Dec 062012

According to media reports, in order to attract the younger consumer groups and expand into the emerging markets, Nokia launched the Lumia 620 yesterday in the LeWeb Science and Technology Conference held in Paris, the Lumia 620 has seven colors, and it’s now the lowest priced Windows Phone 8 phones.

This entry-level Windows Phone 8 mobile phone screen is 3.8 inches, and the pixel is 800 × 480, it supports touch-screen and the camera is with a 500 million pixels, the front camera is VGA, it has a 8Gmemory and supports SD card expansion.

But the biggest highlight of the Nokia Lumia 620 is a colorful body design, consumers can choose their favorite models from green, orange, red, yellow, blue, white and black 7 different color versions.

Nokia Lumia 620 is priced at about $249, which is the cheapest Windows Phone 8 mobile phone now available in the market. Nokia Lumia 620 will be on sale  in January next year, amd it will be sold first in Asia, followed by Europe and the Middle East, Nokia did not indicate whether the Lumia 620 would be sold in the U.S. market at the conference site.

Dec 052012

The U.S. investment firm analyst Shaw Wu said in a report, the Apple iPhone 5 production has been improved, and it is expected in the holiday shopping season when Apple’s current fiscal quarter, iPhone sales is likely to exceed the Wall Street analysts’ expectations.

Shaw Wu released the latest research report and said: “In Apple current quarter ended December, iPhone sales is likely to exceed Wall Street analysts expectations which seem a little radical, that is, about 45 million and 46 million units.” In other words, he expects Apple’s iPhone sales in the current quarter will be over 46 million units.

Industry has pointed out, this is a major trend that needs to focus on. Just in the last month, investors were worried that Apple could not produce enough iPhone to meet market demand. Now it seems this “wrinkles” have been “ironed”.

Shaw Wu also expects Apple’s Mac sales will be less than what Wall Street analysts have expected, due to the factors of constrained supply. In addition, the IPad mini sales performance will also not be as desired, the same reason as Mac. In other words, the reason why Shaw Wu raised Apple expected performance is that the iPhone will have a strong sales performance. He expects Apple’s current quarter revenueis $54.6 billion and earnings per share of $13.70, which is higher than Wall Street analysts expected average revenue of $54.4 billion and earnings per share of $13.30.

Dec 042012

According to media reports, there are rumors that Samsung is to develop a low-cost version of the Galaxy Note II phone for the European market, the configuration is slightly lower than the standard version of the Galaxy Note II.

Earlier this year, Samsung released Galaxy S III Mini smartphone oriented mid-market. It is reported that the cheap version of the Galaxy Note II configuration is lower, without the S-Pen stylus functionality and Super AMOLED display.

It’s reported that Samsung will also launch a 13.3-inch tablet PC, which is compatible with the QWERTY keyboard base to compete with rivals Asus and other similar products. And it’s not clear if the rumored products will be powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system or Google Android operating system.

Dec 032012


According to media reports, RIM released the BlackBerry 10 new prototype Dev Alpha C for developers on Thursday, which is the first BlackBerry 10 device with full QWERTY keyboard design.

RIM said in its official blog, they only distribute Dev Alpha C prototype for developers with a limited number. Only developers who had proved themselves developing the BlackBerry 10 applications can get Dev Alpha C. RIM does have a scoring system to determine which developers have the treatment to get the BlackBerry device in advance, the system will award the maximum scores to the developers who has developed the RIM certification applications previously.

Previously, RIM had released the first Dev Alpha prototype in the annual BlackBerry World developer conference held in the spring this year, and its upgraded version the Dev Alpha B has been released in the fall this year. Both Dev Alpha prototypes are pure touch screen phones, and the release of Dev Alpha C means RIM partially honored the previous commitment that RIM will also introduce the touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard device when release the BlackBerry 10.

Dec 032012

Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 strategic layout has just begun, not to mention the popularity of Windows 8, the Windows Phone 8 mobile phone promotion has also just begun. Currently the most popular WP8 phone is undoubtedly the Nokia Lumia920, of course, the HTC 8X is also a good machine, but Windows Phone 8 is far more than that, the mysterious HTC Titan Ⅲ appeared on the Xbox Live Rewards is an expecting new product.

You may be a bit strange of HTC Titan Ⅲ, if going back a few months in time, when we returned to before the HTC 8X official release, if you can remember the other two mobile phones beside the Accord – the entry level HTC Rio and HTC Zenith more high-end than the Accord. In fact, the HTC Accord is the HTC 8X.

The HTC Titan Ⅲ is likelyto be the Zenith, it has 4.7-inch 720p SLCD second-generation screen, 8 megapixel camera, and a quad-core Qualcomm Xiao Long processor. HTC Titan Ⅲ will be formally debut probably on the CES2013 or MWC2013.

Dec 032012

According to media reports, the technology blog Business Insider writer Julie Bort said on Sunday that Nokia was currently recruiting a Linux expert. Linux is the core of the Android operating system, and it led to a new round of rumors about Nokia is developing Android phones.

Taking into Nokia’s commitment to loyalty to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system in exchange for Microsoft € 1 billion a year subsidy consideration, developing Android phone no doubt makes the market surprised.

Nokia’s new phone Lumia 920 has gotten good evaluations, but many people still doubt whether this phone will be the Nokia and Microsoft required sensational product. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said last week that sales of Windows Phone handsets is four times than that of the same period last year, but he did not explicitly comment on the sales of Nokia products.

Windows Phone handsets sales have increased this year, but it is not enough to become the protagonist of the market. Nokia sold seven million Lumia phones globally in third quarter this year, but the technology blog Engadget reported that Lumia phone sales in the U.S. market is only 600,000. Although Windows Phone mobile phone sales volume growth doubled than the second quarter, the total share of the global smart phone market is still very little.

At the same time, it’s more likely that Microsoft is developing its own phone, just as the company is in the development of its own Tablet PC and PC. If Nokia can’t increase Windows Phone mobile sales in the short term, then the company’s most important partners Microsoft may be transformed into the biggest competitor. In this case, Android may become the only option for Nokia.

Nov 282012

According to the Tech news site AllThingsD reports, Microsoft said on Tuesday that they have identified why part of the Windows Phone 8 restarted, and planned to release OTA updates to fix the fault.

Earlier there were reports that part of the Windows Phone 8 mobile phone users reflected in a number of professional forums that their phone often locked up or rebooted without cause, sometimes up to several times a day. These complaints are mainly related with HTC 8X and Lumia 920.

“We are continuing investigation on the relevant part of Windows Phone 8 phones restart with no reason, and now we have identified the cause of failure with partners,” Microsoft said in a statement. “We are developing the patch which is expected to be released in December.”

However, Microsoft refused to disclose what caused the failure, but also did not say whether the problem is limited to some models, or affect all Windows Phone 8 devices.

Nov 232012

According to the British Daily Mail reports, South Korea’s Samsung declared that in 2013 they will produce soft deformation screen smartphone.

Samsung began incremental production of smartphones able to bend the screen and even be folded into the pocket, it is learned that this innovative technology uses organiclight emitting diodes (OLEDs), they are very thin, you can place them on soft material such as plastic and metal foil. Samsung is not the only commercial company who uses Organic Light Emitting Diode to develop soft screen, it also includes: Sony Corporation of Japan and the South Korean LG company.

But Samsung is the first company to promise the release date which plans to show this smart phone in the first half of 2013. Currently, Samsung can not achieve commercialization soft screen smart phone production in the short term, the plastic screen instead of glass material will enable mobile devices lighter, more durable, and less costly.

Nov 222012

According to media reports, Samsung Electronics mobile business president Shin Jong-kyun said in a media interview on Wednesday, Apple and other smartphone manufacturers would not exist if there is no Samsung Electronics patent, Samsung Electronics will work hard to prove it.

Smartphone maker HTC this month has reached a settlement agreement with Apple on patent dispute, the two sides withdrew all patent litigation and signed a ten-year patent cross-licensing agreement, but Samsung Electronics said to the outside that the company will not yield to Apple on patent issues, and the company’s mobile business supervisor has begun mouth battle with Apple.

Shin Jong-kyun said, “The fact never lies. Without Samsung Electronics wireless patents, Apple is impossible to create a mobile phone, Samsung Electronics is very powerful on wireless patent product line.”

Shin Jong-kyun also said:”The company’s legal team is actively doing this defense, the court may re-trial on the case.” Last week, Shin Jong-kyun said in an interview with the South Korean news agency that Samsung Electronics is not planning to follow the example of HTC to sign similar settlement agreement with Apple. Shin Jong-kyun said, “It may be true that HTC agreed to pay 300 billion won (U.S. $ 276.6 million) to Apple, but we do not intend to do so.”

Since April in 2011, Apple and Samsung Electronics have has a fierce legal litigation regarding patent infringement in the world’s top four continents. In August this year, a jury in San Jose federal court ruled that Samsung Electronics mobile phone infringed Apple’s a series of software and design patents, and Samsung Electronics needed to pay Apple $1.05 billion in compensation. Apple soon required the judge Lucy Koh of the Court to enact a permanent ban to permanently ban on sales of Samsung Electronics infringing products in the U.S. market. The hearing about the ban will be held next month.

Apple got the victory in the United States, but in the Netherlands, Japan and other countries, the courts ruled that Samsung Electronics products did not infringe on Apple’s patents.

The market research firm Strategy Analytics released a report earlier this month and said Samsung Electronics flagship smartphone Galaxy S III has surpassed Apple’s iPhone 4S, as the world’s best-selling smartphone.

Nov 212012

How will cellphone PK after retina screen? Recently, LG, Sharp and Japanese display firms has fierce competition in the smartphone screen resolution solutions market, Samsung was also not to be outdone, and announced that they will show the newly developed 4.99-inch full HD super AMOLED display in January 2013 in Las Vegas at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Recently, there was website reported a scoop from a South Korean newspaper which pointed out that the message was from Samsung internal, at the same time another Korean Press released related message, but the size was not specified to 4.99 inches. The message also sais that Samsung intends to turn the efforts from the LCD field to full HD AMOLED market, which is because its OLED product line may differentiate Samsung’s overall competitiveness to avoid failure before formally participating in the competition.

It has been revealed that the Samsung’s AMOLED display to be exhibited is not only thinner, but also lower power consumption, and has high contrast and refresh rate. Allegedly, Samsung internal staff revealed privately that this screen pixel density is 441ppi, which is close to the limits of human vision. This is also considered to get ready for the upcoming 5-inch 1080P resolution screen. The message also pointed out that Samsung will base on the output to decide whether to install the new screen on the Galaxy S IV at the second quarter of next year.