Oct 302012

The investment bank Pacific Crest Securities analyst said in a report on Monday, after Apple announced the launch of the iPad mini tablet PC last week, consumer interest in Google and Microsoft Tablet PC cooled, but it seems the Amazon Tablet PCs have been well prepared for strong performance in the fourth quarter.

The report cited the “Supply Chain dialogue” and said, Google Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface Tablet PCs production orders have reduced by 34% and 14% in the current quarter, which is a incremental negative factor for Nvidia who provides Tegra microprocessor to it. The report also pointed out that the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet PC production is growing, production orders for the quarter may have grown 37%.

The report predicted that the Amazon Kindle Fire actually sold for end users will reach 11.3 million units this year, Surface will be 3.0 million units, Nexus will be 4.0 million units and Apple iPad will be 66.4 million units, lower than previously expected 7000 million units.

Pacific Crest Securities analyst Mike McConnell and John Vinh said in a report: “We think, Google Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface order revise reflected a more cautious production , because Apple released the iPad mini and the upgrade iPad 3. ”

Apple released iPad mini last week. The iPad mini price is $329,lower than $ 500 which is the starting price of Surface Tablet PC, but much higher than $199 for the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire. Amazon is prepared to launch a larger display Kindle Fire later this month.

iPad mini will be sold in retail stores this Friday, but seen from the pre-order situation, this Tablet PC has been sold out. Apple said on its Web site, users who have ordered the iPad mini will receive the product after about two weeks.

Oct 292012

According to media reports, the white Apple iPad mini tablet computer had already sold out during booking period, the insiders expressed the iPad mini LTE version tablet computer that supports for LTE network may be available earlier.

Apple releasedthis 7-inch tablet iPad Mini earlier last week, the first batch Tablet PCswere sold out 20 minutes after released. The white iPad Mini Tablet PC contains the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB three models, it is now expected that the product shipment date will be two weeks after the order date, consumers who want to buy the white iPad Mini Tablet PC need to be prepared to wait in long lines for hours at Apple retail stores.

Report from the technology blog 9to5Mac indicated that the time Apple began shipping iPad mini LTE version tablet computer supporting the LTE network may also be earlier than expected, and it’s expected the product will reach consumers with fast shipping on November 21 this year. The iPad mini LTE “ready version Tablet PC” is priced from $459, while the WiFi version iPad Mini Tablet PC price starts from $329. After Apple released the iPad mini Tablet PC, there are reports that Apple may not be able to meet the market demand.The market research firm NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim said in an analysis report, although Apple has enhanced iPad Mini foundation partners, the display panel supply and demand problem will still limit the first shipment of the product.

From the view of the white iPad mini sold out, the iPad mini tablet PC market demand is strong. IHS reported recently that iPad mini may double the market size of the 7-inch tablet PC in 2012 and 2013, but this result is also influenced by market demand as well as Apple’s ability to meet market demand.

Oct 262012

According to Cnet reports, the market research firm NPD Display Search said, if iPad mini sales is good, then it will have stockout situation. The main reasons for this problem is that the iPad mini touch screen panel is supplied by LG and AUO (AU Optronics). Because the latter is a new supplier, the yield and the volume is not sufficient to meet Apple’s needs. So basically iPad mini touch screen panel suppliers is only LG.

According to Richard Shim, market analyst of NPD Display Search, the touch screen production AU Optronics made for the iPad mini yield has been low, and it provides only about 100,000 units iPad mini screen. According to the original plan, the AU Optronics must provide 400,000 units touch screens in October, 800,000 in November and a million in December.

Comparatively speaking, LG in September provided Apple with a 300,000 units screen, and planned to provide one million in October and 3 million in December. Therefore, once AUO’s production can’t increase while the iPad mini is popular, then the stockout situation is natually inevitable.

In the past Apple often usd two or more parts manufacturers in order to ensure product supply, for example, the New iPad is supplied by Samsung and LG. This time the Apple iPad mini no longer uses Samsung touch screen, but changed to AU Optronics, which seems to reflect a determination to break with the Samsung.

It is worth noting that the vendors against each other will affect sales channels, if the iPad mini will be really hot, then the long-term shortage problem will continue, while the direct consequence is market price rising, ultimately the large number of consumers will suffer losses.

The market analysts views on the iPad mini are mixed, critics think it’s overpriced and the competitors also have excellent product contest. While the approvers think the launch of the iPad mini will expand the Apple user community, and thus bring more profits.

According to Apple arrangements, iPad mini will be on sale on November 2, and it’s priced at $329

Oct 262012

The analyst firm Digitimes Research predicts that in 2013, Apple is expected to become the world’s fifth-largest PC maker. Apple has released the new iMac, retina screen 13-inch Macbook Pro, iPad Mini and the fourth-generation iPad. Its Mac series products are moving towards thinner, lighter and higher resolution direction. Digitimes Research forecasts that Apple products total shipments will be more than 24 million units in 2013, an increase of 15% than 20.8 million units in 2012, which makes Apple possible to become the world’s fifth-largest PC maker in 2013.

Previously the data IDC and Gartner released showed that the manufacturer who ranked fifth in global PC shipments in the third-quarter is ASUS, whose market share is more than 7%.

The iPad Mini used DITO touch technology and other new technologies, so production capacity will be caused in the early and influence its shipments in the fourth quarter. However, with capacity rising costs will gradually decline, the gross profit margin will increase. Digitimes Research forecasts that, iPad’s total shipments is 65 million units 2012 and to rise to 75 million in 2013, or even 80 million -85 million units.

Apple also announced the upgraded version A6X processor for the iPhone 5 A6 processor. In the case that the basic structure has not been changed, the CPU frequency enhanced then the performance is enhanced. Digitimes Research predicts the overall performance of the A6X processor is six times than Surface Tegra 3 processor that the Microsoft Tablet PC equipped with, and the speed is twice than Samsung Exynos 5250 processor used on Nexus 10.

Oct 242012

According to media reports, the TechBargains.com site recently launched an investigation on whether the user is willing to buy Apple’s upcoming iPad mini, the results showed that one-third of the respondents don’t intend to buy iPad mini as it’s too small, one-fifth believed that the iPad mini price may be too expensive.

The findings also showed that 70% of respondents among those who have not decided whether to buy the iPad mini are considering whether they need a smaller iPad, 30% people believe that the iPad mini price may be too expensive, in those who plan to buy the iPad mini, a quarter said they want to replace the existing tablet PCs with smaller iPad.

The survey results show that 18% respondents plan to buy the iPad mini, 32% people did not decide whether to buy, 50% people do not intend to buy.

TechBargains.com website president and editor-in-chief Yung Trang said: “Seen from the results of this survey, when consumers are considering whether to buy the iPad mini, what they really care about are price and screen size. This smaller tablet PCs may not be sought after by consumers as Apple’s other products. ”

In respondents who plan to buy the iPad mini, 14% indicated that they plan to queue to buy the Tablet PC on the release day, one fifth plan to purchase online once the Tablet PC launched, 66% people have not determine the purchase time.

Oct 232012

According to media reports, the well-known Apple news commentary blog Daring Fireball author John Gruber thought that the real name for iPad mini might be called iPad Air, and it will not be equipped with Retina display, while the sale price of this product will be lower than the current iPod touch.

Gruber thinks that the new iPad does not use Retina display, he explained: “Each new iOS mobile device has debuted with a non-Retina display, and then gone Retina two or three years later.” Graber said the Retina display is costive and it will make the latest iPad heavier and thicker, due to the extra power needed for the pixel-packed display. “I expect the primary attributes of the smaller iPad to be thinness, weight, and price,” writes Gruber. “A Retina display would make it thicker, heavier, and more expensive.

As for the pricing debate, Gruber thinks that the price of the new iPad will be less than the iPod touch. He said that “isn’t just smaller than the iPad – it’s miniature,” and technology is sometimes priced as “big is expensive, small is cheap, miniature is expensive.” In the UK market, the latest iPod touch is priced at £249 (32GB) and £329 (64GB).

For the naming issues of the new iPad, more people tend to that Apple will name it as iPad mini, but there is no evidence for this. Graber predicted iPad mini real name should be iPad Air, just as previous MacBook Air. His second guess is that Apple will just go with iPad, as it did with its third generation, and the iPad mini is the name he thinks is least likely.

Oct 222012

Apple’s conference will be held in U.S. time on October 23, when the long-rumored iPad mini is likely to be published. Although the market generally believes that Apple’s new iPad will be the protagonist of the conference, the latest news from French blog website iGen.fr, that Apple might also introduce an upgraded version of the independent e-book application iBooks iBooks 3.0 at the conference.

Recently, a named iGen.fr French Apple blog author said, in Apple’s digital book store, part of the books explicitly require to use iBooks 3.0 application – in the French comic novel “Largo Winch” page, the sidebar has description in requesting iBooks 3.0.

Apple gave developers and media publishers some control authority in iTunes store, so they can make some description, but the technology website The Next Web pointed out that this part of the overall application requirements is automatically generated content, developers can not change. This means that, taking into account the next week, Apple will release new products, iBooks 3.0 appeared in the Apple iTunes Store is not a printing error.

According to Apple’s sales strategy, the next version iBooks will focus more on the visual experience. Back in February of this year, Apple once added graphic novel partition in the iBooks store. And seen from the success of ComiXology, this partition performance is good. It is reported that there is news that Apple may want to increase the sales of textbooks through iBooks.

Oct 192012

According to media reports, the 20-year-old Nicholas Allegra is a student at Brown University, was also a hacker on the jailbreak community JailBreakMe website, last year he was employed by Apple. This employment relationship ended at the end of last week.

Allegra had a pseudonym Comex and he regularly published security vulnerability of Apple’s iOS software in JailBreakMe. JailBreakMe simplified the process to delete the Apple-installed protection features from the iPhone. Apple hired Alegra in August 2011 as a remote intern, but last week, Apple ended the employment relationship with Allegra.

“As of last week, after working for Apple for about a year, I no longer have an employment relationship with them,” Allegra said on Twitter: “As for why, because I forgot to reply to an e-mail.”

Allegra said in an interview with Forbes, it is an email to extend the employment, Apple would like to ask him to continue as the remote intern. As forgetting to reply the email, and he now has no chance.

“I am also not very pleased, but I do not want to make up, “he told Forbes and said: “So, so be it.”

The hacker now is very popular with high-tech companies. The hacker Charlie Miller famous for cracking the iPhone and MacBook Air was hired by Twitter last month. And the famous PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz was on short-term appointment with Facebook last year.

Oct 172012

As we all know Google is developing new version Google Maps for the iOS 6, iOS has been pre-installed Google Maps since the first generation iPhone was released in 2007, until iOS 6 release, Apple replace Google Map with its own map.

Now through the developer benguid we got the first screenshot of the iOS 6 version Google Maps, and benguid said due to using vector-based map design, iOS version Google Maps is very smooth.

The iOS 6 version Google Maps supports two-finger rotation, the map can be rotated to any angle, and it can be perfectly adapted with the 4-inch big-screen on the iPhone 5. The above screenshot is shot from the early alpha version.

At present we do not know when Google will releas this Google Maps specially developed for iOS 6, but we will be the first time to follow up when obtain accurate news.

Oct 172012

The latest news from the Chinese Forum WeiPhone that the Apple is authorized to produce a thinner iMac AIO desktop computer.

This iMac has brand new industrial design, which is not only slimmer, but also with a similar drop-type curved design, completely different from the current four-square design and the thickness almost can not be seen from the side. The process is also very special, it uses a special glue to stick the screen on the panel and affix with a special glass on the surface, which looks very beautiful.

The message also said that Apple will be the fastest to officially announce this product in the conference held this month, the price is increased compared to the previous products.