Jun 102014

Today, Apple officially released the 2013 MacBook Air firmware update, the file size is only 804KB, mainly to solve the 2013 MacBook Air models close the top cover “battery consumption faster than expected,” the question of the existence of this problem the user may wish to upgrade a try.

the firmware update only supports OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 OS 10.8.5 or later versions X Mountain Lion, users or other versions of the firmware update again after the upgrade it.

Firmware Download:http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1748?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US

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Dec 252013

The 2013 edition iMac has been on sale in September this year, some users complained that they encountered the computer not booting problem. Apple recently updated a technical assistance document, which said the new machine first boot may be time-consuming. Apple said that this is completely normal.

According to Apple’s statement, when the user press the power button for the first time, iMac will be seemingly unable to start for some time. The article goes on to explain that this is because the computer is optimizing for RAM power consumption configuration, which is completely normal. Depending on the memory size, the optimizing time varies, the longest is about half a minute.

“When the iMac optimization is complete, it will continue to start automatically,” the article wrote, “during this period never press the power button.” It is reported that the memory power optimization only boots at the first starting up, and then it will no longer run.

It should be noted that installing additional memory or clearing NVRAM will lead to previous setting reset, so it will experience a power optimization once again in boot.

Jun 212013

In this year’s WWDC Apple released the new MacBook Air, relative to last year’s product, this new MacBook Air is equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core Duo Haswell processor, and supports 802.11ac Gigabit WiFi. Due to the use of the Haswell processor, the new 13-inch MacBook Air’s battery life has reached 12 hours, a lot of main medias are impressive on the new MacBook Air.

But now it seems the new MacBook Air seems to have WiFi connection problem, of course, it is basically not surprisin for Apple’s new products having WiFi connection problem. Many users complained about last week released new MacBook Air having frequent WiFi connection in Apple’s official support forum. Of course, for WiFi connection, there are many variables in the actual environment, such as network problems, users router problems, etc., so it is unclear exactly what problem the new MacBook Air has, system Or firmware?

Apple may soon launch a firmware upgrade patch to fix the new MacBook Air’s WiFi connection problem. The Retina MacBook Pro released last year also had a WiFi connection problem at the beginning, then Apple released a firmware revise patch in short time to solve the problem. Is there anyone who met the new MacBook Air’s WiFi connectivity issue?

Jun 152013

Recently, there has been media exposed a group of components of the new iPhone, including the Lightning Interface cables and speakers. Presumably, these components may be for the iPhone 5S, but also may be for the low-cost iPhone.

As it can be seen from the figure, this unknown iPhone’s Lightning interface/headphone jack cable and speaker design is very similar to the current iPhone 5. But there are some significant differences.

First, the interface of the new cable has slight adjustment, the contact has been redesigned, and also the touch down point position has also been moved. Another difference from the iPhone 5 is the side wall fixed structure, the new version has slightly offset.

While the rest of the cable are with the same electronic components as the iPhone 5′s, including the same fixed way Lightning connector and headphone jack, and an antenna connector.

As for the speaker, the new resonance box is larger and more square, the contact position has also changed. In addition, this component looks very similar with the one exposed in January of this year.

According to speculation, the next generation iPhone or cheap iPhone will be released this fall.

May 312013

According to media reports, if the future iPhone 5S touch screen maintains the original dimensions, then the exponentially growing touch screen pixels means that the resolution will be greatly improved. At present, the Apple iPhone 5 screen number is 727,000 pixels, if the pixels number of iPhone 5S reaches to 1.5 million, then only the 1704*960 pixel resolution can maintain the original aspect ratio, and provides backwards compatibility to the current applications.

However, seen from the current various reports, it seems that only little mentioned iPhone 5S will be doubled upgrade in the touch screen resolution, so even if this argument may become a reality, but it perhaps might appear in the future iPhone 6.

According to other media, Apple is considering to launch a larger size touch screen tablet product than the current 9.7 inches iPad. And the screen size is allegedly to reach 12.9 inches, and it’s tentatively called as iPad maxi, and it’s expected to be released in the first half of next year.

Of course, the authenticity of the two news still needs to be confirmed, but touch screen upgrade including the iPhone and iPad should be the trend, it’s believed that in the near future we should be able to see the larger screen and higher resolution Apple iPhone and iPad.

May 272013

In just held CTIA (U.S. wireless communications exhibition) conference, Zagg released two cool Bluetooth keyboard accessories, which can be connected with the iPad mini, and then to operate iPad mini with the keyboard. (Suddenly become an untrabook?) Both Bluetooth Keyboards are named as ZaggKeys Cover and ZaggKeys Folio. Zagg said: the 6.3mm ZaggKeys Cover is the thinnest Bluetooth keyboard in the market. There are seven color backlight in the keys, each backlight can adjust three kinds brightness.

With ZaggKeys Cover hinge, users can stabilize the iPad mini from various perspective, which facilites text reading, watching movies and playing games. Under normal circumstance, it can have three months battery life. It currently has black and white two colors, and its price is $ 100.

The thickness of the other ZaggKeys Folio reaches 6.9mm, although a little thicker than the Cover, other configurations are almost the same as the ZaggKeys Cover’s, multi-directional fixed shaft, up to three-month built-in battery, the black and white colors and the same price of $ 100. Zagg revealed, ZaggKeys Folio will have more color versions launched in this fall.

May 132013

A few days ago, Apple and Best Buy jointly launched a week-long MacBook Pro promotional activity, suggesting that a new generation products would be likely to appear in the WWDC conference. Earlier, the gold analyst Kuo Ming-Chi also said in a report to investors that in this year’s WWDC conference, Apple would present the new MacBook – including the MacBook Pro, Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

It would appear that it’s possibility that we can see the MacBook line products updated next month, the renovation activity Apple’s official website promoted also added the possibility of a certain amount of “certification”. It is understood that the Apple renovation activity is mainly aimed at the 13.3-inch 2012 version MacBook Air, this notebook is $ 999 after the renovation, same with a brand new 11-inch MacBook Air.

Some parameters of the 13.3-inch MacBook Air are : 1440 x 900 resolution, 4GB memory, 128GB flash, 720p FaceTime HD camera head and Intel HD Graphics 4000. Of course, this activity is still only for U.S. consumers.

May 092013

It has been a long time since we lastly saw the conceptual design of the iPhone, but just recently, the designer Arthur Reis released his latest design. Although it’s called the iPhone 6, but taking into account that the configuration of the device is only slightly upgraded, and perhaps it is more appropriate to call it as the iPhone 5S.

In this conceptual design, the iPhone 6 back cover has no change when compared to the iPhone 5, the front is not with much difference. However, the Home key design that we are familiar to has changed – the user can return to the main screen when touches anywhere at the bottom of the device. Basically, it looks like Magic Trackpad trackpad installed on the iPhone, and the Home key can be regarded as cancelled.

The iPhone 6 in the concept design is 20% thinner than the iPhone 5, which is only 6.1 mm. As it can be seen from the figure, the tagline is “everything proof”, which may mean that it has three anti-function.

Another noteworthy feature is that this concept version iPhone 6 is with a 12-megapixel f/1.8 aperture lens, the sensory component is iSight Pro, which will further enhance the shooting performance of the device.

Apr 262013

In the past few months, a lot of rumors said that Apple may start mass production of the next-generation MacBook around WWDC 2013. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released Apple’s 2013 roadmap in January, which pointed that the MacBook Air may be updated in the second quarter of this year, while the general and Retina MacBook Pro would be updated in the third quarter of this year.

Of course, the design of the next generation MacBook is still not known. In February of this year, insider from Taiwan Economic Times said the appearance of the MacBook Air would change, while Kuo also predicted that there would be some changes in the Retina MacBook Pro.

Taiwan media DigiTimes has published the news several times that Apple will update the MacBook in June, in December last year, they release the news that Apple may reduce the MacBook Air price. In fact, Apple indeed lowered the MacBook Air Price in February and updated the configuration of Retian MacBook Pro. A few weeks ago, DigiTimes released the news that Apple would release the new MacBook in June.

In the report today, the Digitimes said the new MacBook would start mass production in mid-May, and the next generation products will use Intel Haswell processors. Apple supplier seems to receive no news about the design changes, which means that the new products will only be changed within the eyar.

Apr 172013

According to Vietnamese site Tinhte reports, Apple’s next generation iPhone will be equipped with 12 megapixel camera that has enhanced night shooting capability and HDR photos effect. The message is from Vietnam Wonderful Saigon Electrics company, which is alleged to specifically provide camera module for the iPhone.

In the past, when people speculated that the iPhone 5 may be equipped with 10 megapixel camera, the Wonderful Saigon Electrics gave the news that iPhone 5 would use the 8 megapixel camera, after the fact confirmed the accuracy of the news, then this time news that the camera pixel of the next generation iPhone will be upgraded to 12 million naturally become more credible.

The iOS system rumored to be with the next-generation iPhone also has the latest news exposed, blogs from a number of developers and websites has recorded the access from the unknown iPhone device equipped with the iOS system, and the device IP address is from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. Therefore, this may indicate that Apple is testing the new iPhone and iOS system.

It is reported that the new iPhone device identifier is “iPhone6,1″, and the identifier of the Apple iPhone 5 is “iPhone5,1″ or “Phone 5,2″. So, this mysterious iPhone device may be the iPhone 5S rumored to be released this summer.