Dec 242013

Samsung is preparing to launch the new smart TV at next month’s Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014), which will integrate the Voice interaction and other features. Therefore, Samsung will expand its interactive voice services to 23 countries and regions (11 countries previously). In addition, these smart TVs will be equipped with the improved motion control functions, including support for finger gesture recognition. Users will be able to use both hands to change the channel, adjust the volume, search and select the contents.

In addition, the finger gesture control also allows users to exchange to the last program and stop the video (counterclockwise gesture). For more details, please wait until next month’s CES 2014.

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Dec 172013

Earlier this year, LG demonstrated a variety of super wide displays, and the new model UM95 is expected to be displayed at CES 2014 exhibition. The 32-inch super wide display is with 21:9 screen ratio and up to 3440 * 1440 resolution, in addition LG also plans to provide 29 inches version, and in the coming months they will release a variety of ultra-wide displays.

In addition to the UM95, LG will accelerate the promotion of ultra-wide displays, and plans to showcase the UM65 model in three dimensions (25 inches, 29 inches and 34 inches) at CES, and LG also provides 31MU95 and 27MB85 two models.

LG’s IT business manager Hyoung-sei Park said: “LG IPS 21:9 super wide series is a user-centric PC monitor, it can greatly enhance the entertainment and work experience. The 21:9 display by launched the company has proven to be commercial success, we expect that the market will also continue to develop. ”

Dec 102013

Although the Mini Desktop PC is not very popular in the market, in some special cases, for those who do not have high requirement and do not want their desks too messy, it is still a good choice. This NUC mini-host launched by Intel is a very suitable model of those users. It is not only equipped with stronger performance Haswell core, and also it can be DIYed according to user needs.

The new NUC mini-host model is D54250WYK, it’s equipped with Intel Core i5-4250U dual-core processor and the latest HD Graphics 5000 graphics card, and also it has the latest Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 technology.

Since it is a mini-model, then it’s absolutely very small. The size of the host is 11.6 × 11.6cm, although it’s equipped with the latest Intel Haswell processor (2.6GHz, 3MB L3 cache), the power dissipation is only 15w, and the power dissipation of the host is just 65w.

In addition, it also comes with four USB3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, Bluetooth 4.0 and mini DP interface that supports for 7.1 channel audio output, the connectivity functions are readily available. If you also need a mini Desktop host, then it seems that this NUC would be a good choice.

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Dec 102013

Giada is a well-known manufacturer of small desktop barebone, and its most recent release should date back to March of this year. Now, the company has launched the latest Giada F300, which uses Intel’s fourth-generation Core (Haswell) platform.

The Giada F300 size is 10.2×6.9×1.4 inches, it uses Intel Core i5-4200U processor (with Intel HD Graphice 4400 Core Graphics), and it is equipped with a heat sink.

The F300 supports up to 8GB memory and a range of storage options, including 2.5-inch SATA drive. It provides VGA, DVI, four USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, Ethernet, microphone and audio output. And also the F300 supports automatic startup, JAHU, and Wake on LAN.

Giada also announced another smaller F310 model, but it’s with Celeron J1850 processor, and also other specifications are somewhat lower.

Dec 062013

One of the things that sets the NVIDIA Shield handheld game console apart from other portable Android devices (aside from the built-in game controller) is the ability to stream PC games over a network. Up until now you’ve been able to do that by loading PC games on a computer with an NVIDIA graphics cards and streaming them to your mobile device on a local network.

Now NVIDIA has started testing a cloud gaming service. Beta testers can stream games straight from the internet, without turning on their PC at all.

The beta program is pretty limited at the moment. To participate in the NVIDIA Grid Cloud Gaming Beta, you’ll probably have to live in Northern California.

That’s because the test servers are set up in San Jose, California and NVIDIA requires users to have an internet connection with at least a 10 Mbps download speed and a home network with a ping time of 40 ms or less to those GRID cloud gaming servers.

If you’ve got an NVIDIA Shield, live in the area, and want to give it a try, you can download the GRID Beta app from the Google Play Store.

The beta period will run for at least three months, during which time users will be able to stream any available games for free.

NVIDIA promised we’d see this sort of cloud gaming service when the company introduced the Shield handheld gaming console and its GRID servers in January. It’s taken almost a year to start a public trial, but it’s good to see NVIDIA delivering on that promise.

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Dec 052013

Hi guys, do you know  How you can download uc browser for pc? ohh really you dont know ? If not then dont worry about that now you are able to download and install uc browser on your pc without any error or problem. Well, this uc browser is not officially available for pc and here is only way you can do it but still you can get faster speeds with uc browser on your pc. To download uc browser for pc you will need a computer with working internet connection to full operate it.

UC Browser for PC Free Download, it is the most popular internet browser for android apps market and you can easy download this for android devices, also Symbian and java mobiles. But now it’s time to use UC Browser on PC because many people try to download for pc but they cant. All The features are same as in mobile phones and android. So don’t worry it will give you the fastest browsing experience in PC also and you can use it same like on android phones when your internet connection speed will be slow. Mostly all the users have used UC Browser in their mobile phones and android. So you must be familiar with the specialties this browser is working very fast. It gives great browsing and downloading speed without any error. The download manger is awesome i really love to use it. UC Browser is not officially announced for PC, but we will share two methods for downloading UC Browser for PC as well. So here is which method will you select to Download UC Browser for PC this is great fun in your pc i m sure.

It comes with lots of more features and increased browsing speed that no one imagine because it is very nice app, I am using this browser for more than 5 years on my mobile phones without any problem and I am really very much happy with the results I am getting that is reason i m going to share this app for you for pc version. And I thought why I can’t use UC Browser on PC? Well, I searched many and found really working methods so lets start.

So let start how we can play

UC Browser for pc

How to download UC Browser for PC

You can download UC Browser for pc with 2 method i m sharing both method for you and its up to you which method you like and go for it

Method 1

You need to download the apk file of UC Browser app. You can download it anywhere from the internet and online you can search this in google and you will find out many website which give you android apk file for free you can download anywhere. There are many sites providing UC Browser apk file downloads.

Mehtod 2

Here is 2nd method  you need to download an android Bluestacks.  Bluestacks is emulator software for windows and Mac which lets you play Android apps on PC. please Read out about how to install and run Bluestacks Android apps on PC. Download BlueStacks from below link.

download bluestacks

After downloading Bluestacks, install in on your PC as same you install other software or applications.

Now install bluestacks  on your system After install Bluestacks Restart your pc. Now you have two methods for installing UC Browser for PC.

How to Install UC Browser for pc with both method

1st Method, open the apk file with Bluestacks application. And follow all the screen instructions full with carefully. It will install UC Browser for PC. apk file which you download above you need to open this apk file with bluestacks just run bluestacks and select that apk and install it.

2nd method of install UC Browser for PC

  1. Download Bluestacks
  2. Now after downloading it you need to install it into your pc or computer
  3. After installation just open Bluestacks with dubble click
  4. Now go to “My App” option and search for  UC Browser for PC
  5. Now download and install UC Browser on your PC
  6. Its will shortcut icon is created on desktop
  7. Now Dublle Click on it and play the fantastic game for free

if you want download for android you can download below

Download UC Browser for Android

UC Browser for android download from here Google Play

Finally How to run UC Browser in your computer

Open bluestacks Yes It’s very easy to run UC Browser Android app for PC download after installing it on your PC. To run UC Browser on computer you will need to navigate to the file and it is very easy and simple. you go to the folder named apps and you will find UC Browser   apps in that folder. Then double click on UC Browser to launch the app that’s it. If you did not find out the “apps” folder, simply search apps in start menu.

UC Browser for PC Download

Please Share this article with your friends and other people . if you have any issue or problem please leave comments we try to answer your question good luck. download Cut the rope for PC, tell us in comments,

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Dec 052013

Whatsapp is very famous apps in android market which is very easy to use this app is main purpose to chat with your friend and keep save your chat history with your friend so today we decide to introduce you whatsapp application for pc download  an android app named WhatsApp or computer. WhatsApp is a nice android app which lets you chat with your friends over the internet but you must have a working internet connection.

It would be nice if you could  use into iPhone or android mobiles but now you can run this  app on your PC, so today i ll guide you how to download . Use the following method to download and install WhatsApp on PC. So You can  download the following Android apps for WhatsApp Messenger for PC Download.

How we Download whatsapp  in computer

1st of all You need to download the apk file from some free android website like apkmania first; you can download it anywhere from the internet. There are many sites providing WhatsApp apk file downloads.

download from android apps store

or download it for free here

After that when you run on  your PC Download  finish Your download

How to install whatsapp in your computer

Now you need to download an android Bluestacks.  Bluestacks is emulator software for windows and Mac which lets you play Android apps on PC. please Read out about how to install and run Bluestacks Android apps on PC. Download BlueStacks from below link whatsApp for PC.

After downloading Bluestacks, install in on your PC as you install other software or applications for PC.

You can install WhatsApp for PC  by using the apk file if – by downloading the apk files of . You need to use the apk file that you have downloaded in obove website or anywhere which you can download easily or from internet. So go to that file, so now open that with Bluestacks and it will be installed on your PC automatically.

Finally How to run WhatsApp for PC

Yes It’s very easy to run WhatsApp for PC after installing it on your PC. To run WhatsApp on computer you will need to navigate to the file and it is very easy and simple. you go to the folder named apps and you will find WhatsApp apps in that folder. Then double click on WhatsApp to launch the app thats it. If you did not find out the “apps” folder, simply search apps in start menu.

WhatsApp Messenger Android app for PC Download

WhatsApp for PC Please Share this article with your friends and other people . if you have any issue or problem please leave comments we try to answer your question good luck. download , tell us in comments.

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Dec 042013

NVIDIA’s Shield handheld game console may have hit the streets in July, but NVIDIA keeps improving the device with software updates. In October the company rolled out button-mapping software to let you use the game controller buttons with Android games that normally require touchscreen input and improved features for letting you stream content from your mobile device to a big screen TV.

Now NVIDIA has another software update, and this time it improves both experiences.

The December update now lets you use physical buttons to replace motion-based gyroscrope movements as well as taps and swipes. For example, games that normally let you move left or right by tilting your phone or tablet can now be controlled by pressing a left or right button.

There’s also an option called “accelerated cursor” for games like Angry Birds which you can control with a cursor. Instead of having the cursor automatically move back to the center of the screen after an action, you can have it stay where it was to save you time on your next move.

What’s probably the coolest thing about NVIDIA’s button-mapping software is that you might not have to do anything manually at all. When you want to play a popular game that doesn’t officially support gamepad controls, NVIDIA will download pre-configured button maps so you don’t have to configure one yourself. There’s also a community portal for downloading or sharing mapping profiles.

The other big change in the December update is support for streaming some PC games to your TV at 1080p resolutions and 60 frames per second. If you have a PC with a supported NVIDIA graphics card you can stream games to your handheld device — and then use an HDMI cable to view those games on your TV. This basically turns the Shield into a remote control and media extender for your PC, letting you play PC games anywhere in the house (while they’re still actually running on your gaming PC, wherever it is).

Up until now you’d only been able to stream Android games to a TV at 1080p resolutions. PC games were limited to 720p.

Dec 042013

The Asus VivoPC is a small desktop computer with an Intel Celeron processor, Windows 8 64-bit software, and a case that’s designed to look at home in your living room.

Asus unveiled the tiny desktop in June, and now it’s available for purchase in the US for around $320 and up.

While you could probably find a cheaper desktop PC that packs more power, it won’t be this small. The Asus VivoPC measures about 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.2 and weighs less than 2.7 pounds.

There are also smaller desktop computers like the Intel NUC or Zotac Zbox line — but they tend to be more expensive than a VivoPC once you configure them with memory, storage, and an operating system.

The Asus VivoPC isn’t exactly going to replace your high-end gaming PC, but it should perform well as a basic home theater PC for streaming internet video, surfing the web, playing light games, or even recording television programs (if you have a USB or network-attached TV tuner).

Asus equips the little computer with 4GB of RAM, a 500GB, 7200RPM hard drive, 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron 1007U dual-core processor with Intel HD graphics.

Other features include Gigabit Ethernet, an SD card slot, optical S/PDIF output, VGA and HDMI ports, and 2 USB 3.0 ports and 4 USB 2.0 ports.


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Jul 042013

To meet customer demand, Pentax Ricoh announced the launch of the new K-01, which used white body + cool blue rubber handle design, and is expected to be listed in mid-July. This camera is a colorful model PENTAX K-01 designed and manufactured by Pentax and the world-renowned designer Mr. Marc Newson jointly.

PENTAX K-01 (released in March, 2012) doesn’t use the optical viewfinder and mirror, which makes the frame design more flexible and fully demonstrated Mr. Newson’s unique creativity. This white blue edtion is also designed personally by Mr. Newson. The ultra-thin fixed focus standard lens smc PENTAX-DA 40mm F2.8 XS also uses Mr. Newson design, this lens and K-01 constitute a complete suite of design results.

The conventional models have been sold, in order to meet the requirements of customers upsell again, they are now especially offering multi-colored model.

It will have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, battery charger, USB cable, strap andCD-ROM when it’s on sale.