Jun 102014

Aorus X3 minimum weight of only 1.87 kg, are far better than the new Razer Blade (Razer Blade) of 2.03 kg lighter. Standard 2560X1440 resolution 13.3-inch display, and its upgraded version X3 Plus is equipped with 13.9 inches 2560X1440 or 3200X1800 two resolution display.

In addition to the screen size is slightly different, Aorus X3 and Aorus X3 Plus no big difference in the hardware configuration, are standard i7-4710HQ processor, 8GB DDR3L-1600 memory (upgradeable 16GB), GeForce GTX 870M significant independence and a 256GB SSD (up to 512GB optional two built RAID 0), in addition to support 802.11ac specification, with Gigabit Ethernet, the battery capacity is 74Wh.

Of course, powerful configuration doomed their price will not be cheap, Aorus X3 and Aorus X3 Plus are starting at $ 2,099, or about 13,000 yuan, the third quarter of this year we will be able to see it.

Jan 152013

Hiroshi Sakamoto, vice president of Sony’s home entertainment division, recently said that the company may release the fourth generation PlayStation game console before the E3 game show this year. He said in an interview with Chilean news website Emol, Sony may release the PlayStation 4 in May this year. Earlier there were speculations that Sony and Microsoft would launch the latest generation game consoles in June at the E3.

Pre-announced the release of PlayStation 4 news can make it get the media to pay more attention to. Hiroshi Sakamoto said: “We may release the PlayStation 4 in May or at the E3 games show. Then, we will have a major announcement, but you will have to wait at least to May.

Jan 072013

Today, Lenovo disclosed a new Erazer X700 gaming PC. It is reported, this PC is specifically for users who want to join the game field but does not intend to build their own platform.

Before the introduction of this game PC, let us first understand Lenovo’s Onekey Overclocking function. We can see this function on many Lenovo machines, which can help users create a backup, and only need a simple button to restore the file contents in the computer. Erazer X700 also adopts this feature, which means that players can easily overclock its processor, instead of having tedious BIOS processing before overclocking.

According to reports, the Erazer X700 will be equipped with an Intel Core processor, and it also supports NVIDIA GeForce dual graphics or AMD Radeon HD GPU. But Lenovo did not mention the specific graphics card information, but it pointed out that the X700 is also configured 32GB RAM, which can definitely make a gaming PC running smoothly.

In addition, X700 also has AMD Eyefinity technology, liquid cooling system, and 4TB storage capacity. It is reported, this equipment will be on sale in June this year, and the starting price is $1499.

Dec 272012

In October, Razer officially announced that they were doing a “Fiona plan” about high-end Windows 8 gaming tablet. At that time, the Razer asked their fans what functions they want the tablet to have. Now, Razer’s CEO – Min-Liang Tan has revealed the things that they want to change of the tablet – all are there in his personal Facebook page.

On Min-Liang Tan Facebook page, he said that the Razer fans want a Core i5 or i7 processor, and an unnamed GPU that can run PC games, and can withstand the weight of 2 times than the iPad’s. In addition, players also hope that the tablet can be equipped with one (or more) removable controller.

Tan said this tablet will be set between $1299-$1499, which of course is much higher than the prices of the tablets on the market. Tan also said that he would randomly select a lucky who likes or shares his Facebook notice, and then he will send him/her one tablet after its release.

But Razer did not mention the release time of the Windows 8 high-end gaming tablet, perhaps we may see it in CES2013.

Nov 132012

Microsoft has confirmed that the latest version graphics processing software DirectX 11.1 exist as Windows 8 proprietary software, which means Windows 7 can only continue to use DirectX 11.

DirectX update greatlyest impacted the game industry, as the latest game often uses the latest version DirectX to develop in order to pursue higher screen effects, if you want to get the most flattering effect of a game, the DirectX 11.1 will undoubtedly be the best choice. But it needs game makers to consider that how many gamers have upgraded to Win8.

In fact, the real problem is not the game makers but for the ordinary gamers. Because the game makers can provide from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11.1 multiple choices in the game at the same time, what players have to decide is to upgrade the system or continue to use Win7 to experience lower grade game.

Aug 232012

According to media reports, Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason announced today that the company’s game development tool Unity getting the universal application willget support from Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 7 system has never been a game development platform, but the next generation Windows systems will support the Unity game development tool.

Helgason said the Unity does not support Windows Phone 7 before, because it is relatively closed, but he hopes that Windows 8 system can be improved in this respect.

The Unity license supports almost all the modern game platforms, including iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Wii and PS3. Many well-known games, such as “Shadowgun” is developed by the use of it.

Helgason said, 53% mobile developers take advantage of the Unity to develop games.

Although it is not guaranteed that developers will promote their games to the new version Windows system, at least in addition to Microsoft’s own XNA and Silverlight platforms, developers have a new option.

Aug 132012

Online game company Blizzard Entertainment Inc. says there was unauthorized access to some Battle.net account information, but Chinese players appear unmolested.
Blizzard says the unauthorized access included email addresses associated with Battle.net accounts in all regions, outside of China. Additional information from accounts associated with the North American servers was also accessed, including cryptographically scrambled versions of passwords, the answer to a personal security question, and information relating to mobile and dial-in authenticators. Those North American servers generally include players from North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Blizzard says it does not believe this information alone is enough to gain access to Battle.net accounts.

Investigations are ongoing and Blizzard says it continues to work with authorities and security experts.

Aug 112012

Tough times call for tough decisions. Sadly for Research In Motion, that meant axing a huge chunk of its workforce to stay alive while patiently hoping for a better start next year. RIM’s plan to cut jobs was first heard in June this year. Now, an insider has confirmed the news to BGR that the company will begin the layoffs next week. The “trusted source” said that more than 3,000 employees will be axed beginning next week, and that the layoffs will continue over the next couple of weeks.

Even worse is the news that the workers over at RIM are reportedly terrified because they don’t exactly know who’s going and who’s staying. Workers have been told that aside from those working on BlackBerry 10, “no department is out of bounds” for the latest round of reductions. RIM also confirmed the report saying that next week’s layoffs is a part of the company’s previous announcement in June to cut roughly 5,000 jobs this year. Check out RIM’s response after the break.

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