Apr 022013

It’s rumored that Apple’s next generation iPhone may be named as iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, and the Japanese media broke the news that Apple will release the new iPhone on June 20 this year, and the new iPhone 5S/6 will not have too much change from the existing iPhone 5, and the rumored cheap version iPhone may be released in August this year for the Indian and Chinese markets.

The rumored June 20 seems very awkward, but perhaps it is the time of the Apple Developers Conference WWDC this year. The rumored iPhone 5S/6 will remain the 4-inch 1136*640 resolution screen, quad-core processor, wireless charging, 2GB memory and dual LED flash. Allegedly next year, Apple will launch a 4.5-inch smartphone model.

As for the low-cost version iPhone, it’s rumored to be listed in August this year, the non-contract price of this product may be less than $ 330, and it’s mainly for Indian and the Chinese mainland market.

Apr 012013

Samsung’s senior vice president disclosed in an interview that the Samsung GALAXY S4 would be listed by the end of April, and there would also be GALAXY S4 mini. Samsung executives did not disclose more information about this mini version new machine, but at least they still confirmed the existance of the Samsung GALAXY S4 mini, and it would come after the sale of the GALAXY S4.

A few days ago, the website Sammobile which has been concerned about the Samsung smartphone latestly disclosed the news that the Samsung GALAXY S4 mini will be released this week, and then officially listed at the end of May or early June, and it will provide black and white two color choices.

According to information leaked in the past on the network, the Samsung GALAXY S4 mini will be loaded 4.3 inches Super AMOLED touch screen that supports qHD Specifications (960 × 540 pixels) resolution and provides a 256ppi pixel density. It’s equipped with Android 4.2.2 system, and there may be 8GB, 16GB and 32GB three capacity versions to be released, and they all support micro-SD memory card expansion.

Samsung GALAXY S4 mini is also rumored to be equipped with Samsung’s new generation of Orion Exynos 5210 processor, whose feature is allegedly to be with big.LITTLE technology quad-core structure, primarily through the dual-core Cortex-A15 core support for multimedia, games and other large applications, the usual simple application process will be done by the dual-core Cortex-A7.

Samsung GALAXY S4 mini is also rumored to be with 1GB RAM memory and built-in 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, and also the intelligent eye rolling and other features. Currently, there are four models GALAXY S4 mini in Samsung official website. It is reported that the Samsung GALAXY S4 mini is priced at $ 480.

Mar 292013

According to technology news site SAI reports, Apple recently announced a patent design application. The main content of the design is that the next-generation iPhone will use all-glass, full-screen, full-transparent, and wrap-around screen body design.

The technology website Patently Apple which focuses exclusively on Apple technology developments announced this new iPhone design draft.

Patently Apple also summarized the main contents of this Apple technology patent: “Today’s technological innovation focuses on softness and wrap-around screen, which can use aluminum, glass or transparent design. This future iPhone design does not provide any physical buttons, so when the users want to adjust the volume of this iPhone, just simply hand hover next to the display, then you will be able to see the corresponding virtual control buttons. With its unique dual-screen design, this new body can also create 3D visual effects. Undoubtedly it is one of Apple’s most popular technological innovations this year.”

SAI said that this Apple patent application looks very good. It needs to be pointed out that, from past experience, Apple will apply for patents for its large number of new products and technologies, but after these patents are granted, there are a large number of patents never used into market products.

It can be seen that after Apple applied patents for new generation iPhone design, the cover could become the prototype design of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, but it can also be shelved, and will not be seen in real product in the market.

Mar 282013

Google released a new Google feature in Play App Store on Wednesday, when users use Android Tablet PCs to watch movies and press the pause button, it can automatically provide film actor and music background information.

This information is from Google Knowledge Graph, but it’s interesting that Google does not display information simply based on the movie metadata, but uses facial recognition and voice search technology to identify the actors and musicians.

When the user presses the pause button, the related information card will automatically jump out from the right side on the screen.

Google said that this feature will cover hundreds of films, and will expand coverage every day, but it’s only available for the United States users currently. In addition, only Tablet PC with Android 4.0 or the latest version can use this feature. But Google said they will have this feature to more countries and more devices. It is worth mentioning that Google has released the Play Movies movie player in India and Mexico.

But Google is not the only tech giants providing this functionality, Amazon also expanded X-Ray services application scope on Wednesday, which provides the background information when users watch TV programs. Amazon launched this feature last summer when they released Kindle Fire HD, but it was only compatible with movies, and now it’s also compatible with TV shows.

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Mar 262013

Sharp has introduced an ultra-high-sensitivity touch screen, users can write on the display with an ordinary pencil or pen. In view of the partnership between Sharp and Apple, there are rumors that this display will be used in the iPhone 6. According to media reports, the touch screen sensitivity of Sharp newly developed touch screen is eight times than the ordinary capacitive display. And there are reports that a major feature of the next-generation iPhone is that it may be equipped with this new touch screen.

There are views that if the iPhone 6 is really able to be with the new touch screen, then its overall thickness may be declined further, thus to reduce the whole mobile phone weight. For the price driver smart phone market, product logistics costs account for a considerable part of the total cost, if the weight of each phone can be reduced, then the logistics costs can save down.

Sharp’s new touch screen can also be precisely operated even with gloves in winter, more importantly, it is the first touch screen that can use ordinary pencil or pen to write. The new touch-screen will be officially put into production on March 15, 2013.

Mar 262013

The Samsung GALAXY S4 had been released, then another Samsung’s big screen flagship Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅱ successor Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ has become the expecting focus. According to media reports, Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will have the 5.5-inch large screen upgraded to reach 5.9 inches level.

Allegedly rumors that Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will adopt 5.9-inch screen have been confirmed by some of the major components providers.

According to the Korea Times reports, Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will be launched in the U.S., and the report claimed that the South Korean operators are planning to have Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ concept machine displayed for U.S. carriers AT&T in the next few days.

It’s also rumored Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will be with the latest OLED display technology and 1080p full HD level.

There are expectations that Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will be released at IFA2013 exhibition around the end of August, but it will avoid the show and independently organize conference.

Mar 252013

ZTE has always not paid much attention on the upcoming new security. Recently, the brand new ZTE Grand X Quad official pictures are exposed.

ZTE Grand X Quad is with a 5.0 inches 720p large screen, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and replaceable 2,500mAh battery. It supports dual SIM card (WCDMA and GSM). From the current configuration, it’s midrange Android system mobile phone.

This is not the fist time for broke news God @evleaks to successful leak the products official images, before he exposed the HTC Droid DNA. While we can not know how he got this first-hand information, then let’s wait for his coming wonderful news.

Mar 202013

The South Korea’s third-largest telecom operator LG U+ announced officially sell a smartphone usable in the bath or pool for about 30 minutes. As Japan’s Casio developed “GzOne” series model, the smartphone is the first waterproof smartphone using the LTE service in Korea. The GzOne can last up to 30 minutes in 1.5 meters depth water.

“The cover completely block the charger jack and headphone jack that can inflow water, so the smartphone will not have any problem when falling into the water.” In addition, the product side and back are equipped with buffer, the front side is installed with a layer of tempered glass, therefore, it will not fragment even if it falls to the ground.

LG U+ said, GzOne was rated the highest international waterproof rating IPX8, and it’s suitable for outdoor leisure activities. The phone is equipped with a 4-inch display, powered by Android 4.0 operating system. The price is 423,500 KRW.

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Mar 192013

Recently it’s rumored the X Phone will support custom hardware. And there is news that two code-named “Ghost” and “Yeti” new machines are being developed and will be launched for operators in the U.S. market.

The X Phone will provide hardware customization services. For example, the contents users can customize may include color and RAM size. In addition, users can also customize part of the phone’s software features, including preloaded own wallpaper, ringtones, applications and contacts. The machine even allows users to unlock the bootloader and SIM card.

It is reported that Motorola X Phone is likely to be released in Google I/O Assembly in June this year, and to be sold through Google Play App Store. Despite the Motorola X phone is a high-end model, it is alleged that Google will provide price subsidies to attract more buyers.

Compared to Motorola X Phone this year’s main products, the exposed two new machines should belong to the mid-range models from the hardware configuration. The code-named “Ghost” Motorola new machine will be launched for the United States four carriers AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nexte. Outside of the U.S. market, it will be available in Brazil and other South American countries.

As for the phone functions configuration, this new machine will be loaded with a 4.65-inch touch screen, and supports for 720p HD resolution and it’s equipped with Android4.2.2 system. In order to obtain a more fluid control experience, Motorola also equips the machine with 2GB RAM memory and 2200mAh capacity battery.

This new machine is loaded with 1.7GHz Xiao Long 600 processor (APQ8064T), whose main characteristic is to have four Krait 300 cores, also it’s with Qualcomm third generation LTE baseband chip (9×25), but the integrated graphics chip is Adreno 320.

As for the other “Yeti” coded new machine is currently only known it’s partly carrying Android4.2.X system, and will be launched by the U.S. carrier AT&T Mobility.

Mar 182013

Lenovo recently demonstrated the newly designed ThinkPad T431s ultrabook, it is slimmer than the previous product, and with backlit keyboard, 5-point TrackPad, and it looks slimmer. The new ultrabook is equipped with 14-inch HD 1600X900 resolution display, the border is more narrow, the display brightness is up to 250 lumens.

The T431s is with the third generation Intel 2.7GHz Core i7 processor, you can also choose other processors such as the i5 processor if you like. The operating system is Windows 7, and also it can be Windows 8. Through Lenovo RapidBoot 2.0, its startup speed can be 40% faster. It also supports USB 3.0. And it has built-in fingerprint identification.

In addition, the T431s has a been on standby USB, which can also charge the mobile device without connecting to power. It supports mobile hotspot functionality, can share WiFi or WWAN network or wired network.

The T431s is with 720HD front camera, supports facial recognition technology. And it reaches a Mil-SPEC 8 standard on firmness.

It’s with 4G RAM (can be upgraded to a maximum of 12GB), 47WHr 3-cell package battery, Bluetooth 4.0, built-in Wi-Fi and WWAN connectivity.

It has a full network interface, VGA interface, 3.5mm headset microphone port, two USB 3.0 ports and a 4-1 SD card slots,

The basic model T431s is with 320GB (5400 rpm) hard drive, SSD drive can be replaced if the budget is adequate. T431s will be available in April, and it’s priced at $ 949.