Oct 152012

Google, chairman Schmidt was asked in an interview if Google would launch a new map application for Apple devices. Schmidt did not confirm that, but said “We do not want to pre-announce before the product is launched, but what I can tell you is that if we really do, Apple will have to accept.”

The four platforms mentioned before: Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, he still did not change his views. He said Facebook is trying to become the world’s communication hub, Amazon will become the largest store, while Apple and Google, respectively, are good at design and search work. They both compete and cooperate in many areas, but now the competition is beyond a particular area, and it has become a competition between the whole platform.

As for why did not include Microsoft, Schmidt responded: “Microsoft has done a good job, but it has exited the platform competition asit can’t take competitive products. But if Microsoft Surface Tablet PC can be successful, then it would certainly have significant impact. ”

However, for the acquisition of Motorola mobile, Schmidt said Google wouldn’t have any preferential treatment to it, because Google wanted more partners. He said waht the society really needs is innovation, not plagiarism. Google driverless car and GoogleGlass are innovative, but in what situation when these two technologies used by others is still unknown, but Google will figure out.

For the future products and technology trends, he stressed the mobile-first strategy and Google AI, what Google needs to do is to make people’s lives as well as accessing to information, more intelligent, as to how long to achieve it, he said he would follow the 80/20 rule, which we did not find out that the 20% is the most important part.

Oct 152012

According to rumors, the new 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro laptop will be lighter and thinner than the 15 inch Retina display MacBook Pro laptop  published in June. The new 13-inch retina display MacBook Pro notebooks will have two different configurations, mainly in the processor and hard disk size. It’s expected it will be officially sold shortly after released.

Same with the 15-inch Retina display MacBook Pro notebook, the new 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro Laptop is expensive, in addition to the difference in Retina display, it also uses the processor running faster and USB3.0 technology.

The 15-inch Retina display MacBook Pro notebook code name is D2, the code name of the smaller size of the 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro notebook is D1 same as forecasted this morning.

Oct 122012

According to media reports, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the ban of prohibiting Samsung Electronics sales of its Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Previously, Apple won on the implementation of relevant bans on June 29 in the United States Court of First Instance. But Circuit Court of Appeals said on the 11th, the District Court of California abused the discretion , and decided to repeal the original judgment.

Apple has advocated in the lock-up application submitted to the District Court, the Galaxy Nexus infringed Apple patents may take away iPhone users, the ban judgment on the phone should be timely made before the end of this lawsuit.

The Court of Appeal pointed out, the evidence Apple submitted can not fully prove Galaxy Nexus relevant functions bring losses to Apple. The Court of Appeal said, Apple needs to prove Galaxy Nexus bring fatal loss for Apple, and that the considerable part is related to Galaxy Nexus infringement.

Oct 122012

Irritated by news of “soon will receive orders for Apple’s iPhone”, Foxconn shares again rose 10% on Friday.

Daiwa Capital Markets released a report on Thursday, the Foxconn will soon get the iPhone orders. The report said: “Our research shows that, due to the iPhone capacity planning, FIH may start producing the iPhone at the end of this year or early 2013.”

Foxconn International is the world’s largest mobile phone OEM companies, whose customers include Nokia, Huawei and ZTE. Apple iPhone was major OEM by Foxconn parent company Hon Hai.

Daiwa Capital Markets refers that Foxconn also get involved in the tablet computer foundry, and it just got first-line products OEM orders from Amazon Kindle Fire.

Daiwa Capital Markets thinks Foxconn remains its core competitiveness, and it’s believed Apple and Amazon orders is capable to reach Nokia, Motorola weak demand.

Affected by the message, Foxconn International stock rose 10.2 percent in Friday morning, trading at HK $3.35, the highest since June. On Thursday, Foxconn shares have gained 17%, marking the biggest one-day gain since mid-2009.

Foxconn declined to comment, but said later today they will release a statement.

Oct 102012

According to media reports, Barclays Bank analyst Ben Reitzes published studies reported that Apple’s next revolutionary product is probable to be the TV remote control instead of the TV itself.

Reitzes said iPad mini configured with 7.85-inch display which can be used as a TV remote control, which will be one of the first products used to expand the potential market for iOS devices, “We believe that the iPad mini’s 7.85-inch display can be used for traditional media consumption tasks – such as reading books and watching movies, but as time goes on, Apple will have more ideas to iPad mini. Apple strategy secret is not TV, but the TV remote control ” .

Reitz said in the report, “With iCloud, we did not find the reason that Apple didn’t make the iPad become the TV interface, users can use the virtual keyboards to complete the basic computing tasks – e-mails, viewing calendar, surfing the Internet, editing photos and chating through iMessage. The iPad will become the Central Command of digital home one day, the home automation companies have been testing this idea.

Reitzes expects Apple will launch its own brand of high-definition TV, but he also warns that, before reaching a favorable licensing terms with content providers, Apple will not launch the TV products.

In August, there were rumors that Apple would provide a cloud computing DVR (digital video recorder) functionality set-top box to cable TV companies. It is reported that the negotiations are still in progress, it is expected at least to 2013 they will reach an agreement.

Reitzes reiterated Apple’s stock “overweight” rating and target price is $810.

Oct 102012

According to media reports, industry analysts estimate that the Apple upcoming iPad mini may be even better than the previous iPad products in the design.

It is expected Apple will release the legend iPad mini later this month, although Apple has not confirmed the existence of the product, there are more and more rumors about the product.

After the listing, iPad mini major competitors in the 7-inch tablet market are Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire. According to Apple’s supply chain industry sources, although the iPad mini price is relatively low, Apple has never cut corners.

Oct 052012

According to media reports, the “Business Week” quoted two anonymous sources saying at local time on Wednesday that Apple is considering no longer using the Intel processors in Mac computers, but this change is clearly not “happen soon”.

“It’s very difficult to change the processor and it will not happen soon. Switching to the other processors will allow Apple desktops and laptops further distinguished from competitors configuring withIntel processor and running Microsoft Windows operating system,” the reports said.

Apple had the idea of giving up Intel processors in the past, but “Business Week” reported that Apple is currently still having such thoughts. Technology blog site AppleInsider  reported in 2010 that Apple had ever discussed with Intel’s main rival AMD about matters of future models of Mac computers changing the latter processor.

In the past, Mac is configured with PowerPC processor developed by IBM, which is a big difference between the Mac and Windows PC. In 2005 Apple announced that all Mac products would be switching to Intel processors, and the transition was completed in August 2006. Since therelease of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in 2009, Apple no longer supports PowerPC Mac.

Although Mac is configured with the Intel processor, but Apple’s mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad are not configured with Intel processors. Intel has been vigorously promoting the Atom processor, but tests show that Apple’s self-developed A6 processor performance is better than Atom’s.

If Apple abandons Intel, the AMD will be a possible choice, but Apple has made significant progress in development chips for the iPhone and iPad. Earlier this year, rumors  Apple considered to configure MacBook Series especially the MacBook Air with independently developed ARM-based processor.

The “Business Week” also reported that Apple late CEO Steve Jobs had considered to remove Google search service in iOS, but eventually he and Apple did not do so, as which woulf have a big impact on users.

Sep 272012

If you think the 2012 MacBook Pro 18mm thickness is the limit then you really make a mistake. According to news report, the next-generation 2013 version MacBook Pro will be thinner with the help of new process.

It is said Apple is developing a new process, if it’s succeeded, it will be able to reduce 0.15mm of the MacBook Pro thickness. This process will directly affect the thickness of the emitting light keyboard light guide plate(LGP), the thickness of the previous LGP is 0.4mm, the LGP using the new production process will be only 0.25 mm. Perhaps 0.15mm  thickness reduction does not have much impact to the entire MacBook Pro, but the thinner keyboard may reduce the possibillity of leaving marks on the screen.

It’s sure that the thickness of the next year’s MacBook Pro will certainly not have that much drop, but it is clear that Apple is bound to continue research and development new technology to make the various parts thickness to the thinnest, and finally to make MacBook Pro be able to “thin as cicada wing”.

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Sep 272012

According to media reports, technology news site examiner quoted analyst Paul Mueller reporter and said that Apple may be developing a screen aspect ratio of 16:9 iPad prototype.

Muller said he had communicated with three independent sources close to Apple, these three individuals agreed that Apple is developing widescreen iPad, and it will not be the rumored iPad mini, but a full-size next-generation iPad. Mueller also said within the next few weeks he will disclose more news about the widescreen iPad.

In view that the iPhone 5 has already been configured with widescreen display, it will be reasonable for Apple to use widescreen display in the iPad, but this idea is also problematic. The Tech blog site Gizmodo editor Jesus Diaz pointed out that, due to close to the paper, the 4:3 screen aspect ratio is more suitable for most tasks. The 16:9 screen aspect ratio is more suitable for video, but the video is not the most common use for iPad. However, since Apple launched the Airplay Mirroring, if the iPad screen aspect ratio is consistent with the user’s television, there will be a better performance.

The screen aspect ratio changes also face technical challenges, as it will affect the end-user experience. To increase the iPad size is unlike to increase iPhone size which is attractive, because its screen size has reached 10 inches, continuing to increase the size does not match most people’s expectations. Because the Lightning interface required space is less than the 30-pin connector, the feasibility to produce Widescreen is higher, but widescreen display means that the available display area decreases, the user experience will be affected.

Examiner reported that its sources said there is possibility that the Apple is developing the widescreen iPad, but the news can not be confirmed. It is worth noticing that Muller and Diaz have made mistakes in predicting the products of Apple and other companies.

Sep 262012

According to media reports, the National Museum of the U.S. health care recently released an iPad application NMHMC Harvey in the Chicago area, which allows the user to observe legendary physics genius Einstein’s brain slices. The application uses the Einstein’s brain slices the pathologist Thomas Harvey got in 1955, for the first time to show the the high IQ genius brain slices Figure to the general public in such a large extent.

After Einstein body cremation, Harvey cut his brain into 240 units to freeze storage. After a few years, Harvey donated multiple to the researchers, including the University of California UC Berkeley neuroscientist Professor Marian Diamond, he donated the remaining part to the Princeton University Medical Center Dr. Elliot Krauss in 1998.

According to the Associated Press, these brain slice data provided reference study for the research papers published in prestigious medical journal “The Lancet”, the paper said, Einstein’s parietal lobe area (this area is mainly in charge of the math and language part of the brain) is more advanced than the average, about 15% wider than the average. This iPad application is priced at $9.99.

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