Dec 052013

The field of information technology is one of the most competitive industries today. Even if there are several technical and computer jobs available, sometimes, owning a degree in information technology is still not enough. Getting a CompTIA certification is one of the best things to do for you to become more reputable IT professional. This will increase your competence as a professional.

CompTIA offers certification for a wide array of computer and information technology subjects. It is known to provide certifications applicable for various operating systems and software such as Windows and Linux. CompTIA can also certify individuals who have experience working with multimedia support, VOIP, security and networking as well as green technologies.

CompTIA can also offer various certification levels that may include basic, professional, specialty and mastery levels. The basic CompTIA certifications specify that an individual can become proficient in a particular field that requires basic knowledge and proficiency.

One of the main reasons why CompTIA certifications are in demand in the IT industry worldwide is due to the attention to detail of all of their exams for people who wants to acquire certification. Most of their certification exams have 100 items.

Even if the CompTIA certification exams are difficult, many IT professionals are interested to acquire this certification. Attending the recommended CompTIA training is one effective way for interested individuals to obtain the certification. The training for CompTIA can be online or classroom based and the training is not just for people who want to pass, but also for individuals who want to get more skills and abilities. The CompTIA certifications are considered as a benchmark for the technical industry for the reason that they coach people in order to succeed in the real world.

CompTIA also offers a wide array of test exams and study materials to help interested students to get ready for the certification exam. This assures that the students are prepared for the certification exam and have the understanding the materials that are presented.

Advantages of CompTIA Certification

CompTIA certifications are not just applicable to entry-level IT professionals, but also for employed or students who wish to have a better career. If you are looking for ways to pursue a great career in the field of information technology, it can be a great help. CompTIA offers various levels of training applicable for professionals.

Moreover, numerous workplaces and schools are also partnering with CompTIA. As a matter of fact, there are several colleges and universities that allow students and professionals to take the CompTIA classes. Most of these schools offer discount vouchers for certain professional who will pass the certification.  Some employers also allow their employee to take a certification exam in order to become more effective professionals.

Obtaining CompTIA certification is undeniably the best thing to do if you want to have a successful career in the field of information technology. This is an amazing credential that you can use in order to succeed. Passing the CompTIA certification exam using Selftest Training is all you need if you wish to obtain some of the certifications.

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Jul 042013

Last month AMD slightly updated the Richland Desktop APU product line. The new chip products provide basic clock frequency promotion, and some improvements in supporting functions, in addition it also has a better power management capability. Recently MSI motherboard supporting CPU list has appeared two new chip products, if these two APUs do exist, then AMD should be working to improve the thermal performance of Richland APU.

The media noted that several MSI Socket FM2 motherboard CPU support list appears two new chips: A10-6700T and A8-6500T. Notably, these two chips TDP thermal power are calibrated in 45W, lower than the previous products 65W.

The A10-6700T basic core frequency is 2.5Ghz, 4MB L2 secondary cache, IGP frequency is 720Mhz; A8-6500T basic frequency is 2.1Ghz, the other parameters are the same. However, the MSI support list does not specify the number of cores of both products and dynamic acceleration frequency and the number of IGP ALU number.

Although there is no information indicating the new chip prices, but it should be cheaper than the existing Richland APU. Because the baseband is apparently lower than equative other chips, in addition to these two products, the lowest fundamental frequency in this series is 3.5Ghz. Taking into account the lower frequency and power consumption, these two chips are for home theater or other same level positioning system.

Jun 182013

Intel has launched a consumer-level notebook computer use Haswell processor, so what’s Intel’s next plan? According to the news media has recently exposed, Intel plans to launch the Haswell-E enthusiast desktop processor in the second half of 2014.

It can be seen from the revealed promotional picture that Haswell-E series focus on processing performance, and it will be combined by some of the most powerful performance desktop processors, which will contain an 8-core Haswell processor. If the news is true, then it will be Intel’s first eight-core desktop processor.

In the Haswell-E series, Intel will no longer offer the quad-core configuration, but to provide 6-8 core processor, and the highest 20MB L3 cache. Of course, there are hyper threading technology to provide up to 16 logical cores. The maximum TDP of the processor is between 130W and 140W, the processor itself is made based on the second generation 22nm Hi-k process.

The revealed information didn’t specify exactly how much the Haswell-E performance is updated, but according to speculation, the performance of the series may be 30-50% higher than this year’s Ivy Bridge-E processor.

Apr 102013

The media quoted sources as saying that Microsoft will release GDR3 version WP system to adapt to the 1080P resolution screen.

Microsoft plans to upgrade Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system to support 1080p resolution screen. The sources familiar with Microsoft WP upgrade program revealed that the company will release the upgrade later this year to support 1080P resolution and 5 inches or larger equipments. The WP8 currently only supports WVGA, WXGA and 720P resolution.

The upgrade is called the GDR3 version Windows Phone, which is for the new equipments to be unveiled in the holiday season. HTC had originally planned to release the “Zenith” flagship phone, which is with 4.7-inch display and quad-core processor, but it has been reported that the company canceled the program, because the device’s screen resolution is lower than the competitors’ products.

Microsoft upgrades will be released as part of the new equipment, which is not directly related to Microsoft’s Windows Phone Blue plan. The Windows Phone Blue is tentatively scheduled to be released in early 2014, used to eliminate the difference of the Microsoft Windows operating system and Windows Phone 8 system. Microsoft plans to bring more synchronization points such as the unity of the browser to further integrate the two operating systems.

Nov 272012

In the view of the former Sun Microsystems engineer, the user usability guru Jakob Nielsen, Windows 8 most prominent problem is that it uses two different sets of interface at the same time, multi-window function missing, and flat visual style lead discoverability declined. He even asserted: Microsoft has committed a decision-making error by trying to integrate tablet and desktop sets interface into an operating system.

Nielsen made a further expression on his viewpoint when accepted the U.S. IT website Computerworld interview and in the renowned usability Blog Use It. He said, Microsoft has insufficient understanding in Tablet PC and desktop computer operating system, Microsoft’s decision is a pure and pute decision-making mistake, they can not use the same Windows in both tablet and PC. Windows 8 user availability is poor, extremely poor. ”

Nielsen also said, Windows 8 should not be forced to abandon the operation elements that users become accustomed to. Nielsen also does not agree on Metro style, as well as the low information density the style brings. Nielsen gave the following assessment on the Metro-style Bing Finance and the Los Angeles Times application using in Windows 8 platform :

“Even in a 10.6-inch tablet, Bing Finance Home can only accommodate a report and three share price. Nor is the Los Angeles Times, its home has only three headlines and an ad, in fact the headline news title can not be displayed in full, the summary has only seven words space. ”

Although Windows 8 is just released, the above questions Nelson mentioned are unable to be resolved through Service Pack or platform update. For application developers, they still have chance to adjust, improve and further innovation.

Nov 272012

According to foreign media reports, light blogging Tumblr announced on Monday, according to the network traffic statistics company Quantcast, the company has been listed among the U.S. top ten sites with largest traffic.

Tumblr unique visitors per month in the U.S. is more than 61.3 million, which is the ninth largest U.S. site with most users.

Tumblr manages 82.3 million blogs, and the global unique visitors reached nearly 170 million in the past 30 days. Tumblr visitor volume was 622.2 million at the same period, and page view time reached 17.88 billion.

The Quantcast data showed that Google is still the largest website in the United States, monthly unique accessing users are 194.4 million; Facebook and Twitter ranks third and fifth.

Tumblr listed among the U.S. top ten website is very interesting, because the industry is arguing if the consumer Internet has enough growth room. Some industry insiders believe that investors have paid attention to the corporate sector, because the field of consumer Internet has already saturated. But the success of Instagram or Pinterest shows that there is still growth room for the consumer internet or mobile.

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Nov 202012

According to media reports, Facebook said in a statement on Monday, the company did not negotiate with Yahoo on search cooperation.

A British newspaper reported on Sunday, according to informed sources, Facebook was negotiating with Yahoo and it may want to establish cooperative relationship with the latter. But Facebook denied this rumour in its most recent statement.

The British newspaper the Sunday Telegraph reported that: “Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg had talked on alliance.

But Facebook said in a statement Monday: “people want to get better search experience on Facebook. We are working to improve to better meet those expectations, but we did not negotiate with other companies in building new search cooperation. ”

The well-known blogger Kara Swisher posted in AllThingsD web that Microsoft and Yahoo search relationship has not ended, and it’s unrealistic to build new partnership with the Facebook.

But it does not mean that Facebook didn’t negotiate with Yahoo on other cooperation, only the content of cooperation is unlikely to be the search area.

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Nov 122012

According to media reports, the SC2012 Supercomputing Conference will be held this week in the Salt Lake City Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City in the United States, for better preparations for the conference, the organizing committee SCinet built 800Gbps bandwidth ultra-high-speed Internet connection for participating experts to use. It is worth mentioning that this will also be the world’s fastest broadband network.

It is reported, many volunteers from top American universities, government laboratories and companies in the industry have made their own contribution to create this ultra-high-speed Internet connections. It is understood that this ultra-high-speed lines are connected through multiple 10Gbps and 100Gbps lines, the SCinet will connect the Convention Center together with global multiple ultra-high-performance network, including the U.S. Department of Energy’s ESnet, Internet2 and National LambdaRail and so on.

In addition, in order to build this super Internet, SCinet cooperated with the Utah Education Network and the University of Utah, and gained the exclusive right to use the network of fiber optic cable leading to the Salt Lake City Convention Center of the Salt Lake City Downtown.

According to the contents of the press release, “part of the wireless bandwidth will be reserved for SCinet Research Sandbox Project research group, which will provide researchers with unique opportunity, such as with 100Gbps link and OpenFlow these emerging technology to show the breakthrough of network technology research.”

It is reported that, in this one-week long Supercomputing Conference, SCinet is expected to provide close to 800Gbps total bandwidth for participants. After the meeting, these latest build broadband link will also be removed.

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Nov 122012

According to the documents Yahoo handed to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in the second quarter this year, Alibaba Group revenue is $1.07 billion, a year-on-year growth of 70.63%, net profit amounted to $292 million, an increase of 113.42%.

According to the report, Alibaba second quarter gross profit is $730 million, an increase of 75.68% compared with $420 million in the same period last year, which the gross profit margin is 68.7%, slightly higher than last year’s 66.72%. Alibaba’s net profit margin reached 27.2%, 21.74% higher than the same period last year.

The report also showed that ended to June 30, 2012, Alibaba Group’s current assets is $4.437 billion, $3.49 billion of last year’s same period; long-term assets is $3.0 billion, $2.99 billion of last year’s same period. Current liabilities is $ 2.21 billion, $1.56 billion for the same period last year; long-term liabilities is $ 1.943 billion, $134 million for the same period last year.

On October 23, the 2012 third quarter results released by Yahoo showed that Yahoo in the third quarter profited $ 3.2 billion, equivalent to $2.64 per share. Most of the earnings are from the half shares of Yahoo sold to Alibaba disposable earnings, which is $2.8 billion. The Yahoo earnings is $293 million in the same period last year, which is equivalent to 23 cents per share.

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Nov 062012

¬†According to media reports, the hacker organization Anonymous declared, on Nov. 5, the global protest day, they disclosed some secret user information, including PayPal’s 28,000 account passwords. Anonymous said all these passwords are stolen from the attacked PayPal server.

Anonymous posted attacking PayPal server message by multiple Twitter accounts, and said that through these attacks the also stole some PayPal users’ private files, including e-mails, user names, and payment service database passwords.

But the latest news showed, PayPal PR department officials responded via Twitter and said the company is investigating the Anonymous’ above Declaration, but so far, PayPal has yet found any evidence of violation safety.

As early as the beginning of this year, Anonymous boasted, they would launch another protest on November 5 this year, one of which is to launch cyber attacks.

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