Nov 072012

Recently, the Jolla company, founded basedon previous Nokia R&D team, announced to officially launch new version MeeGo system on Slush Technology Exhibition that will be held in Helsinki, Finland on November 21, the new version MeeGo system is code-named “Sailfsh”.

The Jolla invitation letters said, the company is planned tohold the new version MeeGo the system – Sailfish OS conference on November 21 in Helsinki, Finland, the conference will be promoted with the help of the Nordic and Russian regions largest technology exhibition Slush.

It is understood that, Jolla future will firstly promote the Sailfish OS phone products and Tablet PCs in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong market. The first Sailfish OS deviceĀ  will be released in December, and then to be listed on the market in Europe and China successively.

The MeeGo operating system was launched by Nokia, Intel and other companies in early 2010, now it’s virtually a abandoned operating system by Nokia, Nokia is building the open source operating system for smart phones, and stopped the efforts and measures on MeeGo operating system..

Jolla has a number of former Nokia R&D team employees, and has been based on the MeeGo operating system deprecated by Nokia, absorbs this system user experience, to create its own operating system, in order to be able to support a variety of different types devices. The current R&D work has been able to let Jolla show the level of the user interface, as well as to demonstrate its difference from the current level mobile user interface.

The Slush exhibition creator Peter Vesterbacka said: “Slush has developed into the Nordic region’s largest corporate activities center. We are very pleased to see the popular innovative enterprises such as Jolla to use Slush as their major release activities place. “

Nov 022012

According to media reports, the U.S. cross-platform media center solution provider Boxee planned to sell a new generation of set-top boxes with DVR functionality at Wal-Mart stores on Thursday and sells for $99. The consumers can also purchase directly on the Boxee website. The most important feature of this product is that users can use Boxee cloud services, which can have the recorded TV programs stored in the Boxee server.

It is reported that the new Boxee TV set-top box has DVR recording function, the monthly fee to use the Boxee cloud storage service is $15. Boxee said, the first batch DVR cloud services are free for three months, thereafter at a preferential price of $9.9 per month. In addition, for the old and new users, Boxee also gives three months free service of Netflix network TV, and also a gift certificate of $ 5.99 per person for VUDU video store users.

The new Boxee TV replaced hundreds of old-fashioned Boxee applications with the current popular streaming video services, including Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, VUDU, “Wall Street Journal” and Cloudee etc.. For users who are not familiar with the Boxee TV set-top boxes, the device operation is very similar with the Apple TV and Roku streaming TV set-top boxes. In addition, users can watch regular cable channels through the device.

In the initial stage, the Boxee TV DVR cloud storage feature is only available in a number of cities in the United States. After users recording TV programs and storing to Boxee server, these programs will not only be played again on the Boxee TV, but also can play on laptops, iPad, iPhone mobile phones, Android phones and other mobile devices.

The industry believes that, for users who have not yet installed cables, the Boxee TV might be very attractive. Boxee DVR cloud storage service cost is almost the same with the user paid to Time Warner Cable or Comcast record a program cost, but the Boxee TV’s user interface is much better, at the same time, the device has integrated a variety of popular streaming video services together.

But for existing cable TV users, if they want to seek a DVR equipment alternatives, then the Boxee device may not be a good choice. The Boxee TV can not record programs such as AMC, ESPN and other pay-TV channels. But in any case, Boxee TV is an excellent equipment used to watch Netflix and other streaming video show.

Nov 012012

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said on Microsoft Build Conference that after Windows 8 officially listed in the past four days, the company sold 400 million units to individual consumers. The industry believes that, it is a good start in four days time for Microsoft sold 400 million units Windows 8, but they still need to work hard for to reach the expected 400 million units.

Ballmer said he was very excited to completely reconstruct the Windows, and said the most important several activities in his career in Microsoft are: IBM PC release, Windows 95 release, as well as Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface publishing. In this meeting, Ballmer also demonstrated new features of Windows 8 in a new generation hardware, including the search function in the sidebar; in addition, as long as using the Microsoft account and SkyDrive, you can also automatically have the roaming settings between different devices. At the meeting, Ballmer changed the lock screen wallpaper on one device, then the other computer also automatically updated the wallpaper. In addition, Samsung, HTC and Nokia mobile phone with Microsoft operating system can also automatically achieve this functionality.

Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest version OS X operating system, sold 300 million units after listing four days, accounting for 5% among Apple’s 60 million units Mac. In contrast, the Microsoft Windows system currently installed capacity is about 1.25 billion, which means that 400 million units of Windows 8 only accounted 0.3%. In addition, a year after the listing of Windows 7, its sales is about 175 million sets, while Windows Phone 8 has not occupied the main position in the smartphone market.

Oct 312012

Affected by the hurricane and cancelled the live conference, Google released the new Android 4.2 system through its official blog yesterday, together with the system-based Nexus smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet. The Android 4.2 will be available on the market together with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 two hardware products, it’s expected that the Galaxy Nexus , Nexus 7 and other equipment will also be updated in the near future.

The Andrews 4.2 follows its 4.1 version name “Jelly Bean”, the latest operating system has high similarity with Android 4.1, the more important detail technical adjustments include Photo Sphere panoramic camera, Keyboard gesture input, Miracast wireless display shared, gesture zoom screen, as well as voice output and gestures mode navigation features for blind users. A major highlight of this set Andrews 4.2 operating system is that it supports the industry standard WiFi display sharing tools Miracast, which allows Nexus 4 to transfer audio and video to TV streaming. While the set-top boxes for the existing TV Miracast are expected to be available soon.

In addition, the published products online include the fourth-generation mobile phone LG Nexus 4 of the Google Nexus Series, which is equipped with a 4.7-inch 1280*768 resolution screen, LG True HD screen display technology, powered by Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, a 8 megapixel rear camera and it supports wireless charging. Another new product is a Tablet PC Nexus 10 made by Google and Samsung, it uses the latest Android 4.2 system, the screen resolution is 2560×1600 pixels, which is the highest resolution product in the Tablet PC market.

Oct 302012

While the WP devices is upcoming, Microsoft released free WP application in Windows Store application store, so you can synchronize your WP equipment and Win8 computer.

TO use this application, you can have the music, photo or video on the WP phone synchronized to the computer, reverser is OK. You can also use the Win 8 application to share (such as sharing search), to automatically save photos or videos on the mobile phones to the computer and check the use of the mobile phone storage space. In addition, you can also use it to download mobile applications and in-depth understand your equipment. If your phone is lost, you can also use it to track. The WP8 or 7.8 version phones can install this application.

This synchronization feature Microsoft launched also greatly made up the gap with iOS and other platforms. On June 7, 2011, Apple officially released iCloud cloud service on the Worldwide Developers Conference that held in San Francisco, the service allows existing Apple devices to achieve a seamless connection. Apple said this month that the company’s iCloud users has reached 190 million, an increase of 40 million from 150 million in July, an increase of 21%. The iCloud users were 125 million in April this year.

Oct 242012

According to media reports, the market research firm Forrester said in a report, affected by the Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems, smart phones and tablet PCs make Microsoft computing device operating system market share decline to about 30% from approximately 70% 4 years ago.

In order to reverse the decline of the operating system market share, Microsoft will release Windows 8 system later this week. The era of Microsoft’s dominant operating system market has passed and the operating system market will be divided by a number of companies.

Forrester vice president and principal analyst Frank Gillett said, “The operating system market will not be dominated by an operating system, or a company in future, Microsoft is too late to entry into the mobile market and has lost the dominant position.” Despite unlike RIM, Palm and Nokia slipped into a spiral, but Windows is no longer the king of the computing device operating system.

Windows market share decline was mainly due to large numbers of mobile devices running Android and iOS systems. Android will continue to lead the smartphone market, while Apple’s iOS software will continue to dominate the tablet market, Microsoft will continue to control the PC market.

Gillett said, “Despite a dominant position in the smartphone market, we believe that Google has missed the opportunity to develop in the Android Tablet PC market. The Android platform Tablet PC applications are not enough. Nexus 7 have some help, but there is no evidence that Google has had a major turning point in the Tablet PC market. Windows will have some success in the Tablet PC market, to reach 27% market share in 2016, due to the large PC user base, close relationship with corporate IT departments, Android Tablet pc is not strong enough. ”

Enterprises will be required to face three different types operating systems, rather than just an operating system of Microsoft. The main reason for this problem is employees use their own smart phones and tablet PCs in the workplace.

Oct 232012

According to media reports, Google has quietly updated its mobile payment service Google Wallet website, to promote the upcoming new version Google Wallet.

Users can apply for an invitation code in Google Wallet website. Google Wallet supports iPhone, Android and other devices. This indicates that Google will give up its early reliance on special hardware on the Android phone, to expand the popularity of Google Wallet in consumers and businesses.

Google has put a lot of advertising on buses and billboards, but Google Wallet is not favored by consumers, part reason is that it only supports some models of Sprint and Virgin Mobile mobile phones, and the reliance on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Google also provides web version Google Wallet for online payment, including Google’s own Google Play store buying digital content and applications. Over the years, Google has been providing a similar service called the Google Checkout.

A source revealed that Google pay business head Osama Bedier will speak in Money2020 meeting, but he will not disclose the details of the new version Google Wallet. Bedier is the former executive of payment service PayPal.

Sep 262012

Ater been postponing again and again, the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association finally announced the next generation memory specifications, the DDR4 standard specification JEDEC DDR4 (the JESD79-4) today, compared to the current DDR3, it has higher performance, better stability and lower power consumption, the progress is significantly.

The DDR4 memory followed the DDR essence architecture, the most critical mission is to enhance the naturally frequency, and many other improvements are also closely related to it. Its take-off data transfer rate is 1.6GT/s, the initial maximum value is 3.2GT/s, which is equivalent to the minimum DDR4-1600, the highest DDR4-3200, but the legendary DDR4-4266 has yet been joined. Taking into account that DDR3 has greatly exceeded the initial design of 1.6GT/s, the DDR4 continued improving possibility is also very large, but if the higher specifications can become a standard specification is not sure to say.

DDR4 also provides three data width x4, x8, x16, single memory particles capacity is 2Gb-16Gb.

In addition to accelerating the reduction voltage is the task of each generation DDR memory, DDR4 again reduced the standard voltage to 1.2V, which is the new JEDEC POD12 standard. The first three generations voltage standards are 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V, but it seems that the DDR4 has no low-voltage version now.

DDR, DDR2, DDR3 are separately 2n, 4n, 8n prefetch, every generation has been doubled, but the DDR4 still stay in the 8n prefetch, which means the internal data rate is 1/8 of the external frequency. The bank group can select two or four, which allows DDR4 memory separately within each individual bank group to perform activation, read, write, or refresh operation, and it can improve overall memory efficiency and bandwidth, especially in the small-capacity memory particles.

Stack memory has become a key element of DDR4, which can stack up eight memory devices in single signal Loading.

Samsung, Hynix, Micron and other manufacturers have gradually fashioned the DDR4 memory samples with different specifications, but JEDEC has not announced the new memory universal roadmap. Taking into account that the Intel Haswell 2014 will begin to support the server level DDR4 memory, the ordinary consumer-level users need to wait until 2015 in order to use DDR4, when DDR3 is completely replace it’s almost 2017.

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Sep 242012

Last week, Aptina released two new image sensors, the models were AR1011HS and AR1820HS. The AR1011HS is a 1.0-inch CX-format CMOS sensor, while the AR1820HS is a 1/2.3 inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor.

In addition, the AR1011HS sensor is with 10 million pixels, the unit pixel size is 3.4 microns, with its unique DR-Pix technology it can provide 60fps continuous shooting, 120f/ s 1080p HD video recording and slow motion playback functions. The AR1820HS is a 18 million pixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor, combined with the A-PixHS technology, it can provide users with efficient, high-quality and low-noise imaging results. In the 18 million pixel mode, the continuous shooting speed is approximately 24/s, when reduce to 14 million pixels (aspect ratio: 16:9), the continuous shooting speed can be raised to 30/s, and it can provide high-quality high-definition video recording function. It is an image sensor positioned in the portable digital cameras and camera.

Sep 032012

According to media reports, Microsoft has its Terms of Service subtle adjusted last week, but this adjustment will greatly change Microsoft’s treatment of privacy and Dispute Resolution Policy. Microsoft sent e-mails to inform the users of this fact last Friday that the new terms of service will come into effect on October 19.

Obviously, inspired by Google, Microsoft revised the Terms of Service permitting the Company to contact and display user content cloud assets. In view of the old terms of service allowing Microsoft with the right to occupy user content alone to extend to the provided services, while the new terms express that these elements can be used to “provide, protect and improve Microsoft products and services.”

For example, Microsoft will be able to get information from cloud-based services such as Hotmail, SkyDrive or content, and applies its personalized applications to the user search results. Microsoft hinted in the e-mails that the use of similar content will be consistent with the cloud services products Microsoft designed to improve the numerous Microsoft products . ”

Microsoft also added the class action waiver to the new terms of service. The waiver requires the United States users to resolve their differences through arbitration rather than litigation. After the waiver coming into effect, it would deprive the user’s right to prosecute Microsoft in court, including initiating a class action.

Microsoft is not the first company to adopt the policy. Previously, Sony and Netflix have tied up the arbitration clause and class action waiver in the terms of service.

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