Nov 202012

According to media reports, it’s near to Apple’s original plan to launch the newly designed 21.5 ‘and 27′ iMac Apple Computer in November and December this year. However, a report from the French website Macbidoulille said the new 21.5 ‘and 27′ iMac Sale Scheme would be delayed until 2013, just message in yesterday’s post. But the 9to5mac denied the news and said the new version iMac will soon be listed in the scheduled time.

A message of the media 9to5mac said that the 21.5 ‘iMac products have actually shipped quietly in the United States and several other countries, and it is expected before the end of this month, the new 21.5′ iMac computer will be available on the Apple online store order and also in Apple retail stores.

And the 27′ version will be scheduled in December to meet with consumers, the 9to5mac insiders said, this high-end iMac is very likely to accept order at the same time with the 21.5′ iMac at the Apple online store. 9to5mac also said that the new version iMac is likely to have shortage situation, Apple CEO Tim Cook was to say: “For the iMac, I am afraid that we will be forced to do a lot of work, time is very tight for manufacturing equipment, I certainly hope that user’s needs on the iMac is very tight, but we are likely to face with a serious shortage. ”

Overall, the 21.5 ‘and 27′ iMac equipment should be or will be in accordance with Apple’s plans to be listed in November and December, not as other media said to be postponed to next year.

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Nov 192012

The French website MacBidouille recently quoted anonymous sources said Apple might slightly postpone the listing date of the new AIO iMac.

It’s reported that, due to the manufacturing process of the new iMac is too complex, it may cause Apple to miss the sales season at the end of the year. The new iMac has a slimmer and higher strength body, the main production difficulties is the use of friction stir welding technology, two blocks aluminum body molecular seamlessly welded together through the high temperature and pressure process.

Sources said, the 21.5-inch version shipment will be postponed until next month, and the 27-inch version will still be on the market within this year. Compared to the previous generation, the new iMac volume is reduced by 40%, and there is no CD-ROM drive, and also it incorporates a new screen technology and integration drive.

Apple declined to comment on this.

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Nov 162012

According to foreign media reports, an orchestrated iPad thefts occurred in the Kennedy International Airport in New York this Monday, $1.5 million valued iPad miniswere stolen.

It is reported that the criminals hasty escaped because an airport worker found them, althrough the criminals left 3 boxes iPad mini, they still took 2 boxes iPad mini, which is about 3600 units iPad, valued at approximately $ 1.5 million.

As of last night, the criminals are still at large. It is doubted some insiders helped in this case, according to some informers, criminals can easily get in and out place safeguard the iPad, there were certainly insiders help.

The case might affect the New York area’s iPad supply, the New York area consumers may be more difficult to buy iPad mini than consumers in other regions.

Nov 082012

It’s really a pity that the Apple iPad mini screen failed to meet the Retina level. Now from BBC News, currently the AU Optronics (AUO) is developing the next generation iPad mini screen, the resolution is expected to reach 2048 * 1536, which is four times than the current iPad mini screen resolution.

The news that Apple and AU Optronics are cooperating to develop the next generation iPad mini screen, while maintain the same size of 7.9 inches, the resolution will be up to 2048 * 1536, same as the fourth-generation iPad, but the higher pixel density to reach 497PPI. In addition, the new screen will use IGZO (metal oxide), as well as GOA (Gate IC on array) technology, and thus rest IC space at the edge of the screen, so the next generation iPad mini will adopt the ultimate narrow border design .

The AU Optronics said IGZO technology is necessary technology to produce ultra-high resolution screen, and the GOA technology is the premise to produce narrow frame screen, they will gradually develop or introduce new technology to enhance the operational performance. In addition, insiders pointed out that the production equipments to provide iPad mini parts in AUO Suzhou LCM factory are financed by Apple, which is equivalent to Apple’s dedicated production line.

As to the existing iPad mini screen, AU Optronics said they have solved the yield and light leakage problem, in the fourth quarter of this year they will supply material at a large number to ensure that the iPad mini can be sustained sales, which is also contributive to AUO performance.

Nov 082012

According to media reports, a Switzerland design team newly developed a rocking chair to be able to swing the potential energy converted into electrical energy, to charge for the iPad or the iPhone. Allegedly, rocking in the rocking chair for an hour, it will be able to charge 35% for the iPad.

This rocking chair is now named “iRock”, using a built-in generator, to convert potential energy to electricity by slight shaking. The rocking chair is made by the Swedish pine by hand, it has all the characteristics of the traditional rocking chair, but you can get an iPad charging platform on the basis design of rocking chair. At the same time, the rocking chair backrest has built-in speaker.

The designer said, only one hour it will be able to charge the iPad 35%, while it can also be compatible with other Apple devices. This rocking chair uses a clockwork combined with a set of gears, to be able to generate enough power to drive the generator, the research team said, it is a challenge to manufacture sufficient energy suitable for practical applications. Currently, they hope the same device can be used for power generation device installed in the door and the stairs.

The rocking chair is still under development, the Michael Cypriot laboratory who are responsible for the design of this rocking chair expect the sales price to be £1,038, which is a bit too high for retirees.

The iRock is a new design furniture, which is combined with the iPad charging platform, the movement potential energy as energy harvesting will be a major challenge for the future.

Nov 062012

A federal judge in Madison, Wisconsin, United States on Monday withdrew a lawsuit by Apple, in which Apple accused Google’s Motorola mobile charge unreasonably high prices for the use of wireless technology patent license fee.

This lawsuit is part of the legal fight between Apple and Google worldwide. This summer, Google acquired Motorola Mobility and controlled its patents and used these patents to rival with Apple in court struggle.

Apple said in this litigation raised last year, Motorola required to receive royalties of 2.25% of the sales price of each device that used its patented technology. This fee is too high. The controversial devices include the iPhone and iPod Touch.

When Wi-Fi and cellular technology patents become part of the industry standard, the standard-setting organizations required Motorola obliged to license these technologies to provide a “reasonable” fee. However, there are a variety of answers to something that constitutes a “reasonable” charge.

The western Wisconsin District Court Judge Barbara Crabb does not provide grounds to revoke this litigation.

Motorola spokesman said the company is satisfied with the judge quashed the case. Motorola still has interest to reach an agreement with Apple.

Apple representatives did not immediately respond to comment on this message.

Nov 052012

It is said that the computing speed of the fourth generation iPadbased on the A6X chip in dealing with a pure digital computing is about twice than the previous generation iPad, the graphics processing performance is also very good.

News that the new Tablet PC uses the quad-core PowerVR SGX554MP4 graphics processor, in theory, the processing speed is twice of the A5X based 543MP4 graphics processor, but its 3D performance actual performance relates to the theoretical processing speed but not absolute.

In the GLBenchmark run sub-test, the fourth-generation iPad ranked top, before when it was rumored Samsung would use a new chip architecture to produce Nexus, it’s generally considered the Nexus 10 will have a qualitative leap in the image processing speed, but the test result is not ideal. The Mail-T604 graphics processor Nexus 10 used got less score than the fourth generation iPad.

If only consider the game as well as the corresponding speed, regardless of its price, the fourth-generation iPad is slightly better than the Nexus 10.

Nov 022012

According to media reports, Apple’s new iOS devices sales is more impressive in shopping season, which involves at least four new products: the iPhone5, the fifth-generation iPod Touch, fourth-generation iPod Touch and iPad Mini.

In the past, there is a huge gap between the 3.5-inch Touch and the 9.7-inch iPad. Now the screen size involves four inches, 7.9 inches and 9.7 inches.

iPad Mini


It’s price is from $329, with a memory of 16GB (Wi-Fi version), the 4G LTE version is $130 higher than the regular edition.

Advantages: the right size; as portable as Kindle; fully compatible with all iPad and iPhone applications; good battery life; fairly low price.

Disadvantages: This is the only new iOS device without Retina Display, whose speed is not as faster as the updated and larger iPad.

Who should buy the iPad Mini? Obviously those who want to save money, because the cost of the equipment is less than the fourth-generation iPad. If you do not mind to have Retina Display, or are considering a second-generation iPad, or if you have children, or if you often take a commuter car, then the device is a good choice for you.

The fourth-generation iPad


Sales price is from $499, 16GB memory (Wi-Fi version), LTE version is also $130 higher than the regular version.

Advantages: fast speed; beautiful Retina Display and impressive game graphics.

Disadvantages: heavier; larger (relatively speaking), nearly the same with the previous generation iPad.

If you’ve never owned iPad, then the fourth-generation iPad is a good choice. This is an excellent portable device, a Tablet PC which is an easy to read and watch, also can become a “game machine”, in short, it is a multi-functional device. However, if you have a third-generation iPad, then there is no need to buy the fourth-generation iPad.

Recommended storage: Given the size of many high-definition video and gaming, 32GB or more memory.

Fifth-generation iPod Touch

Starting at $299, 32GB memory (Wi-Fi Edition), no LTE version.

Advantages: 4-inch Retina Display; camera with LED flash; good battery life, similar to the iPhone’s functions; 32GB memory; slim and small.

Disadvantages: speed not as fast as iPhone 5, no LTE version.

Who should buy the fourth-generation iPad? The iPhone users do not need to buy. It’s for those who are music lovers, like ultra-portable devices, large screens, large storage space, and want to buy the cheapest iOS devices. The device can be used as electronic readers and web browsers, but not as versatility as the iPad.

Recommended storage: If you want to play games or watching video, 32GB can. If used as a video camera, you need to 64GB.

To sum up: If you’re a Windows user, curious about the iOS, if you have a MacBook Air and iPhone, or if you want to use the best e-reader on the go, and then you can select the iPad Mini. If you already have an iPad, then also buy the iPad Mini. If you value speed and performance, or if you have a desktop and want a laptop, or you want to buy the first iPad and want to buy the best, you can select the fourth-generation iPad. If you want to save money, then select iPad Mini or consider the iPod Touch. If you are a melomania, but don’t have the iPhone, consider to buy the iPod Touch. If you only use for music, video and photo, considere the fourth-generation iPod Touch. If you want the best camera,  or you have a smart phone then buy the iPod Touch. If you want the Retina Display, but do not want to pay a lot of money, then you can consider the used third-generation iPad.

Nov 012012

According to media reports, Apple disclosed in the 10-K file handed to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, in the 2012 fiscal year, the company’s investment in research and development is $ 3.4 billion, about $ 1 billion more than the 2011 fiscal year, an increase of 34%. Apple also disclosed in the 2012 fiscal year the number of employees increased by about 12,400.

Apple’s 2012 fiscal year, R&D investment growth is impressive, because the R&D investment growth is far more than Apple ever had before. For example, in the 2011 fiscal year, Apple’s R&D investment growth was $ 600,000, and $ 500,000 in fiscal year 2010. The substantial growth of Apple’s R&D investment may be related to a number of factors.

Firstly, Apple introduced the A6 chip, which is Apple’s first fully independent design chips, and need to invest a lot of time and resources. Secondly, Apple introduced the 13-inch and 15-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro and iPad mini and iPhone 5 this year, whose development work could have started before the 2012 fiscal year, but it will certainly have a significant impact to R&D investment increase of $ 1 billion in fiscal year 2012. In addition, although lighter and thinner, iPad mini battery life is nearly the same with the iPad, which surely means daunting challenges.

Substantial growth of R&D investment in 2012 fiscal year may also mean that Apple will introduce more new products next year.

Oct 312012

According to media reports, after Apple had a suddenly substantial adjustment in the management on Monday, the company on Tuesday announced that it would postpone the scheduled iTunes software update release for a month time. In September of this year, Apple announced that iTunes software update would be launched in October.

Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr expressed:” The new iTunes launch time will be late than expected and we want to perfect the new version iTunes with a little time. The new version iTunes is easier to use, the interface is more refreshing and seamless integration with iCloud, it’s planned to launch before the end of November. ”

It is not clear ITunes if the delay of the software update release is related to Apple management substantial adjustment. Apple announced the iOS software executive Scott Forstall and retail store business executive John Browett will leave the office at the adjustments. The Apple spokesman Neumayr refused to issue on it significantly. However, it is worth noting that Forstall isn’t in charge of iTunes business during his tenure. After Browett leaves the office, Eddy Cue will share the duties of Siri and map services, and Apple will incorporate the company’s network services into a department.

The other hand, Apple’s recent mistakes in the map service resulted the CEO Tim Cook in personally making a public apology, so the company will certainly be extra careful in the release of the next product. The new version iTunes may include: better layout, improved performance, providing more convenient playlist creating mode, supporting full library search, improving integration with iCloud, and will launch a redesigned Mini player.