Jul 022013

When the Galaxy S4 gained impressive sales performance in the world, many consumers are looking forward to the larger screen size and more powerful performance Galaxy Note III. Today, media got the news from Samsung inside that Samsung plans to hold a news conference on September 4 a few days before the consumer electronics trade show to launch this giant product. While some of the early advertising and propaganda will start in August, which are mainly related to Galaxy Note Series product line and Samsung’s history and so on.

Firstly, let’s review the previous two generations of Galaxy Note Series releae time:
- The first generation Galaxy Note was launched in 2011 IFA Conference held in October
- Galaxy Note II was launched in a special wireless exhibition in August, a few days before the IFA 2012

In addition to the launch time, more people concern about the specification of the Galaxy Note III. According to the relevant specifications exposed before, Samsung Galaxy Note III may be equipped with eight-core processor, eight-core Mali 450 GPU, 3GB RAM, 13 MP rear camera and 5.99 inches Full HD Super AMOLED display.

Jul 012013

According to media reports, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei has confirmed that the company is working with Google to develop an Android smart phone to be sold in Google Play stores in future.

In this regard, Huawei handset production department President Kevin Ho recently revealed in an interview with Pocket-Lint media, “the company is working with Google to analyse the feasibility of production a Google version Ascend P6 phone.” However, there is no definite news of the specific listing time of the Google version Huawei Ascend P6.

It is reported that, the Ascend P6 as Huawei’s high-end model is equipped with 4.7 inches 720PHD in-cell screen, with 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2000mAh large capacity battery, 2G RAM and 8G ROM, the phone weighs about 120g.

In camera functions, Ascend P6′s performance is very good, the device is with the F2.0 large aperture 8 MP rear camera, and with a special “smart pixel” processing engine. The specification of the front camera also reaches the industry-leading 5 MP and with smart fill light shooting feature.

Jul 012013

According to the news from South Korea, the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone will use 5.99 inches Super AMOLED flexible display, which is contrary with many present argument. Recently,the well-informed @evleaks claims Galaxy Note 3 may adopt 5.7 inches display, rather than the majority rumored 5.99-inch panel. And another report thinks that, the phone may use AMOLED and LCD displays according to different market. And there are rumors that Samsung is not ready to use flexible display in Note 3 device, although they did consider this option.

And now, South Korean media MT Media reports said, Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display will be put into mass production in August, and officially released in September. However, the authenticity of this statement is difficult to trace.

This report gives several reasons why Samsung Note 3 will use flexible displays, including the Galaxy S4 sales lower than expected, as well as the threat from LG. LG has previously publicly stated that they are making a phone with flexible display, which is scheduled to release in Q4 of this year.

In addition, Sony and HTC these two competitors will compete with Samsung in the giant screen mobile phone market. Sony has officially released the first giant-screen phone Xperia Z Ultra a few days ago, and HTC is also reported to launch a One Max (T6). Both phones are strong competitors of the Galaxy Note 3.

This South Korean media also said that apparently Samsung wants to show the world that it is still with the innovative strength to develop this product. If they launch the Note 3 with flexible display, thent this phone will be the first flexible screen phone available in the market.

Jun 202013

According to media reports, Nokia has previously issued an invitation to hold press conference on July 11, and indirectly said it would launch a re-definition zoom device. Today, Nokia officially released a chartlet, which is written “41 million reasons”, which basically confirms that Nokia will release the legendary 41 MP mobile phone in this conference.

The tentative name of this phone is Lumia EOS, according to previous media reports, the leaked specifications are as follows:

• 41 MP camera + Xenon flash

• Nokia Pro Camera application

• 32GB Memory

• 1280×768 resolution OLED display

• WP8 V 8.0.10322.71

• FM radio

• Flip mute

• Polycarbonate case

• Simultaneous recording 35 MP and 5 MP images, respectively, for storing and sharing

• Yellow frame

• Does not support SD card expansion

• 1mm thinner than the Lumia 920, a substantial protruding in camera

• No significant system changes

Lumia EOS will compete directly with the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom , in addition, Sony recently said it would launch i1 Honami comparable to camera large-size sensor, the future phone market will expand a battle in camera field.

Jun 192013

The “Honami” coded Sony Xperia i1 as the first flagship model of the One Sony strategic, is not only the focus of the crowd, but also various rumors about the device are endless. Recently, the website Phonearena exclusively disclosed a forecast image of Sony mysterious new mobile, and it’s speculated from the picture’s file name that the device may be the future Sony Xperia i1 Honami, and it may even be officially launched on July 4th news conference.

Seen from the revealed image, this Sony mysterious new mobile looks somewhat similar with Xperia Z in the outline, but glowing LED lights at the top and bottom of the frame gives a very special feeling. Although it is unclear of the specific identity of this Sony’s new device, Phonearena infers from the “Honami” word in the photo that this mysterious new mobile may be the legendary Sony Xperia i1 Honami.

According to information leaked in the past, the device will be equipped with 5-inch FHD Full HD touch screen, and covered protective glass more robust than the Xperia Z’s. Meanwhile, in order to get better display, Sony will add the touch screen with the X-Reality Engine and Triluminos touch technology, as well as OptiContrastPanel display technology applied on Xperia Z.

The rumored first “One Sony” phone will merge Cyber-shot and Walkman two brands technologies, built-in 20 MP camera and load large 1/1.6 inch sensor, and the graphics engine will use a new JPEG algorithm Sony specially develops, which will be applied to the Sony Alpha and NEX two product lines digital cameras in the future.

The device will also have the Sony Walkman technology, the performance of the sound quality is reportedly to be between Walkman XZ and Walkman Z. In addition to carrying the 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, the device built-in battery capacity will be upgraded to about 3000mAh.

According to the news revealed by Sony internal staff, the device size and dimension is relatively close to Sony Xperia Z, and it’s also with double-sided glass design, and even the body thickness is only about 8mm, but the camera will be a lap bigger than the past.

According to Phonearena saying, if the revealed images of Sony Coming mysterious new mobileis true, then Sony will officially launch the new machine in July 4th news conference at the fastest. However, previously there were news that the device may be released in September of this year.

Jun 182013

Samsung June 20 news conference is upcoming, before the official opening, there are a variety of devices revealed. Today’s news is that Samsung will launch at least one non-Android operating system new phone, and it may be with quite powerful processor. There is a Tizen based unknown device, code-named GT-I8805, with 720×1280 resolution and based on Cortex A9 processor. Of course, the new message is not only this.

There are news that as of now, Samsung Tizen source also only supports Exynos 4412 processor.

Samsung Exynos 4412 is a 1.4-1.6GHz quad-core processor, which uses the ARM Mali-400 GPU and Cortex-A9 CPU combination, the Galaxy Tab 8.0, Note 10.1 and GS III international version will all run on it.

It’s estimated that the Tizen device equipped with Samsung Exynos 4412 processor will appearance in June 20 news conference, let us wait and see.

Jun 172013

After several months rumors, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside finally confirmed the existence of Moto X at AllThingsD conference, but he did not disclose any details. But yesterday, the @evleaks broke the part of the phone configuration information through his Twitter.

According to @evleaks, Moto X is equipped with 1.7GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 720p display, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage space, 10/2 MP cameras and Android 4.2.2 operating system.

As it’s with the previous generation Snapdragon processor, this Moto X is not a top-level configuration flagship phone. In addition, @evleaks didn’t reveal the phone screen size.

Although these configurations can only be regarded as rumors, there is no doubt of @evleaks credibility.

According to Dennis Woodside, the Moto X will be officially released in October of this year.

Jun 152013

Recently, there has been media exposed a group of components of the new iPhone, including the Lightning Interface cables and speakers. Presumably, these components may be for the iPhone 5S, but also may be for the low-cost iPhone.

As it can be seen from the figure, this unknown iPhone’s Lightning interface/headphone jack cable and speaker design is very similar to the current iPhone 5. But there are some significant differences.

First, the interface of the new cable has slight adjustment, the contact has been redesigned, and also the touch down point position has also been moved. Another difference from the iPhone 5 is the side wall fixed structure, the new version has slightly offset.

While the rest of the cable are with the same electronic components as the iPhone 5′s, including the same fixed way Lightning connector and headphone jack, and an antenna connector.

As for the speaker, the new resonance box is larger and more square, the contact position has also changed. In addition, this component looks very similar with the one exposed in January of this year.

According to speculation, the next generation iPhone or cheap iPhone will be released this fall.

Jun 152013

Sony launched the mid-end smartphone Xperia M, which is equipped with 4-inch screen and Android 4.1, and supports NFC that can be connected with peripheral sensor devices to share photos, music and other content.

The handset is positioned in the mid-range market, emphasizes to provide the user with technology use experience, including support for NFC communication function.

Continuation of the flagship phone Xperia Z’s design, the new phone uses the same OmniBalance design to emphasize the thin and fashion appearance, the phone provides displays colorful message lights, which can be used to judge calls, text messages or personal reminders. The phone will have yellow, white, black and purple four colors.

Xperia M is with a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 854×480, built-in Qualcomm 1GHz dual-core processor and 4GB storage capacity that can be expanded through memory card. It has a 5 MP rear camera, which supports auto focus, HDR and face tracking camera shooting functions, and the front side is with a 300,000 pixel video camera.

In power management, Xperia M is equipped with power management feature, in order to save power, when in standby mode, the screen no longer displays, and also the running applications are also closed, Sony said the phone standby time can be extended more than 4 times.

Other phone features include built-in Sony Walkman music player software, you can access all the downloaded music, while it integrates Facebook social function, the built-in photo program can also access friends’ photos in Facebook, or organize photos by location and face recognition.

Jun 072013

Previously there was news that the LG would cooperate with the U.S. operator Verizon to launch Optimus Zone, while today this device has been success listed on Verizon website, in addition, previously rumored LG Lucid will be named as Optimus Exceed and listed online, at present the selling price of Optimus Zone is $ 79.99, while the Optimus Exceed is priced at $ 129.99, then consumers can shop online or physical store.

Optimus Zone uses a 3.2-inch QVGA resolution display, it runs Android 2.3.6, and it’s equipped with a 800MHz single-core processor, 4GB internal storage and 1540mAh battery capacity, it supports Bluetooth 3.0, GPS and WiFi.

The LG Optimus Exceed is with a 1.2GHz’s dual-core processor, 1GB RAM4-inch gorilla display and a 5 MP rear camera.