Nov 022012

According to media reports, the U.S. cross-platform media center solution provider Boxee planned to sell a new generation of set-top boxes with DVR functionality at Wal-Mart stores on Thursday and sells for $99. The consumers can also purchase directly on the Boxee website. The most important feature of this product is that users can use Boxee cloud services, which can have the recorded TV programs stored in the Boxee server.

It is reported that the new Boxee TV set-top box has DVR recording function, the monthly fee to use the Boxee cloud storage service is $15. Boxee said, the first batch DVR cloud services are free for three months, thereafter at a preferential price of $9.9 per month. In addition, for the old and new users, Boxee also gives three months free service of Netflix network TV, and also a gift certificate of $ 5.99 per person for VUDU video store users.

The new Boxee TV replaced hundreds of old-fashioned Boxee applications with the current popular streaming video services, including Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, VUDU, “Wall Street Journal” and Cloudee etc.. For users who are not familiar with the Boxee TV set-top boxes, the device operation is very similar with the Apple TV and Roku streaming TV set-top boxes. In addition, users can watch regular cable channels through the device.

In the initial stage, the Boxee TV DVR cloud storage feature is only available in a number of cities in the United States. After users recording TV programs and storing to Boxee server, these programs will not only be played again on the Boxee TV, but also can play on laptops, iPad, iPhone mobile phones, Android phones and other mobile devices.

The industry believes that, for users who have not yet installed cables, the Boxee TV might be very attractive. Boxee DVR cloud storage service cost is almost the same with the user paid to Time Warner Cable or Comcast record a program cost, but the Boxee TV’s user interface is much better, at the same time, the device has integrated a variety of popular streaming video services together.

But for existing cable TV users, if they want to seek a DVR equipment alternatives, then the Boxee device may not be a good choice. The Boxee TV can not record programs such as AMC, ESPN and other pay-TV channels. But in any case, Boxee TV is an excellent equipment used to watch Netflix and other streaming video show.

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