Aug 292012

Andrew Watson is a graphic artist, who likes to design text, he designed this icon quite icon, to tell us how the Microsoft’s new brand logo is designed: with Apple Myriad Pro and making some adjustments. Actually, the font used by Microsoft is Segoe, because this font is more lovely and more interesting.

The chart Andrew Watson made shows that, you only need to find the Apple Myriad Pro font, use it to write “Microsoft”, the work is almost complete, and then do some details adjustments, shrinking back the feet of the “M”,  stretching “S” and “t”, putting and “t” and “f” together, then the overall turned gray plus on a four-color blocks Windows logo, Microsoft’s new logo was born.

Is the chart Andrew Watson made ridiculous? I think so, because we like the Microsoft’s new logo. Net friends also express different point of views, some say Andrew Watson’s icon is very meaningful, and everyone is copying Apple’s idea, but some other users believe Andrew Watson is doing a meaningless thing, from the first step Microsoft is actual using a different font, as well as some say what Andrew Watson is doing is too funny, almost every flag can do a similar case, and people can always find an easy way to re-create an icon from a flag.

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Aug 292012

As a part of the restructuring plan, Sony plans to stop producing PC CD-ROM drive in March next year. It is understood that, Sony Optiarc will stop production of PC CD-ROM drive, and reduce employees in a factory in Atsugi, Japan, and in Malaysia- at least most of the 390 people.

Sony Optiarc is a joint venture founded in 2006 by Sony and NEC, and two years later it became Sony’s wholly owned subsidiary. Due to weakness in the PC market and facing fierce competition of foreign rivals, Sony Optiarc outstanding achievement has always not been good. Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s new president made a recovery plan in April, which bets the future of the company on the Xperia smart phones and other mobile devices, games and digital imaging business while sets foot in new business including medical devices.

Kazuo Hirai also promised to lay off 10,000 people – accounted for 6% of the total number of employees worldwide, and slashed the cost of the TV business unit. In the past 10 years, Sony TV business unit accumulated losses of approximately $12 billion USD. Earlier this month Sony cut its expected operating profit for this fiscal year, including sales expected on main products such as game master PSP and PS Vita. Since the announcement of the recovery plan, Sony’s stock has shrunk by about 40%.

Aug 282012

Samsung on Monday released two new displays, one is aspect ratio 1:1 square screen UD22B, the other is transparent display NL22B, which lay foundation for Samsung B2B display leading market in the second half of this year.

The UD22B screen size is 21.6 inches, with a 1:1 square design, the border is only 5.5mm. A characteristics of UD22B is that it can form a video wall, spliced multiple displays  together to form a variety of shapes, such as 3D display. As the installation space and shapes are not limited, merchants can create interactive point-of-sale or advertising display.

NL22B is a new type display product, the screen size is 22 inches, and its biggest prominent feature is transparent. The NL22B can be used as high-end luxury accessories show window, the user can not only see the contents of the display,, but also see the scenes behind the screen through the display.

These two products will provide unparalleled solutions for businesses in the retail stores, commercial and public places display for business promotion. Samsung will showcase these two products on the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) from August 31 to September 5 .

Aug 222012

There are many reasons for DIY declining, but it’s believed the hardware vendors tossing and turning the whole bunch of mess specifications is one mail reason that scares off a lot of people, complex parameters even makes the professionals annoyed, what’s even worse is that it doesn’t have a slowed trend, but more and more excessive.

The next generation Haswell processors Intel will be launched next year is a good example, the modularized flexible design allows Intel to mix and match at will. if just divide according to the number of cores, graphics core and memory controller, it derives nine versions, plus different frequency, cache, power consumption, as well as a variety of technical characteristics, it really drives us crazy.

Simply speaking, there are quad-core and dual-core two versions on desktop, the graphics cores are mid-range GT2, dual-channel memory, maximum 32GB, LGA1150 package interface (not compatible with the existing platform).

The mobile notebook platforms are troublesome. The high-end gaming notebook uses the quad-core, with the strongest GT3 graphics core, and it supports dual channel 32GB memory, BGA package.

In the mainstream market, quad-core and dual-core notebooks are all with GT2 graphics cores and dual-channel memory, but the maximum capacity of the latter is halved to 16GB, both package has BGA and rPGA two kinds, the latter is a stand-alone package that can be used to replace upgrade.

The ultrabook is the only one that uses single-chip SoC design, but they are all dual-core BGA package, one is with GT3 graphics core and dual-channel 16GB memory, and the other is with GT2 graphics core, single-channel 8GB memory.

To simplify call, Intel used the “A+B +C” format, representing the number of cores, graphics core level and the number of memory channels, for example, the most high-end on desktop is 4 +2 +2, and teh wrost on ultrabook is 2 +2 +1.

Aug 212012

Touchpad gestures operation is commonly seen in the use of notebook, but the U.S. Synaptics intends to offer a better touch experience for the releasing Windows 8 system . Synopsys is trying to enhance the user experience, and today they demonstrated the latest ForcePad technology, which additionally brings touch enhancement on the operation of multi-point gesture touchpad, and also add supports for force detection.

ForcePad uses pressure track to replace the traditional mouse clicks, which can effectively reduce the thickness of the touchpad. Traditional trackpad only provides a certain intensity of finger sliding and pressing, but ForcePad will continue to adjust its own investigation on the user touches pressing efforts to adapt to the user’s habits and provide users with the best touch experience. ForcePad supports up to 5 points touch, and Synopsys provides developers with a five-point touch gestures operation to enhance the experience of Windows 8 and its applications.

Synopsys gave a very interesting example in force detection, fast-forward in the video file, there is no need to increase the fast forward speed by continuous click, users need only to press fast forward and then continue to press, you can achieve fast forward speed changes. Once the fingers let go, the video returns to normal video playback speed.

The company also introduced a new keyboard technology, which is mainly designed for ultrabook. Synopsys calls it as “ThinTouch”, the key process is reduced to 2.5mm. In addition, the entire keyboard layout contains capacitive touch original, you can process similar to the touchpad gestures operation on the keyboard touch. Due to each key is designed closer to the bottom panel, the keyboard backlight will seem brighter.

Synopsys said these two technologies will be on display in 2013 netbooks, but they didn’t mention when it will be listed on the products to be applied. The first notebook using  ForcePad touchpad technology will be on appearance on CES 2013, so please concern about the press conference in January next year.

Aug 212012

U.S. District Judge William Alsup required Oracle and Google to provide the paid review individual authors and group identity, the two companies disclosed paid writers and the name of the organization on Friday.

Google listed a long list of paid writing articles organizations, while the Oracle only listed the blog FOSS Patent Florian Mueller and Stanford University Professor Paul Goldstein.

Florian Mueller had announced collected Oracle expenses on behalf of the author as early as in April this year. Prior to that, he admitted to charge the cost of Microsoft and other companies to provide “advisory services”. While it that Oracle disclosed that they paid for his ghostwrite calls into question of the credibility of his blog, many websites had quoted his view on Oracle and Google Copyright and patent disputes.

Google disclosed list includes many of the top agencies in the fields of artificial intelligence, networking, privacy and security, among which are academic researchers from Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford University. In addition, Google also lists the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Interactive Advertising Bureau and Creative Commons.

Google also disclosed that they had ever paid to the Democratic Party and the Republican Governors Association. But Google insisted that they never bribed anyone that gives reports or comment on Google and Oracle case.

Aug 152012

Have you read the Asterix comics that had this particular village chieftain who was always scared that the sky would fall on his head? Well, there are plenty of phobias out there in the world, but certainly having the sky fall down on our heads would be one of the least problems to have, with a zombie apocalypse having a far higher chance of happening. Well, a businessman from Yiwu, China, recently came up with his very own recipe for disaster survival – calling it “China’s Noah’s Ark.” At the other side of the doomsday escape pod had this label, “Atlantis” – plumbing new depths, perhaps?
Certainly the doomsday escape pod that you see above is nowhere near the original ark’s dimension as described, but this particular orange ball is said to be shock-proof, water-proof, fire-proof, and radiation-proof. Unveiled at a demonstration which was conducted on August 6th, where it was subject to a battery of abusive tests while the pod’s inventor Yangzong Fu remained inside as a vote of confidence as to the toughness of this escape pod. It measures 4 meters in diameter and tips the scales at 6 tons, where it will come with an asking price of $236,000.

Hopefully it will come with enough room for two so that the human race will be able to procreate and repopulate the earth in case there is an extinction level event.

Aug 112012

Tough times call for tough decisions. Sadly for Research In Motion, that meant axing a huge chunk of its workforce to stay alive while patiently hoping for a better start next year. RIM’s plan to cut jobs was first heard in June this year. Now, an insider has confirmed the news to BGR that the company will begin the layoffs next week. The “trusted source” said that more than 3,000 employees will be axed beginning next week, and that the layoffs will continue over the next couple of weeks.

Even worse is the news that the workers over at RIM are reportedly terrified because they don’t exactly know who’s going and who’s staying. Workers have been told that aside from those working on BlackBerry 10, “no department is out of bounds” for the latest round of reductions. RIM also confirmed the report saying that next week’s layoffs is a part of the company’s previous announcement in June to cut roughly 5,000 jobs this year. Check out RIM’s response after the break.

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