to launch its own locally hosted services in China, because it requires a huge expenditure. Amazon is currently exploring leasing from local operators to launch its own Cloud Drive service.

This is similar to the measures taken by Microsoft in China. Microsoft avoided license problem according to cooperation with China Telecom and Century Internet, at the same time they rented China Telecom equipment room to build a data center, while the operation and maintenance is responsible by Century Internet.

If Amazon uses this program, it also means that the Kindle will soon enter the Chinese market. Rumors of Kindle to enter the Chinese market has been going on for more than a year’s time.

Asia is becoming a focus region of Amazon, the company has promoted their own equipment many times in Asia. In September this year, Amazon launched in India Kindle Store and the Kindle; October this year, the Kindle also sold in the Japanese market. More importantly, a week before the Kindle sale in the Japanese market, Amazon has launched the Cloud Drive service in the Japanese market.

It is not clear if the Amazon postponed the sale Kindle in the Chinese market is related to the resignation of Amazon Chinese president Wang Hanhua last month. Wang Hanhua announced last month, he plans to end his seven-year term of office in the company before the end of November this year. As to now, Amazon has said no word on this report.

Nov 212012

According to market research firm Digitimes Research senior analyst James Wang expected, global tablet shipments in 2013 will reach 210 million units, an increase of 38.3% compared to 2012, and for the first time it will exceed the same period laptop shipments. James Wang also estimated, the brand tablet PC shipments will reach 140 million units.

It’s expected that Google will maintain its growth situation in the tablet market in 2013 with its Nexus series, and become the world’s second largest tablet PC brand vendor, Google’s tablet PC shipments will reach 19 million units. Apple will continue to lead the tablet PC market, but its share in the global brand tablet PC shipments will be slipped from 60% in 2012 to 55.6%, and its global tablet shipments share is 37.4%.

Due to the burst of unbranded tablet shipments, it’s expected that Android will surpass iOS to become the biggest tablet PC market platform. Digitimes Research expected Android tablet PC shipments will reach 121 million units, an increase of 40.2% than 2012.

Digitimes Research also predicted that the global tablet PC shipments will reach 320 million units by 2015, among which the brand tablet PC shipments will be 220 million units, and the unbranded Tablet PC shipments will be 100 million units.

Nov 162012

According to foreign media reports, an orchestrated iPad thefts occurred in the Kennedy International Airport in New York this Monday, $1.5 million valued iPad miniswere stolen.

It is reported that the criminals hasty escaped because an airport worker found them, althrough the criminals left 3 boxes iPad mini, they still took 2 boxes iPad mini, which is about 3600 units iPad, valued at approximately $ 1.5 million.

As of last night, the criminals are still at large. It is doubted some insiders helped in this case, according to some informers, criminals can easily get in and out place safeguard the iPad, there were certainly insiders help.

The case might affect the New York area’s iPad supply, the New York area consumers may be more difficult to buy iPad mini than consumers in other regions.

Nov 142012

The Wireless Broadband Alliance announced a Wi-Fi hotspot market report issued by global market research firm Informa Telecoms&Media.The report pointed out that the total hotspot based on smart phones has now surpassed the total laptop connections, which is the first time in history.

The survey found that smartphone hotspot connections accounts for 40%, followed by laptops (39%), then it’s the fast-growing tablet PC (17%).

The survey also found that the future public Wi-Fi hotspots growth will be concentrated in four regions: large area outdoor hot zone such as parks, transportation hub such as airports and social places such as bars and cafes , while the local outdoor heat hot area such as the well-known tourist attractions is also expected to greatly increase.

The report also reported several factors that hinder the popularity and use of public Wi-Fi hotspots, including network authentication, universal roaming development standards and 3G/Wi-Fi interoperability.

The Chairman of the Wireless Broadband Alliance JRWilson said: “These findings suggest that public Wi-Fi has now become an important part of the user mobile experience, and it’s expected to rapidly develop with the upcoming next generation hotsopt deployment. The large carriers users to use Wi-Fi has significantly increased. To maintain this momentum, the operators must continue to work together and adopt open standards to establish a truly global Wi-Fi network. “

Nov 102012


ThinkPad officially launched its first rotated screen win8 ultrabook S230u Twist, which uses a 12.5-inch screen, and there are three different configurations to choose from.

ThinkPad S230u Twist provides users with four operation modes, which respectively are notebook computer model, tablet PC model, standing model and tent model, which realizes the free switch between tablet PC and notebook.

The S230u body is covered with Mocha black skin-like matt material. and it has a 12.5-inch IPS high-definition screen ( resolution of 1366 x 768), the brightness is up to 350 nits, it supports multi touch, and the screen can be freely rotated. The thinnest area is only 20 mm and it weights 1.58 kg.

This notebook has three configerations to choose from, respectively, with the core i5/i7 processor; 4GB/8GB (DDR3 1333MHz) memory; hard disk 500GB/32GB+500GB/128GB. Meanwhile, the S230u is equipped with complete interface, it has two USB3.0, Mini HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, an RJ45 and a 4-in-1 card reader. The battery life can reach up to 7 hours. thinkpad parts on sale at

In addition, ThinkPad S230u Twist is also configured with hardware and software specially designed for industry users.

Nov 062012

In the past few months, we have seen numerous Android system Tablet PCs appeared in the market with a variety of different sizes, 7 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and so on. Many people believe that the 10-inch Android Series is able to compete with the ipad, but so far most of these products have a lot of defects, Google Nexus 10 is likely to break the status, but why Google consumes so long time to launch their own 10-inch tablet PC? After all, we’ve seen a lot of brands such as Asus, Samsung, Acer, Motorola have launched similar products. Google Android, director of business development John Lagerling said on the New York Times interview,: “The past 10-inch tablet computers have price too high, and other inadequate, we need to observe what we can do.”

Nexus 10 is one of the most powerful Android Tablet PCs so far, and it has purest Android system experience, if it is to succeed, it is not surprising, how do you think?

Oct 252012

ASUS held a new conference in New York and released its full range of windows 8 products, including notebooks, tablet PCs, and AIO equipments. Asus chairman Johnny Shih showed Asus new products, including dual screen Tai chi notebook, the touch screen VivoBook Series notebook, Zenbook ultrabook, VivoTab series tablet, Transformer Book deformable notebook and so on.

The Tai chi dual-screen notebook is the focus of the ASUS conference, it uses dual IPS HD touch screen design, 11.6-inch screen, Core i5/i7 processor, 4GB RAM, 128/256GB solid state drive, and it’s priced at $1,299, and will be on market in early November. The two screens can display same content and different content, and also it can be used as a tablet when closed the screen.

The VivoBook is newly launched series, and it has 11.6, 14 and 15-inch three sub-series, all using the touch screen, among which the 11.6-inch adopts Core i3 processor, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive S200.

The new Zenbook series are high-end ultrabooks adopting full HD resolution touch screen, and it’s targeted at high-end users.

The VivoTab Series is ASUS newly launched windows series tablet, including with windows RT system, Tegra3 processor and 10.1-inch screen VivoTab RT; using windows 8 system, Atom processor, 11.6-inch screen and with the stylus VivoTab tablet; and the use of windows 8, Atom processor, 10.1-inch screen and equipped with the Smart Keyboard Cover VivoTab Smart Tablet. The VivoTab RT weighs only 530g, and it is the lightest 10-inch tablet. It has 16 hours battery life with the base.

Transformer Book deformable laptop can remove the screen to become a tablet and it is currently the thinnest Core i7 tablet.

Although some products has unpublished price and time-to-market, with the official release of the Microsoft windows 8, Asus full line windows 8 devices will also be on sale soon.