Jan 302013

January 30 is coming and the brand new BlackBerry BB10 system will be formally released, after a long time preparation, Blackberry BB10 will finally meet us. With the release of BB10, the BlackBerry brand new model Z10 will also be formally released, which has already been multiply exposed.

The latest news that the media has confirmed the BlackBerry Z10 will be formally sold on January 30 at 5:00, and the sales company is the Vodafone UK company, and this will also be the British Vodafone’s first 4G network equipment.

It is reported that the BlackBerry Z10 contract period with the operator is 24 months, 47 pounds / monthly or pre-paid 229 pounds, and additional 25 pounds / monthly.

In the new machines listed this time, the Z10 Black edition will be available firstly, while the white version needs to wait until mid-February, and it’s at the same price.

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