Jan 082013

On the 6th of this month, Sony said there would be “extraordinary thing” debuting the CES2013, that is the latest flagship smartphone Xperia Z, it uses a 5-inch 1080×1920 full HD screen, and it’s with Sony Mobile BRAVIA engine 2 engine. It uses the latest Qualcomm 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB RAM and 13-megapixel ultra-high-speed camera, which supports Exmor RS, HDR video recording and noise reduction technology.

In addition, Xperia Z also supports IP55 and IP57 level dustproof and waterproof technology. According to the Sony site the Xperia Z can still walk normally in 1m underwater. At the same time, this device supports NFC, 13-megapixel camera, Exmor RS, HDR video recording, it can also support 10fps continuous shooting function while shooting, and the size of each image is 900 million pixels.

Jan 042013

According to media reports, Samsung said on Thursday that this year they will launch smartphones based on the new Tizen operating system, and it’s hoped to replace Google and Microsoft operating systems.

Samsung is the giant of the smartphone market, but its mobile phone products have to rely on other operating system platforms. Its considerable part of the phones use Google’s Android operating system, including the most successful products of the Galaxy S series. In addition, Samsung also introduced a number of models based on Microsoft WP operating system.

The reports said because Samsung realized the disadvantage of relying on someone else’s operating system, Samsung previously developed a Bada platform that is similar to smartphone operating system, and had some success in markets outside the United States. According to Gartner data, in the third quarter of 2012, the Bada global market share reached 3%, which beat Symbian and WP system.

Allegedly, Tizen is a Linux-based smartphone operating system, and it’s mainly developed by Samsung and Intel. The biggest difference compared with Android and iOS is that Tizen will be open to the public, and promised to allow mobile operators to offer their own services on the platform, therefore the Japanese telecommunications carriers Docomo, UK Vodafone, France Telecom, Matsushita, NEC, and a number of mobile operators will also be involved in the development.

In thecurrent smart phone market, most of the people in the industry believe that it is difficult to appear a third popular mobile operating system after the Apple iOS and Google Android, but there are still many vendors trying in this area. In addition, the Samsung official did not give a timetable for the listing of the new Tizen smartphone.

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Jan 032013

According to media reports, the GALAXY Note II with only gray and white version now has a new color version. Days ago the media exposured the GALAXY Note II black version.

It is understood that the black version GALAXY Note II will be unveiled publicly on the CES 2013 held in Las Vegas. At that time people will see the GALAXY Note II newly added color series.

It is reported that the Samsung GALAXY Note II new colors version released this time, will also have amber brown, topaz blue, and wine red in addition to the black, so users who are favored in this product have more choices. These new color machines will be sold in the first quarter this year.

Jan 022013

According to media reports, LG will display the 5.5-inch full HD smartphone and a series of high-definition electronic products on the CES this month.

It’s rumored LG is planned to show a high-end Android smartphone with 5.5 inches Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 403ppi pixel density. The phone will be named as Optimus G2, and it’s expected to compete with HTC DROID DNA, Samsung Galaxy Note as well as Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z smartphone after the listing.

Another source said LG will also display a 1920 x 1200 resolution and 324 ppi pixel density 7-inch Tablet PC, in addition, LG is also likely to show a borderless screen 4.7-inch smart phone and equipped with high-resolution display ultrabook, notebook computers and televisions and other products.

The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show will be held from 8 to 11 January in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Jan 022013

There are rumors that the Sony C650X Odin is to be named as Xperia X.

A few days ago, the other Sony C660X Yuga exposured same period with the Sony Xperia X was named as Xperia Z. Although both phones have not been officially confirmed, according to the real machine spy photos and specifications that have been exposured, the credibility is still quite high. It’s said that the Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia X specifications are nearly the same, the only difference is that one is for the U.S. market, and the other is for other markets.

Both Sony Xperia Z and the Xperia X are equipped with a 5-inch 1080p screen, combined with Sony’s own BRAVIA graphics engine, so that the screen can present a more beautiful display effect. Both devices will be equipped with the 1.5GHz quad-core processor, built-in 2GB RAM and 32GB storage space, and equipped with the Android4.1 jelly beans operating system.

If the rumors are true, then the Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia X may be published on the CES conference in January, if then we do not see these two new machines, you can also look forward to the MWC in February.

Dec 282012

There were rumors that mobile operator T-Mobie may launch LTE version Samsung GALAXY S3 handsets in 2013. The information revealed by the Bluetooth SIG that a code name SGH-T999L phone might be the legendary LTE version Samsung GALAXY S3. Although there are no more details of this phone, the “L” at the end of code name may give us some information.

According to speculation, the LTE version Samsung GALAXY S3 may have some features updated compared to the generic version, such as its support for Bluetooth 4.0 technology, but this phone should not be launched early next year.

The Samsung GALAXY S3 model that T-Mobie is selliny is SGH-T999, then, this new handset codename “L” at the end of the is likely to represent the meaning of LTE. T-Mobie is expected to launch its LTE network in 2013, so it is reasonable to introduce LTE terminal devices.


Dec 272012


It has just been over a month time since Lumia series smartphone was launched in the United States, consumers can already buy this series depreciated products after the hpliday in the telecom operators shops and Amazon website.

After a series of financial losses, Nokia hopes the launch of the Lumia smartphones can realize the stability of the financial position of the Company. Lumia smartphones are running Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. The high-end Lumia 920 phone launched in American Telephone and Telegraph Company in November is priced at $99, Lumia 822 phone launched in Verizon Wireless stores is also priced at $99.

Consumers can still directly purchase Lumia 920 phone in the American Telephone and Telegraph Company with a price of $99, but the price is only $39 on Amazon.com. At the same time, when purchase Lumia 822 phone at the Verizon Wireless, if you buy the set meal, the phone will be free as a gift.

The T-Mobile USA Inc. that sells Lumia 822 phone also launched the purchasing set meal and sending the phone free as gift activities.

Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson said in an e-mail, cell phone pricing has been determined by the operator, but the promotional activities of the holiday season is a normal phenomenon. He pointed out that Samsung mobile phones are also sent freely in some markets.

Verizon Wireless did not comment on this issue, T-Mobile USA did not comment on Wednesday afternoon either.

Currently it’s not clear if the operators will bear the cost of all the price cuts, or Nokia provides partial market support.


Dec 262012

According to media reports, LG has announced that it will display and launch two latest Google TV at CES 2013 exhibition at the beginning of next year.

It is understood that these two Google TV are GA7900 (47/55 inch) and GA6400 (42/50/60 inch), and they are both with the movement remote control with a QWERTY physical keyboard, which will integrate an identify natural voice commands mic.

The official sources that these two Google TV products have brand new thickness and will be both lighter and thinner.

In addition, the difference of these two Google TV is that the high configuration version GA7900 will be equipped with advanced local dimming technology edge-lit LED with a refresh rate of 240Hz. While the GA6400 uses the ordinary edge-lit LED, the refresh rate is only 120Hz.

Dec 262012


According to media reports, Sony announced to hold a news conference in the CES 2013 to release a new generation of smart phone, Sony Yuga C660X.


It is reported that this model, Sony Yuga C660X is just rumored, and it will be released with its true model “Sony Xperia Z L36i”.


Presumably, Sony’s new flagship will be firstly landed in Japan, then in the United States and Hong Kong. And it will probably be on sale around the world around April.


The Xperia Z L36i body uses Dragontrail glass material, the stiffness can catch up with the iPhone4S. And it comes with a 5-inch screen which is the largest in Sony history and has dust-proof, shock-proof and water-proof functions. It’s equipped with S4 pro quad-core 1.5GHz processor APQ8064, integrated Adreno 320 GPU and built-in 2GB RAM.


This new flagship phone is powered by Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system, supports 4G LTE network connection and has a 13 megapixel Exmor RS camera.


Dec 252012

According to media reports, in an event on Monday, the U.S. famous Internet industry investor Mark Cuban said, Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone performance far exceeds that of the Apple iPhone 5.

In the activities, Cuban was asked which electronic products he is using. Cuban replied, lately he replaced his smart phones, which is to replace the original iPhone 5 with theĀ  new Nokia Windows Phone Lumia 920.

Cuban said: “I have an Apple MacBook Air laptop, but I plan to try to use pre-installed Windows 8 Acer notebook. I like my Windows 8 phone, I have two phones, the first is Samsung and the second is the iPhone 5. And the new Nokia Windows phone replaced my iPhone 5.

When asked Why replaced the iPhone 5 with Lumia 920, Kuban said: “Lumia 920 performance exceeds the iPhone 5′s, more than a little.”

But some people in the industry think that the saying that Lumia 920 performance is far more than the iPhone 5, may represent the views of Cuban himself. Lumia 920 hardware configuration is good, such as wireless charging function, touch screen response and so on, but compared with the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S II, Lumia 920 is not so thin and light, and the weight is also heavier. On the other hand, compared with the iPhone and various Android phones, the Windows Phone mobile phone application choice is not that more.