Apr 082013

Apple’s current security work is far worse than the Steve Jobs era, following the exposure of the iPhone 5S prototype, the media now once again exposed the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 release time, it is expected that these two Tablet PCs will be unveiled this month.

It’s rumored that the iPad 5 and iPad mini appearance are very similar, it will be with the narrow frame design, support GF2 technology (the same technology used for the iPad mini), the display will be thinner and lighter. While the iPad mini 2 is expected to be upgraded on the basis of the iPad mini, it may be made of aluminum alloy material, equipped with a 7.9-inch screen which is possible to achieve a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels, other specifications are not known yet.

In the field of Tablet PC, the Apple iPad influence can not be ignored, the rich iPad application is the holy grail of the series. And the iPad series product line is getting more extensive with the addition of iPad mini. Now the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 also can not wait to meet everyone, so are you ready for them?

Apr 052013

Does Apple plan to launch the PC and Tablet PC hybrid computer? The technology blog PatentlyApple said: Yes, Apple may consider to the introduce such equipment in the future.

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Registration Board announced a patent document with Apple’s signature. Apple thinks the computing device can be either a single operatively networked device, or two separate communication devices. The documents also show that this computing device screen is also with retractable magnet, which is able to connect with keyboard.

The patent is submitted in the third quarter of 2011, so that we could think Apple had previously considered to introduce such equipment. In addition, this document did not mention the details of the design, but still pointed out the structure of the device. However, it also depends on whether this trend can impress the company’s decision-makers if Apple will ultimately launch a hybrid Mac or iPad.

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Apr 022013

It’s rumored that Apple’s next generation iPhone may be named as iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, and the Japanese media broke the news that Apple will release the new iPhone on June 20 this year, and the new iPhone 5S/6 will not have too much change from the existing iPhone 5, and the rumored cheap version iPhone may be released in August this year for the Indian and Chinese markets.

The rumored June 20 seems very awkward, but perhaps it is the time of the Apple Developers Conference WWDC this year. The rumored iPhone 5S/6 will remain the 4-inch 1136*640 resolution screen, quad-core processor, wireless charging, 2GB memory and dual LED flash. Allegedly next year, Apple will launch a 4.5-inch smartphone model.

As for the low-cost version iPhone, it’s rumored to be listed in August this year, the non-contract price of this product may be less than $ 330, and it’s mainly for Indian and the Chinese mainland market.

Mar 292013

According to technology news site SAI reports, Apple recently announced a patent design application. The main content of the design is that the next-generation iPhone will use all-glass, full-screen, full-transparent, and wrap-around screen body design.

The technology website Patently Apple which focuses exclusively on Apple technology developments announced this new iPhone design draft.

Patently Apple also summarized the main contents of this Apple technology patent: “Today’s technological innovation focuses on softness and wrap-around screen, which can use aluminum, glass or transparent design. This future iPhone design does not provide any physical buttons, so when the users want to adjust the volume of this iPhone, just simply hand hover next to the display, then you will be able to see the corresponding virtual control buttons. With its unique dual-screen design, this new body can also create 3D visual effects. Undoubtedly it is one of Apple’s most popular technological innovations this year.”

SAI said that this Apple patent application looks very good. It needs to be pointed out that, from past experience, Apple will apply for patents for its large number of new products and technologies, but after these patents are granted, there are a large number of patents never used into market products.

It can be seen that after Apple applied patents for new generation iPhone design, the cover could become the prototype design of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, but it can also be shelved, and will not be seen in real product in the market.

Mar 292013

David Hsieh, vice president of NPD DisplaySearch in Greater China region, said on Thursday that Apple’s next-generation iPad mini screen suppliers may include Taiwan Innolux. The InnoLux and the Shenchao optical both have product certification from Apple, and they can supply touch panels for the iPad mini.

Earlier this week, the InnoLux touch panel sector director Yang Chiu-lien said the company will focus on smart phones and tablet PCs this year, the goal is to supply 7-inch display during the year. Since 2008, Innolux has been supplying the touch panels for the full-size Apple iPad. This year, the Innolux panels will have the touch-on-display technology, which will help Apple get rid of the problems of the iPhone 5 in-cell displays.

Although Apple and Samsung patent cases in the court are still irreconcilable, Samsung is still Apple many parts supplier. Apple is increasing the diversification of suppliers, and hopes to get rid of dependence on Samsung as early as possible.

Mar 282013

According to Taiwan’s Digitimes website reports, message from supply chain that Apple will release the 4K ultra high definition TV at the end of this year or early next year.

It is reported that this Apple’s new product is likely to be named as “iTV”. News source said this TV has a screen resolution of 3840*2160, and it’s with voice and somatosensory control function, also it can be connected to network.

If the news is true, the Apple iTV resolution will comply with 2160p 4K ultra high-definition TV standard, allegedly, the number of pixels of these products is four times than the 1080p HD TV’s. In this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show and other exhibitions, Korean brand LG and Samsung demonstrated a variety of 4K TVs.

According to the news source, Apple has discussed with its partner Foxconn for some time on massive production of ultra-high-definition TV. However, it is said that Apple is still looking for a reliable panel supplier.

Although Apple’s own display suppliers are able to produce such products, but they still need to focus on meeting the needs of the components of the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini products. LG Display may massively produce the required panel in the second half of this year, so informed sources believe Apple iTV may be released at the end of this year, but more likely in early 2014.

Mar 062013

Apple quietly launched a new ultra-thin iMac for educational institutions, this educational version iMac is sold only to educational institutions, ordinary users can’t purchase it by Apple’s educational discount plans. The iMac has started to accept reservations, the shipping date is 5-7 working days. The configuration is even lower compared to the current entry-level 21.5-inch iMac, of course, the price is also $200 less, and this ME699LL/A model ultra-thin iMac configuration is as follows:

- 3.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i3 processor
- 1920 x 1080 resolution
- 4GB (2 * 2GB) memory
- 500GB hard drive
- Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card

Compared with the current 21.5-inch entry-configuration, the new low-end education model processor changes from the quad-core to dual-core, reduce memory from 8GB to 4GB, hard drive capacity is also reduced by half, and it’s with no discrete graphics.

Also it needs to be noted that this educational institution dedicated iMac can only be purchased by educational institutions, students or individual teacher can not purchase, which is different from the Apple’s educational discount program.

Mar 012013

There has been new messages about the cheap Apple iPhone, the Apple cheap iPhone may become larger.

There have been rumors that Apple will launch low-cost iPhone at the end of this year, which is with 4-inch screen, 3.5 inch in earlier rumors, but from the latest news from the Japanese media, its screen becomes larger, the cheap iPhone screen is larger than the iPhone 5′s, to be 4.5 inches.

Its price has also been exposed, and it may be sold for $330, the message also revealed that the product will be postponed to launch in 2014.

It is reported that the reason why the cheap iPhone is cheap is that Apple will use cheaper materials. Apple uses polycarbonate as cheap iPhone body material, although this increases the thickness of the body, it’s with better durability.

Jan 282013

Recently there have been rumors Apple will have three iPhone products to be released, this argument seems to have been confirmed by some degree. A few days ago, the French website Nowhereelse.fr exposured some of the iPhone 5S and iPhone parts spy photos, and claimed that Apple will no longer continue the traditional practice of “one machine one year”, and they will release three iPhone products.

In accordance with the statement of the Nowhereelse.fr, the photos of the iPhone 5S iPhone 6 parts are from Apple suppliers. These components are mainly iPhone 5S and iPhone speaker, by comparison with the previous iPhone 5 speakers, they found the two new iPhone speakers are very similar to the iPhone 5.

However, it is now only confirmed that Apple is indeed in the development of the new iPhone, and may be more than just one. And there are no reliable news as for what will be the changes in form and function. In addition, this website has accurately exposured the Lightning interfaces and nano SIM card tray message before the release of the iPhone 5.

In addition to the exposure of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 speakers components, the French website also disclosed that Apple will not continue the “one machine one year” mode in the past year, and they will launch three new machines. The iPhone 5S will be an upgraded version of the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 is a re-designed new machine. As for the third iPhone, it is the rumored 4.8-inch touch screen iPhone Math (or iPhone +), which will be a cross-border model between the phone and tablet.

As for the specific launch timw, the French website claimed the first new iPhone will be released between March to July this year, while the other new machine will be launched at the end of this year.

Jan 142013

According to foreign media reports, recently, an analyst said that Apple will update its iPad lineup in March and release the iPad 5 and iPad mini.

The Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White believes that Apple is planning to adjust the product update cycle to once every six months, and the company will release the iPad 5 and iPad mini in March this year.

At CES 2013, White with a number of industry observers had discussed deeply and agreed that the Apple’s latest 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch Tablet PCs would be released soon.

In October last year, Apple had just released the iPad 4 and the first generation iPad mini, and the currently speculated March is only five months late of the October, the speed is surprising.

It is reported that, compared to the old version iPad, the new version full-size iPad tablet computer will be lighter and thinner, and will be configured with an improved A6X processor. On the other hand, iPad mini shape will remain basically the same with the first-generation iPad mini, but the internal configuration will have a great improvement, however, White did not mention whether Apple will configure the Retina Display in the iPad mini 2.