May 162013

If you like taking pictures underwater, but not willing to spend a high price to buy three anti mobile phones, then the gadget described below may be suitable for you. A few days ago, Polaroid launched a new XS80 HD action camera, which can be applied to any shooting scenes to meet the high standards shooting requirements. When it comes to underwater photography, although many three anti-mobile phones claim to support underwater shooting, due to the characteristics of the capacitive screen, they are difficult to play normal function underwater, screen failure is a normal thing.

The XS80 is with ergonomic shape design and rugged enclosure, and it can work well even in the 10 meters underwater. It is equipped with physical buttons and 120-degree wide-angle lens, and it maximumly supports shooting 16 megapixel photos and 1080p full HD video.

In addition, the XS80 is also with a weight sensor, which can automatically rotate the shooting screen and it has anti-shake technique to avoid vague effect when taking photos and videos. It is worth mentioning that the XS80 weighs only 110 grams, which is much lighter relative to other underwater cameras.

Currently the XS80 is priced at $ 129.99, and it’s with 32GB built-in memory card.

May 152013

Nvidia announced on May 14 that its Android handheld game consoles will be listed in the United States in June of this year, and it’s priced at $ 350.

The Shield was debut on the CES show in January of this year, and it’s a powerful full-featured handheld game console. The device uses a new generation Tegra quad-core processor, 2GB memory and a 5-inch 720p touch screen. Users can also use the Shield to remote control the computer games through wireless connection, but it needs the GeForce GTX 650 graphics card.

In addition, the Shield will be pre-installed Android Jelly Bean system, and is compatible with most of the game applications on this platform. Shield can only display applications in landscape mode, but Nvidia promises to release OTA upgrade monthly to enhance performance and bug fixes.

Other Shield parameters include: 16GB storage space, supporting for microSD card expansion, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS. The mini HDMI interface in the device allows users to connect the device to a larger screen.

May 142013

Few years ago, many companies were attempting to break the education market with large-screen electronic ink devices, such as Plastic Logic, the Skiff, and even Amazon. But their attempt did not succeed. This year, Sony introduced a named Digital Paper of new equipment at the same purpose – a 13.3-inch flexible e-ink prototype.

The Digital Paper weights about 357.2 grams, and it’s with a 1600×1200 resolution capacitive touch screen and a stylus, users can use it to focus and comment on the PDF document. In addition, Sony also wants to add the equipment with the ability to share documents edited by Wi-Fi in the future.

Sony has developed in the field of e-reader fpr several years, the Digital Paper allegedly three weeks endurance performance should be able to attract some student users. But compared to the current Tablet PCs, this device lacks many advantages, such as third-party applications, faster processor and high-resolution screen, even Sony’s own Xperia Tablet Z is likely to become potential competitor of this device.

May 102013

In the High End 2013 Conference held in Munich, Germany, the electronics company iRiver announced its second MQS portable player from the Astell & Kern product line – AK120. The full name of the MQS is the Mastering Quality Sound, as iRiver’s high-end brands, the launch date of Astell & Kern first MQS portable player was in December 2012 (AK100).

The AK120 has a pair of digital-to-analog converter, which can output separate audio drive signal for each channel (dual Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip). AK120 can also be regarded as a true sense of ‘double’ mono ‘player.

The AK120 is with 64GB storage space, and then countwith two MicroSD cards, it’s expandable to 192GB. The AK120 manipulation can be completed through the wheel on the side or the 2.4-inch IPS touch screen.

The player supports APE, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3 and OGG formats, it’s with handmade Italian leather, and it’s priced at $ 1300.

May 092013

Invited By the BBC Future, the Conran camera design company has recently re-created the digital product that we see everyday – obviously, its concept is unusual. The camera does not have the classic projected lens, but a big hole in the middle of the camera, and many small sensors array around it. Similarly, in order to have the strongly simplify the device, the camera is not equipped with a liquid crystal display, but it can be connected to smartphones via wireless technology.

All the settings can be physically manually set on the Conran camera.

In view of the people has been used to carrying mobilephones and tablet computers, so it is also reasonable to cancel the high resolution screen wchich is really power consumption. The camera can be connected to smart devices via Bluetooth, and instantaneously transfer images.

In addition, the camera is more like a film camera, because unless you go back home, or you don’t know the remaining number of shots.

May 072013

The well-known software company Adobe has released its first hardware products – the gravity sensing stylus Project Mighty and electronic ruler Napoleon.

Both accessories can be connected to equipments via Bluetooth, the Project Mighty is similar with other stylus in use, but when used together with Napoleon, the two tools will be able to draw curved and angled graphics, which is difficult to achieve in existing third-party stylus.

The size of the Project Mighty and Napoleon are very small, they are with silver design, similar to early iPod. There is a button on the stylus, while the electronic ruler is marked with a series of shapes, the user can freely switch. When use Napoleon draw, it shows the selected pattern on the device’s screen, the user simply use the stylus to depict. As a result, the Napoleon becomes a digital protractor to allow users to be able to draw a clear and precise shape. In addition, the application can distinguish touch between finger and stylus, when users use the stylus to paint, they can also use finger to perform different gesture, such as redo or erase.

The Project Mighty is equipped with a rechargeable battery, supports low-power Bluetooth connectivity and has built-in memory. Adobe said that these two products are still in the development stage, the launch date has not yet been determined.

May 032013

The MediaTek launched the MT6572 SOC chip to improve the performance of low-end Android smartphones.

The MT6572 is the world’s first dual-core SOC chip which integrates Wi-Fi, radio, GPS and Bluetooth, and its goal is the entry-level smartphone market. The MT6572 core is dual-core Cortex-A7 processor, the maximum speed is 1.2GHz. The Cortex-A7 is by far the most energy efficient application processor that ARM has developed, it is part of the ARM.LITTLE architecture, which integrates the Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7.

The smartphones based on MediaTek new SoC can be equipped with a 5 megapixel camera to record 720p video. Display resolution is up to 960×540, MT6572 also integrates MediaTek HSPA + modem.

MediaTek did not disclose which companies would launch MT6572 mobilephones. According to the ARM website, in 2013 or 2014, price of the smartphones with Cortex-A7 processor will be below $ 100, while the performance is considerable with the $ 500 high-end smartphones in 2010.

According to ABI data, the $250 smartphone shipments will reach 259 million units in 2013 and 788 million units in 2018, which means that the market will account for 46% of the whole shipments, while it was 28% in 2012.

MediaTek said the first smartphone with the MT6572 would be shipped in June, but it did not disclose details.

May 022013

Samsung has recently added a new product for their Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera product line, to meet the needs of consumers who can not buy the recently launched NX300. The Nx2000 offers most of the features in higher-price models, while it’s lighter.

The Nx2000 is with a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, the ISO reaches 100-25600, and it supports RAW and IPEG format photos. The Nx2000 is Samsung second camera that supports the optional 3D lens camera, which means it will be able to take 3D pictures. By selecting the right lens, you can shoot 1080p video in 2D or 3D.

The Nx2000 has multiple interfaces, and it supports 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and NFC.

The touch panel of the back of the Nx2000 is with the TFT-LCD screen, while the NX300 is OLED. But both resolutions are 800 x 400 and screen size is 3.7 inches.

Samsung official said the Nx2000 can realise continuous capture 8 photos. The battery capacity is 1130mAh, but the specific life time is not explained.

The Nx2000 price is expected to be $ 649, and the specific release date is not confirmed. And it’s expected to have pink, white and silver colors available.

Apr 282013

Today to introduce you about an interesting camera history: the world’s first portable high-speed continuous shooting camera is actually a “rifle”. It’s invented by the French scientist ├ętienne-Jules Marey, and named as Fusil Photographique, or “photographic rifle”, and it was firstly debut in 1882.

During the First World War, the British trained the soldiers shooting with a gun-shaped camera Mark III Hythe Machine Gun Camera. This “rife” introduced today can be regarded as its predecessor.

Marey’s rifle camera was designed for shooting continuous picture of the birds in flight. Its continuous shooting speed reaches 12fps, and it can obtain a set of circular tacticpictures, each screen exposure time is 1/720 sec. Marey used it to study the motor behavior of the animals, insects, birds and even humans.

He aimed the camera towards the shooting object, and focused by changing the length of the gun tube and then continuously took 12 pictures. The whole device is very lightweight, so he could move after the subject in shooting – from this point of view, Marey also invented the way of pan.

Mar 212013

We also saw a lot of accessories in addition to the real machine on Galaxy S IV conference, the most interesting one can be the GamePad, which can match the 4.0-inch to 6.3-inch devices, and it also allows media to predict Samsung Galaxy Note III will have a staggering 6.3 inches. Today the retail store MobileFun gives the price of $ 112.99, and it begin to accept consumers reservations.

Of course, the price may not be the final Samsung price, it may be a businesses event, but for whatever reason, it means that this Galaxy S4 game accessory will soon be listed, we can only hope that Samsung official price for this accessory is not very high.