Sep 172012

AMD company is currently doing preparatory work for the company’s first Tablet PC processor release in the fourth quarter, this processor is named Hondo. Allegedly, this chip uses the same 40-nanometer production process with Brazos2.0. News from AMD vice president Steve Belt confirmed that Hondo will only support an operating system, that is the upcoming officially releasing Windows 8 system.

Hondo with Intel’s Clover Field will become ARM-based processor selected object in late next year. Performance comparison of the two products has not yet been released. But most applications in Windows 8 environment is optimized by DirectX, seen from this point, AMD’s iGPU occupies a certain advantage. However, seen from the power consumption, the 40-nanometer technology is significantly inferior to Intel’s 32-nanometer or 22-nanometer products.

The real comparative results will be known until the release of ARM version Windows 8 system.

Sep 172012

The Korea Times reported on Sunday, Samsung plans to release the next-generation flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 on “Mobile World Congress” (MWC) in February next year.

The report quoted the Samsung senior officials saying that Samsung plans to release the Galaxy S4 in the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona next year and latest in March it will be listed in the world.

In May of this year, Samsung just released the Galaxy S3. Samsung IT and mobile business unit director Shin Jong-kyun said last Wednesday that the Galaxy S3 will be sold more than 30 million this year, Earlier this month, Galaxy S3 sales reached 20 million units.

The senior official also said Samsung Galaxy S4 release is only nine months time from Galaxy S3, therefore it is sufficient to inhibit the Apple iPhone. Last week, Apple just released a new generation of product iPhone 5, this Friday it will be the first listing in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

The senior official said, in the hardware specifications and software features, Galaxy S4 will be a most powerful smart phone of Samsung. Galaxy S4 will support LTE network, uses Samsung’s Exynos brand application processor and quad-core chip. Currently, based on different sales countries, Galaxy S3 sseperately uses the Samsung Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Galaxy S4 adopts the OLED screen, the screen size will become 5 inches from Galaxy S3 4.8-inch. It still uses Google Android system. The senior official said: “Samsung plans to upgrade once a year, Galaxy S4 is the first product implementing the strategy.”

Sep 142012

Apple confirmed on Thursday that the iPhone 3GS has stopped production and the iPhone 4 will replace it to become the free contract phone.

Insiders had previously expected Apple iPhone 3GS will be sold in developing countries as a non-contract product, but Apple has confirmed that they do not intend to do so.

Last year with the release of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS became Apple first free mobile phone with a two-year contract on its core markets in the United States, which is to take Apple to break into the low-end market they had never considered competing.

However, with the iPhone 5 launch on Wednesday, iPhone 4S was transferred to the $99 price, but the iPhone 4 just released in 2010 has become Apple’s new free phone.

In fact, there has been rumors last week that the 2009 debut iPhone 3GS will be retired with the latest iPhone 5 release.

Sep 142012

According to media reports, Hewlett-Packard president and CEO Meg Whitman said on Thursday that HP will eventually launch a smart phone, but the company has no intention to acquire Canadian smartphone maker RIM.

Whitman said in an interview withFox Business Network on the same day: “We are working in this area, we must finally launch a smart phone, because in many countries around the world, the first computing device local consumers buy is the smartphone … while HP itself is a computing device manufacturer. ”

When asked the issues whether HP intends to acquire all or part of the assets of troubled RIM, Whitman said: “We will not do this, and it is not the direction we plan to develop.”

Whitman has long served as eBay CEO, and served as HP’s CEO last year. Since then she developed a business restructuring plan for HP, and the time period is 5 years. Whitman said on Thursday this restructuring plan has been completed about 20%. She also expected that HP’s various businesses will show signs of gradual growth next year.

Sep 142012

According to media reports and industry rumors, Microsoft may as early as next month release plans of the Office 2010 upgrading to Office 2013.

It is reported that the plan will be very similar to Microsoft new Windows PC plans, users can purchase the previous version software, and then free of charge or at a discount price to upgrade to the next version.

According to informed sources, Microsoft will guarantee uses who purchase the Office 2010 software between October 19 to 30 April 2013, once the Office 2013 is officially listed, it will offer a free upgrade for the users.

It is said that Microsoft will provide its manufacturer partners with Office 2013 in November this year, and it is expected that the software will be publicly traded early next year.

Microsoft spokesman declined to comment on this message.

Sep 132012

Recently, Microsoft announced that it will launch updating program for Windows 8 IE10 version Flash to repair the existing “Unable to get the new version of Flash” vulnerabilities. Microsoft initially plans not to provide updates until the Windows 8 official release on October 26.

It is reported that this procedure is soon coming, and then there may have been kept up to date. On this point, unless Microsoft and Adobe reached a cooperation on update issues , or in the future the IE10 will be likely to exposed in the risk again and again. However, For Windows 8 users, it is the most sensible to be more careful about Microsoft’s recent update.

Sep 112012

According to media reports, the social networking site Facebook visitor volume has been growing since the date of inception in 2004. But Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney latest report shows that Facebook independent accessing users in the United States has had the second consecutive month decline.

Mahaney cited Internet traffic monitoring firm ComScore data in the report and said, in August of this year, Facebook unique visitors in the United States fell by 6%. Data that ComScore previously provided has shown that, Facebook unique visitors in the United States in July this year declined 1%.

Mahaney indicated in the investors report that, “This is the first material decline of the companies numbers of users since we monitor Facebook data.” Up to now, Facebook spokesman did not say a word on this report.

Sep 072012

It is believed that people still remain fresh in memory of the trailer Nokia released about Lumia 920 smartphone, especially the PureView technology used in Lumia 920 smartphone  is a major bright spot, however, careful users found photographs in the video is not taken by Lumia 920 smartphone PureView image stabilization technology, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction. Nokia apologized on this issue, and re-produced videos to show Lumia 920 smartphone PureView image stabilization technology.

Nokia spokeswoman Heidi Lemmetyinen made an apology on the event in a blog and admitted that the company didn’t use Lumia 920 to take photos in advertising, but this is to render better advertising effect.

A lot of people are not dissatisfied on new Nokia smartphone Lumia 920 promo fraud issue, but Nokia’s handling of the incident attitude is fairly satisfying. In addition to the public apology, Nokia also specially produced a brand new advertising campaign, and presented the PureView image stabilization technology through the comparison of two video.

Last night, Nokia officially released this Windows Phone device Lumia 920 and planned to list it in the fourth quarter of this year, then we can experience what the Lumia 920 PureView image stabilization technology is.

Sep 072012

According to South Korea “Central Daily”, Apple will launch its new model iPhone 5 on September 12, but Apple replaced most of the part devices produced by Samsung in this phone.

Apple will use memory chips or display produced by Samsung Electronics Company in the new iPhone, SK Hynix, Elpida Memory and Toshiba were chosen to provide memory chips for Apple new iPhone, LG and Japan display companies were selected to supply LCD.

But the industry thinks Apple is difficult to completely cut off transactions with Samsung. At the beginning of this year, Apple had tried to change the “New iPad” panel supplier to Sharp and LG Display, but it suffers due to the quality of the two companies products. British IT specialist fund manager Van¬∑luogaupp thinks that, as the quality of parts directly impacts on product quality, it’s expected Apple is difficult to completely sever trading cooperation with Samsung.

Previously, in the iPhone product, parts accounting for 40% of product total price are provided by Samsung. The semiconductor parts scale Apple bought from Samsung Electronics in 2011 was approximately 10 trillion won, equivalent to 6% of Samsung Electronics sales.

Sep 072012

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unexpectedly appeared on the Nokia Lumia phone news conference held in New York City on Wednesday. Ballmer said that this year is a Windows year. Apparently, Ballmer wants the world to know that Microsoft will use Windows 8, Windows phone 8 and the Windows RT to reinvent Windows brand.

In the news conference, Ballmer predicted that within a year, the world will have 400 million units Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 hardware products. Windows 8 products include PCs, laptops, tablet PCs and mixer. The Windows Phone 8 products include smartphones.

This really is an ambitious number. However, this figure is certainly feasible, because the PC makers will start on October 26 to install Windows 8 on new PCs. New PC sales growth has slowed, but there will be many new PCs installing Windows 8 in hard drive.

The biggest problem now is how much will be running Windows Phone 8 among the 400 million hardware devices.