Oct 112012

According to media reports, the data provided by the iPhone mobile application Ratemizer, compared with October 2011, the number of text messages sent by iPhone users in Finland in August 2012 fell by 14%. This data is a proof of the theory of “iPhone is extremely effective in eroded messaging applications”. Mobile data traffic grew 68% over the same period.

In the past few years European countries mobile phone users sending text messages show different trends. The number of text messages sent by mobile phone users in Spain, the Netherlands and other countries has began to decline, the number of text messages sent by mobile phone users in France, Finland and other countries continued to grow in 2011.

Ratemizer data shows that the period between October 2011 and August 2012, the number of the randomly selected 400 Finnish iPhone users sending text messages reduced at an average of 14%, among which the hignest is the 111 messages in November 2011, only 89 in August 2012. It is worth noting that Nordic have tradition to send SMS greetings to friends on Christmas Eve and New Year’s, but December is not the month when SMS are sent most, this tradition has gradually been forgotten by iPhone users, they may, in turn, greet to friends via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

In the same period, the mobile data traffic grew 68%, the growth rate is roughly equal to European smartphone users of mobile data traffic growth. However, taking into account that the number of messages sent by the Finnish mobile phone users in 2011 were still in the growth, 14% is still a considerable decline.

Oct 112012

According to media reports, Twitter has quietly acquired the video sharing company Vine which is founded not long ago, Twitter may use the acquisition to launch its own video service, to change the status quo of only relying on the third-party.

It’s analysed that, Twitter’s acquisition will increase operating costs and operational complexity, but if to launch its own video service, Twitter can increase their own control ability to video content.

According to reports, the Vine located in New York was established in June of this year, and it has not publicly released product. Vine distinguishes itself from other video applications through supporting the intermittent shooting, it can make some users shooting video clips automatically generate a longer video.

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Oct 112012

Taiwan smartphone and tablet manufacturer HTC today officially announced that it would withdraw from the tablet PC market in the United States, global project manager Jeff Gordon said the main reason is because the iPad has a strong influence in the American market and the U.S. market has become saturated. He then also said it would pay close attention to the U.S. flat-panel market trends, and at the appropriate time it will come again.

In the past two years, HTC has introduced three tablet Flyer, Evo View 4G, and a Jetstream in the U.S. market, which have adopted the Android system, but due to the impact from iPad and Nexus 7, none is on sale.

Gordon said: “This is a very valuable learning experience for us, and we will absolutely come back”.

Oct 092012

Samsung GALAXY S3 has already been on the market for a long time, from the feedback of market sales as well as the user’s point of view, it is a very successful product. Recently, the long-rumored Samsung GALAXY S3 mini re-emerges in people’s attention.

According to media reports, Samsung has issued invitations to the media that the new conference will be held in Germany on the 11th of this month, and according to news exposured before that the conference is very likely to release GALAXY S3 Mini (digital model GT-i8910). The latest news showed that Samsung GALAXY S3 Mini has passed the Wi-Fi Alliance certification, it will be powered by Qualcomm S4 dual-core processor, and equipped with a 4-inch WVGA level Super AMOLED touch screen.

Other aspects, Samsung GALAXY S3 Mini will run the latest Android 4.1 system, it is equipped with a 5-megapixel main camera, and a 2000 mAh battery which provides a long life time, while the price will probably be a highlight of the cellphone.

Oct 092012

According to media reports, the Apple iPhone 5 demand has been quite strong. Three days after iPhone 5 release on the September 21 the shipment has been over 5 million units, Apple said.

But Apple’s component suppliers in Asia indicate that Apple fans may need to wait a longer time before buying the iPhone 5.

The Foxconn labor disputes upgraded last weekend. The Wall Street Journal reported that Foxconn factory producing iPhone in China has labor disputes, but Foxconn denies employees stopping work due to this. Labor rights protection organization China Labor Watch said, in a Foxconn factory producing iPhone 5, as many as 4,000 employees stopped working, resulting in a day downtime of iPhone 5 production line. This is not the first time for Foxconn suffering labor disputes. Labor disputes may affect the production schedule of Foxconn, before the eve of the Christmas sales season, Foxconn is on full capacity to meet Apple’s needs.

Some analysts said the NAND flash memory chips in short supply may cause iPhone 5 out-of-stock. According to China Taiwan area network chip market DRAMeXchange, due to strong demand of consumer electronics manufacturers, in the past few weeks, the NAND flash memory chip prices rose sharply by 11%. Apple purchased NAND flash memory chips from several chip makers, including Samsung, Hynix and other manufactures. However, if it’s in a serious shortage, Apple will be forced to seek other suppliers. Apple has been part of the iPhone 5 memory chip orders transferred from Samsung to other chip manufacturers in Asia. Samsung market share is approximately 40% in NAND flash memory chip, Samsung smartphones and tablet PCs also uses its own flash memory chips.

iPhone 5 display uses a display technology called “in-cell”, which can reduce the thickness of the display. But Asia “in-cell” display suppliers are mainly LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display, who said that the “in-cell” display is more difficult to manufacture than traditional display. For example, Sharp began delivery of iPhone 5 screen from last month. Samsung uses a technology called “AMOLED” (active matrix organic light-emitting diode panel), therefore the “in-cell” display suppliers are relatively less.

Oct 082012

According to media reports, Microsoft is currently updating many procedures and tools releasing together with its windows 8. Within this week, Microsoft will summarize on the 50 locations changes in all the features caused by the windows 8 release, which includes the search, information, photo and music management functions.

According to reports, Microsoft is planned to officially release its Windows 8 system on October 26. Gabriel Aul, Microsoft Windows project management team member wrote in his blog: “With approaching to the windows 8 entering the public stage, there are many things that need Microsoft’s Windows team and other teams to complete to prepare for the release of Windows 8. The Windows 8 generic version release needs us to release many updates for many of its procedures.” These updates will affect Microsoft large-scale programs, which will run in Windows 8 system and Tablet PC platform Windows RT system. In addition, these updated procedures include the following ranges: SkyDrive (Microsoft’s online documentation system), E-mail, calendar, messages, photos, Bing, news, sports and other aspects. It is understood that Microsoft will have its programs had 50 places adjustments and changes, and Microsoft plans to continue updating these programs until the final release of windows 8.

Oct 082012

News from the technology blog MSNerd that Microsoft is cooperating with Huawei and MediaTek to launch a own brand Surface phone. Currently, Microsoft is recruiting the camera technicists.

Currently, the news has been confirmed by many sides. The news said that, unlike the previous market rumors, Microsoft Surface Mobile is not for the hign-end market, as MediaTek is known as its SOC solutions, which has been widely used in low-end smartphones in China. Similarly, Huawei channels are mainly located in China, where the market is very sensitive to product prices.

Microsoft is current partnership with Nokia, and it said it will not launch its own brand phone, not long ago, Nokia and Microsoft just cooperated and released the Lumia920 and Lumia820 equipped with the WP8 operating system. Through the cooperation with Huawei and MediaTek, that Microsoft launched its own low-end mobile phone will not only meet the needs of more users, but also not it will not become direct competition against Nokia.

Oct 052012

According to media reports, Microsoft executives confirmed on Wednesday that the company has begun to develop the next generation Windows 9 operating system.

Microsoft new Windows 8 system will be on sale this month, but the company has started the development of next-generation operating system. Although there is no official news, Microsoft partner technology director James Akrigg has recognized in the United Kingdom Misco Expo 12 exhibition, Windows 9 will be the next major project that the company will release.

When asked about the expectations on Windows 8, Akrigg replied: “Running has no problem, but I can not say that it (Win8) achieves perfect because we have set out to develop Win9.”

Interestingly, sources said that Microsoft is developing a called Windows Blue, a different Windows follow-up system, but it may be the first major upgrade version for the unreleased Win8.

Sep 292012

According to data released on Friday by the mobile industry research firm CCS Insight, Nokia last month has cut the price of Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 15% and 10% down.

The CCS Insight analyst Digantam Gurung said, that Nokia lowered the price of the old version Lumia phone is not surprising, because the next generation Windows smartphones will be on market soon.

Since the Lumia 800 based on the Windows Phone system listed in November last year, its price has fallen by about 25%. The price of Lumia 900 listing in January this year has dropped by 20%.

Nokia officials declined to comment.

Earlier this year, Nokia and its telecom partner AT&T lowered their price after Lumia smartphone listed in market only a few months, caused a strong reaction in the mobile industry. Nokia then explained that the price behavior had long been planned in the company product release strategy.

Nokia on Thursday announced new Lumia smartphone sales plan in the European market, it announced that Lumia 820 and 920 the company has just released earlier this month will land several European markets in November this year,.

Nokia said, Lumia 820 and 920 are priced at 499 euros and 599 euros in Italy, Lumia 920 price in Germany is 649 euros (tax containing carrier subsidies). Lumia 920 price is slightly lower than the iPhone, the latter retail price is about 679 euros in the European market, about the same price in the European market with Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S3.

Sep 282012

Recently, there is a great similarity of Windows Phone 8 Nokia and HTC recently released in the appearance, so the two companies may be involved in a new round patent wars due to this problem.

According to reports, Nokia may launch a patent war, as it has expressed dissatisfaction with the matter. Nokia suspected the Windows Phone 8X HTC released copied the Nokia Lumia 820 design. While HTC declined to comment on this patent war which has not yet started. Fred Liu, the HTC engineering operation manager, said he personally believed that the design of the Windows Phone 8X and Lumia 820 does not exist the similarity, which is as some industry observers said. In addition, he also cited Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer words that, Windows Phone 8X is the best intelligent machines with Windows Phone 8 so far produced by intelligent machines suppliers.

Even if similarity exists between these two intelligent machines, but for Nokia, the possibility is very small if they want to sue HTC copy from the design of its intelligent machines, because Nokia WP8 smart publishing date is only half a month earlier than the HTC’s, in order to develop a new type intelligent machine, it takes at least six months or more.

Microsoft as partners as Nokia and HTC at the same time, should have seen the two intelligent machine design before they have not yet entered the market sales, and it should stop one side infringement of the behavior of the other side design. In addition, industry sources said, Microsoft does not want to see the situation in its WP8 cooperation confronting at court.