Sep 282012

According to media reports, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said after using the company latest Windows 8 operating system which is scheduled to launch next month, “Windows 8 is a very exciting product and its release has a vital role for Microsoft. ”

Gates revealed in an interview with the Associated Press on Thursday, he has begun to use Windows 8, and it is very satisfying.

Windows 8 system is the product which Microsoft has made the biggest changes over the past decade on Windows system. The company is trying to continue to maintain its leading position today’s world where mobile devices have begun to fully beyond the PCs through this product.

“Company hardware partners are trying to take advantage of the new features of our products, which is a very important point,” Gates said.

Microsoft previously announced that Windows 8 operating system, as well as the new version Internet Explorer browser will be released on October 26.

Industry insiders estimate that Windows 8 will completely replace Windows 7 in almost all personal computers sold to consumers to become the flagship operating system, this system has had tremendous change in the user-machine interaction. Windows 8 has multiple versions, and in addition to the PCs, it can also run on the tablet PC and smartphone platforms.

Microsoft has become more than just a company who only develops computer operating system, Microsoft’s business scope also includes providing computer services for the enterprise and selling Xbox consoles for the gaming enthusiasts, but the Windows business is always the most important part in Microsoft business segments, and it also occupies Microsoft’s a large part revenue.

In 2011, Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live department received a total of $19 billion in revenue, accounting for 27% of total revenues of $69.9 billion.

Sep 262012

Intel CEO Paul Otellini criticized Microsoft Windows 8 system that this operating system is still flawed in meeting with employees in Taiwan, and accused Microsoft released the system before it is ready.

Otellini said Windows 8 still needs some improvements. But he also said, it is the right decision to release this operating system for Microsoft before a completely ready, because it helps Microsoft and PC makers in the crucial holidays to compete with Apple in the shopping season. He also said that Microsoft can make improvements after Windows 8 shipments.

Microsoft and Intel have been closely cooperated in the past few years, but the relations between the two sides get nervous during the Microsoft was developing Windows 8, it’s because Windows 8 will be the first Windows system running based on ARM architecture, and not all are based on the Intel x86 architecture. Recent the AMR version Windows RT operating system has been facing with defeat, such as Toshiba and Hewlett-Packard Company canceled production Windows RT equipments plan. At the same time, Windows 8 system is basically developing in accordance with established track, Intel has released a variety of tablet PCs and notebook designs based on this system, and plans to convene a tablet computer conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

Intel spokesman said in a statement on Tuesday, the company’s staff meeting is private, Intel will not disclose specific details. The spokesman said: “We continue to believe that Windows 8 is a comprehensive major opportunity, and we are excited about the prospect of ultrabook, tablet PCs and deformable notebooks new shape coefficient.

Microsoft plans to officially release the Windows 8 operating system on October 26, the company issued a statement and said it looked forward to allowing this system to become available next month. Microsoft spokesman said: “Windows 8 active trial number is as many as 16 million people, which is the best operating system in Microsoft history with most testings and evaluation, and preparation work.”

Sep 252012

According to media reports, IBM acquired the British software company Butterfly Software. The Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Butterfly is a private data analysis and migration software company whose headquartered is in Maidenhead, England.

The Butterfly software main feature is able to migrate the data center infrastructure. According to the website of the company, the Butterfly’s focus is to reduce the cost and risk of maintenance the old storage as well as backup and recovery environment. This software enables enterprises to integrate data and analysis these data for strategic purposes.

IBM has said to have the data analysis market. This acquisition will play an important role in IBM’s strategy.

IBM acquired the Kenexa company last month with $1.3 billion, whose technology will help businesses picks large amount of data for decision-making and research trends.

IBM plans to continue the implementation of its acquisition of the data analysis company strategy. IBM’s goal is to generate $16 billion in revenue from business analysis before the 2015.

Another effect of this acquisition is that IBM is able to provide a more in-depth capacity in the storage market. Backup is the backbone of the enterprise. The more data the corporate stores, the more important the analysis will be.

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Sep 202012

At local time on September 12, Apple launched the iPhone 5 in San Francisco. The phone has attracted many people and the general concerns of consumers in the industry from the research and development stage to the final announcement, the iPhone 5 supports 4G/LTE network, has a 4-inch screen, and equipped with a new version iOS operating system, and so on which are the most obvious features same distinction from the past iPhone products.

Some people, however, are very calm to the emergence of the iPhone 5, they seem to show not much interest whether to purchase the iPhone 5. I also listed the following descriptions that the consumer Look before you leap line:

1, 4G/LTE network technology

It has been reported that the iPhone can be used within the worldwide fastest wireless communication network, in Europe, Asia, the United States and other countries and regions the iPhone can be seen. Since the iPhone 5 supports 4G/LTE network, then you had better pray that the environment in which you live is with excellent performance 4G/LTE network.

2, the connection port

The iPhone 5 connected to the computer interface size is smaller than the previous iPhones’, which means that Apple has meant to no longer use the standard 30-pin phone connector.

3, the mobile phone subsidiary equipment

The smaller iPhone connection port maked the users have to replace all the ancillary equipment connected with the iPhone before upgrading. Apple is likely to launch a new adapter in order to achieve the purpose of the old and new iPhone connected devices compatible use, but it also means that consumers will pay for it.

4, iPhone applications

One of the reasons why the past iPhones use the 3.5-inch screen is part of the iPhone softwares were originally designed in accordance with the 3.5-inch proportion screen. The iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen will indeed bring consumers usual feeling when play movies, but some popular software applications may not be able to be normally operated on the iPhone 5.

5, Nano SIM card

The iPhone 5 requires to use the the Nano SIM cards, which means that the old version macro SIM card can not be directly used on the iPhone 5.

Sep 192012

 new version

 old version

According to media reports, Twitter launched its 5.0 version iPad and iPhone applications and adopts a new user interface, which introduces a fresh view and a new stream of photos, and completely abandons the tool bar.

After the revision, the Twitter’s iPad application and iPhone application are consistent, at first glance it’s more clear than the previous version. The interactive load is quite quick, which reducs the options that confuses new users.

Twitter iPad application interface now only set Home, Connect, Discover and Me four tabs in the left border, when click on the tabs, it will not load label drawer like the previous version.

The information is also changed, now the title picture is used, which is very similar to Facebook’s Timeline cover Figure, the title photos and personal avatar are completely different, which appears in websites, mobile sites, iPad and iPhone applications. Twitter said, the title photos on iPad, mobile applications and is consistent, and users can also replace the title photos at any time.

The Photo stream is a new feature added in profile page, which can record the moment for users sharing photos on Twitter. This feature will also realize in Twitter’s official Android applications.

This is a small revision for Twitter, which is from the view of the forum aesthetic point, and no new features are added.

Sep 192012


According to reports, with the iPhone 5 release on Friday, analysts indicate on how many iPhones Apple can sell. Latest news from the U.S. investment bank Piper analyst Gene Munster, Apple this week’s iPhone sales is expected to reach 8-10 million units at the best case, worst case it will also sell 6 million units.


Munster said, “We still believe that Apple’s iPhone sales this week will reach 800 million units and the figure is likely to achieve, we believe that 2 million units in the reservation form this week, even in the worst case, its sales is also likely to reach 6 million units. ” According to this view inferences,  when Apple released its first iPhone in 2007, within the first 30 hours of its release it reached a sales of 270,000 units. Last year, Apple sold 4 million iPhones within a week. Apple said that within 24 hours after the release of the iPhone 5, its online pre-sales reached 2 million units, which is twice compared with the iPhone 4S reservation form last year. Of course, these two online sales events are plagued by some of the original technical problems, which lead to the ultimate sales will be more memorable.


Since some iPhone 4S reservation form technical problems were solved last year, Munster believes that last week’s iPhone 5 reservation form, coupled with last week’s iPhone 5 release week  Apple retail store sold 3 million units iPhone 4S, its total sales reached 4 million units (including the reservation form).


Munster said, “As iPhone 5 reservation form reaches 200 million units, it is possible that the total sales in retail stores can reach 4 million units, or an increase of 33% compared to the previous year. We think that Apple has been able to create an increase of 33% over the previous year’s growth rate, because of the release of Apple iPhone 5, so this week the sales of 6million units of the iPhone is Apple’s worst-case scenario. ”


Sep 182012

According to media reports, computer security experts appealled PC users to temporarily stop using IE, as a newly discovered security defect allowing the computer attacked by hackers.

The computer security firm Rapid7 engineering manager Tod Beardsley said, “hackers can take advantage of this flaw to endanger the safety of the computer, they can access all the files on the computer user visited.

Microsoft issued a statement saying, “We are actively investigating these reports and will take the necessary measures to protect the safety of users.”

Computer security experts say users should temporarily stop using IE. Anti-virus software vendor researcher Paul Ferguson said,” before the defect is corrected, Internet users can use other browsers, of course, you can also risk to continue using IE.”

Luxembourg e-Business & Resilience Centre security adviser Eric Romang said in a blog, he found the defects last Friday when investigated the server suspected attacked by hackers.

Beardsley said hackers have found and taken advantage of this previously undiscovered security flaws to attack computers, hackers can embed malicious code in a secure site, and then computers visiting these sites will be infected.

The market research firm StatCounter document showed that, IE ranked the second in August users with a market share of 33%. Google Chrome browser market share is 34%.

The safety company BeyondTrust CTO Marc Maiffret said, as using the application or website not compatible with Chrome or other browser, some companies may have to use IE, they should consider to make the system compatible with Chrome.

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Sep 182012

Previously, there were news that according to the latest report of Internet market research firm Net Applications, from August Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system market share for the first exceeded the Windows XP 42.52% market share with a slim margin of 42.72%. Adobe today announced the next generation Photoshop will no longer be compatible with Windows XP system.

“Photoshop team will publish a notice in advance, that is Photoshop CS6 (13.0) will be the last version Photoshop compatible with the Windows XP operating system, the next version Adobe will need Windows 7 or later operating system,” Adobe’s product manager Tom Hogarty said in his blog Photoshop.

It is unclear whether the Adobe new version Photoshop will restrict the user to install in XP system or completely incompatible with the XP system. Previously Adobe said that Photoshop CS6 was not compatible with Windows Vista, but users can still install and run Photoshop CS6 in Windows Vista system. But the situation is different, the reason why the Photoshop CS6 is still compatible with XP, is that XP has more users than Vista when it was released.

Tom Hogarty also pointed out in his blog:, the main reason why Adobe Photoshop CS7 is not compatible with XP system is this latest Adobe Photoshop software needs some of the latest graphics hardware interface supports, while these new graphics hardware interface is the Windows XP system does not have, especially the system graphics processor GPU hardware interface support. Photoshop development team said in the new Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, Adobe Photoshop CS7 software will provide users with better operating performance and experience.

Sep 182012

Microsoft today released the price information of the latest generation office suite products of Office 2013. Office 2013 version can be purchased monthly, which is $8.33 per month, and also by year. Of course you can directly purchase at one time, priced from $139. According to information released by Microsoft, the company will launch monthly purchase Office 2013 for users, which will be named Office 365 Home Premium, the monthly price is $ 8.33, which is $99.99 per year.

The monthly products contain all Office applications, and also with Outlook mail client-side which can be installed on up to 5 computers. In addition, Microsoft also provides users who purchase the products 60-minute Skype international calls monthly, and 20GB SkyDrive network storage space.

Users purchase the new version Office monthly can use Microsoft applications on-demand download service – that is to directly use a section of the application in the Office, without having to be installed on the computer. Microsoft also promised to provide regular updates to these users.

The other for small business users monthly product is called Office 365 Small Business Premium, Lync, SharePoint and InfoPath applications are added, the monthly price is $12.50 per month, or an annual fee of 149.99 dollars, and it can also be installed on up to five computers.

If you want a one-time direct purchase, the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 is priced at $139.99. This set of entry-level product includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote applications. Office Home and Business 2013 version increases the Outlook application on the basis of the former, and it’s priced at $219.99. Office Professional 2013 version adds the Access and Publisher applications, and is priced at $399.99.

The separately sold version does not include the application of on-demand download services, either update functionality provided in the monthly edition, and it can only be installed on one computer.

Recent rumors that Microsoft plans to launch the Office 2013 upgrade program on October 19. Users buying Office 2010 or Office 2011 Mac Edition can use Office 365 the Home Premium for one year time.

Microsoft has not announced when Office 2013 will be sold, but a company spokesman told the media that Microsoft will launch this product in 277 markets, and most of the United States and Europe users will get direct access to the product activation key instead of the traditional DVD discs. Office 2013 will support direct purchase online.

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Sep 172012

HP has not publicly acknowledged that they have given up WebOS, but this company has proven it with practical action, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman acknowledged in an interview last Thursday that HP is planning to launch a new smart phone, regardless of Andrews or WP, this new mobile phone operating system will never be WebOS.

While some optimists believe that HP revisiting phone is the WebOS return signal, but this is obviously a wishful thinking, Apotheker had expelled the WebOS team leaders in order to peel WebOS business, and Meg Whiteman has directly fired nearly 500 employees, before HP rebuilds the team, the new smart phone will never run WebOS.

Another evidence is that Whitman confirmed to re-launch the Tablet PC news on HP’s third-quarter earnings conference held in late August, it was thought as the first step of the WebOS regression, but what eventually appeared in North American TV advertising product is HP’s Windows Tablet PC.

HP’s new smartphone should be equipped with the Android system, after all, between Android and WP, the former is with more market influence, this choice is also same with Lenovo , Acer, Dell and other PC makers. Of course, in the future, HP will become a menber of the WP camp, like other PC makers.

The confused management and severe operating condition are the main reasons why Hewlett-Packard has to give up WebOS. It is not easy to create a sound ecological system, and that means a huge risk and investment.

It is difficult to predict what change HP can bring to the mobile phone market, but what change HP can bring to WebOS system can be guessed. The Palm and its team that HP had $1.2 billion to acquire has been completely turned into the abandoned metal scraps after three generations of leaders vacillating. It’s not only unable to create brilliant, even  it may exit the stage of history.

In a sense WebOS still remains, HP will also introduce the original version product of this operating system at regular intervals, but because of the lack of strong products built, WebOS is like Intel’s abandoned Meego generally which exists in name only.

Of course, if the HP business continues in crisis and when Meg Whitman can fire nobody, perhaps WebOS will be sold to other manufacturers at a cheap price, so that the operating system may revitalize .