Dec 212012

With the coming of the release date, the message about the BB10 system new machine naturally began to increase. Blackberry will abandon the four-digit model naming method, and name the BB10 system L series touch screen new machine as Blackberry Z10, and it provides black and white two colors.

Official model exposured

Blackberry BB10 system new machine is often exposed on the network, but information about the specific model did not divulge that much, people tend to use BlackBerry L series to introduce the BB10 system full touch screen models. And the display according to the media, the future BB10 system full touch screen series phones will abandon the traditional four-digit naming, and change into more concise phone model, the upcoming first new machine is officially named as BlackBerry Z10.

With 4.2-inch high-definition touch screen

BlackBerry Z10 specific configuration is unclear, but according to information leaked in the past, this phone will be equipped with a 4.2-inch touch screen and supports a resolution of 1280*768 pixels. And it has 1GB memory and 16GB storage space, built-in 1.5GHz Texas Instruments TI OMAP4470 dual-core processor, its integrated PowerVR SGX544 graphics chip processing performance is 2.5 times than the PowerVR SGX540′s.

BlackBerry Z10 also supports UMTS/HSDPA network, and a dual-camera configuration, a 2-megapixel front camera and a 800-megapixel main camera. In addition to support for memory expansion and provide a micro HDMI output interface, BlackBerry Z10 is also joined Bluetooth 4.0 technology and NFC functionality, and the removable battery capacity is 1800mAh.

BB10 System Features

Of course, the BB10 system is the most attractive place of the machine. The main feature of the system is touch oriented, applications and real-time information can be demonstrated on the screen, supporting multi-tasking, allowing users to slide up the screen to view notifications information on any interface in the phone.

The BB10 System is also oriented to the BlackBerry Hub function, user mail, SMS, BBM, social networks, and other message will be stored in the Blackberry Hub, even the user’s schedule information will also be integrated in it, and also in any interface, slide to the right way to open it again.

RIM will hold the Blackberry BB10 (BlackBerry 10) operating system conference on January 30, 2013 in New York.

Dec 202012

According to media reports, the US Patent and Trademark Office this week approved a patent application filed by Apple in 2007, which is for Apple’s first generation iPhone design patent, Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs and the chief designer Jony Ivy had been involved in the design.

This U.S. Patent No. is No.D672769, and the patent name is “electronic device”. The design patent also attached with the picture of the first generation iPhone.

The first-generation iPhone uses the aluminum backplane, the iPhone 5 Apple released this year again uses this design, the iPhone 5 is also equipped with a metal backplane. The products between the first-generation iPhone and iPhone 5 are with other materials backplane, among which the iPhone 3G and 3GS use plastic backplane, while the iPhone 4 and 4S uses glass back.

The basic design of the first generation is also very similar with the latest version iPhone. Each generation iPhone is equipped with a homepage button at the bottom of the screen, headphone jack is at the top, volume control is designed in the left side, the lock screen button is at the right side of the top, the camera is in the real, while the speaker, microphone, and data/charging ports are at the bottom.

The first generation iPhone was released in January 2007 by Steve Jobs at Macworld show, and eventually began selling in June the same year.

Since then, each generation iPhone has achieved good sales performance, Apple’s sales continue to break the previous record. Now, Apple releases a new iPhone every year. And the IPhone 5 released this year for the first time to extend the display to 4 inches.

Dec 192012

Recently, the Windows Phone 8 has become the new darling of the mobile operating system, the topic heat has even cought up with Android and iOS mobile operating system. The major mobile phone manufacturers have hurried to launch their own phones equipped with Windows Phone 8.

Samsung is no exception. According to the latest news, Samsung first Windows Phone 8 mobile phone ATIV S has obtained the network license, which means Samsung ATIV S last obstacle to release in the domestic market has been swept away.

Samsung ATIV S is equipped with 4.8-inch 720P Super AMOLED display which is the largest size among the WP8 phones, 1.9 million front camera and 8.0 million rear camera, the built-in storage space has 16GB and 32GB versions, and it supports microSD card expansion, NFC , Bluetooth 3.0 and some other functions. It is expected to be listed at the end of this year or January next year.

It is reported that the date when Samsung ATIV S gained the certification is December 13 this year, and the network license is WCDMA version. This phone also supports WCDMA, GSM (GPRS) signal systems.

Dec 192012

According to media reports, HTC will launch a new flagship model in the spring of 2013, the model of this phone is said to be “HTC M7″. But it’s unclear whether it’s the final name.

According to the exposured news, this phone will be powered by Android Jelly Bean System, with 4.7-inch 1080p (1920 * 1080 pixels) SoLux full HD screen (SoLux screen is called as new technology based on the Super LCD2), the screen pixel density reaches 468ppi. In addition, the product will be equipped with 1.7GHz Qualcomm quad core processor, built-in 2GB system memory and 32GB  storage space, it’s equipped with a 13 million-pixel camera (maximum aperture f/2.0) and 2300mAh battery, and it supports 4GLTE network.

Dec 172012

According to the information Nokia updated on the Mexico site, this new machine Lumia505 for the low-end market will be tailored to the Mexican carrier Telcel and it offers red, black and magenta three colors, and it is expected to be within the market in the coming weeks.

Nokia Lumia505 continues the past style in the appearance, the curved screen and colorful shell is still the most attractive in appearance. As for the configuration, this new machine is not so special, it is equipped with a 3.7 inches AMOLED WVGA resolution touch screen, joined Corning Gorilla Glass and ClearBlack technology, with 256MB RAM memory and 4GB ROM capacity, but it does not support memory card expansion.

Nokia Lumia505 is also loaded with Qualcomm Xiao Long processor, although the official did not disclose the specific model,according to previous news rumors there will be a 800MHz single-core processor, which makes the overall configuration of the machine is basically the same level with the Nokia Lumia510.

Nokia Lumia505 also has built-in 800-megapixel camera, but there is no Carl Zeiss lens, and also it does not support auto-focus function, and it can even only record VGA resolution video screen, while the lack of front camera is also regrettable. Still, the phone provides a thorough wireless connection, it supports WCDMA/HSPA network, Wi-Fi wireless Internet access and Bluetooth 2.1 technology.

The Nokia Lumia505 is also equipped with WP7.8 system, the upcoming new features will include providing new start screen experience, changeable dynamics magnet size.

The Nokia Lumia505 also has a big advantage that it has a long standby time, as equipped with a 1300 mA battery, it can support 36 hours continuous music playback time, and be able to get 7.2 hours talk time in 3G network and up to 600 hours standby time.

Dec 172012


It’s quite good to be the U.S. exchange carrier Verizon employee, one of its benefits is that they can get the limited edition phone staff specifically. As a special Christmas gift, recently Verizon released a limited edition HTC 8X only for their employees. The most important feature of the model is that it gas a silver-gray shell and little lemon yellow embellishment, obvious compare with other Windows Phone 8 Smartphone coloful body.

By convention, each Verizon limited edition HTC 8X has a stand-alone product number to highlight its precious quality. Although it’s not known which employees are eligible for this limited edition phone, but if consumers want to spend lots of money to buy one, you can pay attention to Craigslist and eBay, there may be a small amount of products in the market for sale at high price.

Dec 142012

Google released the 2012 search list, from the list we can see in this year’s consumer electronics search results that the third-generation iPad equipped with retina screen ranks the first, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Microsoft Surface are among the top ten. Every year, Google releases Zeitgeist list, and this year is no exception. The company obtained the various categories of the search list through the analysis of the 1.2 trillion search requests in 2012.

The following is top ten consumer electronic products with the most search range on Google in 2012:

1, the third-generation iPad

The retina screen brings amazing ultra-high resolution for the iPad. The clarity and brightness of games and movies are outstanding, and it brings new vitality to the boring Tablet PC display market.

2, Samsung Galaxy S III

The phone seems to be the standard of the Android camp, even been honoured as iPhone in Android family.

3, iPad mini

The 7.9-inch iPad mini has become the most cared Tablet PC this year. Its function is identical with the full size iPad, just slightly smaller.

4, Google Nexus 7

As Google’s first tablet computer, the Nexus emulated the Amazon Kindle Fire strategy. However, Google cooperated with Asus closely and personally involved in the design and then launched such a Google 7-inch device that truly meets the requirements.

5, Samsung Galaxy Note II

It is a tablet computer and mobile phone hybrid product. And it is definitely the best choice for people who like big-screen phone.

6, Sony’s new PlayStation 3

Sony has slimmed the PlayStation 3, and lowered the price. Itis not easy to keep the heat and competitiveness on such a game system released six years ago.

7, iPad 4

It is the latest full-size iPad, the configuration is upgraded and the retina screen is retained. This product also uses the latest lightning interfaces, so the original cable can not be used, which makes a lot of people unhappy.

8, Microsoft Surface

Microsoft enters the Tablet PC market this year by virtue of Surface, due to the use of the latest Windows RT system, it becomes the first choice for users who concerns the office and portable.

9, Kindle Fire HD

As an upgraded version of the Kindle Fire, the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD price is from $299, with a clear price advantage compared to the $499 iPad. With Amazon’s huge content library, the product has become a real competitor for the iPad. In addition, the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD starts at just $199.

10, Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920, released earlier this year, is a flagship Windows Phone device. It is elegant, the camera is also improved, and it’s even with wireless charging function.

Dec 132012

According to media reports, the hot-issues Samsung Galaxy S4 release time it determined and they will hold a special press conference.

For Samsung Galaxy S4 release time, there were media reports that it will be released together with the cheap version Galaxy note 2 on CES 2013.

Subsequently, there were media saying that the product released on CES 2013 has nothing to do with the phone, but Samsung televisions and notebook products, Galaxy S4 will not be released.

In this regard, the industry analyses, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung major products and Samsung will prepare a separate conference for it. The specific time is roughly scheduled for May next year.

Dec 112012

According to media reports, Samsung has released a video, which revealed that it would make a major announcement from January 8 to 11 next year, which happens to be the time of Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next year.

Samsung did not disclose any details in the video, however Businessinsider website guessed, Samsung may release the next-generation flagship smartphone Galaxy S IV. The current Galaxy S III phone was launched in May last year, but there are many rumors recently that a number of smartphone manufacturers including Apple will speed the product replacement cycle up to 6 months.

The Galaxy S IV will be a good choice for Samsung to open the new year. The Galaxy S III is widely regarded as the best Android phone, and in many ways it’s even better than the Apple iPhone. So far, Samsung has not released any news about the Galaxy S IV. Last week there were media reports saying this phone will be configured with new version screen. No more news on this phone except the screen.

Dec 072012

According to Taiwan media reports, HTC will launch a higher specification flagship model codenamed HTC M7 in first quarter of next year, the main competitor is directed at the Samsung GALAXY SIV which will also be launched in the first quarter of next year. HTC aspects have not responded to the message, but based on the analysis, the authenticity of the HTC M7′s can be high, because in accordance with the Taiwan media reports, HTC has asked the upstream components and chassis supplier to reserve 4- 5 million number HTC M7 components to prepare for production need in the first quarter of next year.

It is worth mentioning that there are Hong Kong media saying HTC M7 is expected to put on the market in the next year’s Chinese New Year. Therefore, if this rumor turns true, then we may be able to usher in the official release of the HTC M7 in CES2013 in early January next year.

As HTC have HTC Butterfly flagship model advented, it’s natualy concerned what configurations of the HTC M7 will be enhanced. Seen from the currently available information, the HTC M7 touch screen will continue the 5-inch configuration, although there is no information about the resolution, it’s guessed that it should be Full HD Spec. In addition, the phone together with the HTC Butterfly and HTC Droid DNA models will use the Qualcomm S4 Pro APQ8064 quad-core processor.

As the part of the hardware upgrade, HTC M7 will raise the built-in camera up to 13 million pixels, and will join a large aperture, wide-angle lens and high-speed continuous shooting functions. And in addition to continue using the one piece aluminum body design, this phone will be equipped with Android 4.2 system, and it’s expected to add a new version of the touch interface.

In addition, there are media reports that HTC will launch three to four new mobile phones at the beginning of next year, among which at least two will be flagship models, except the rumored HTC M7, HTC will also introduce smartphones with built-in NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, which will become the world’s first model loaded with Tegra 4 processor.