Sep 072012

According to South Korea “Central Daily”, Apple will launch its new model iPhone 5 on September 12, but Apple replaced most of the part devices produced by Samsung in this phone.

Apple will use memory chips or display produced by Samsung Electronics Company in the new iPhone, SK Hynix, Elpida Memory and Toshiba were chosen to provide memory chips for Apple new iPhone, LG and Japan display companies were selected to supply LCD.

But the industry thinks Apple is difficult to completely cut off transactions with Samsung. At the beginning of this year, Apple had tried to change the “New iPad” panel supplier to Sharp and LG Display, but it suffers due to the quality of the two companies products. British IT specialist fund manager Van·luogaupp thinks that, as the quality of parts directly impacts on product quality, it’s expected Apple is difficult to completely sever trading cooperation with Samsung.

Previously, in the iPhone product, parts accounting for 40% of product total price are provided by Samsung. The semiconductor parts scale Apple bought from Samsung Electronics in 2011 was approximately 10 trillion won, equivalent to 6% of Samsung Electronics sales.

Sep 072012

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unexpectedly appeared on the Nokia Lumia phone news conference held in New York City on Wednesday. Ballmer said that this year is a Windows year. Apparently, Ballmer wants the world to know that Microsoft will use Windows 8, Windows phone 8 and the Windows RT to reinvent Windows brand.

In the news conference, Ballmer predicted that within a year, the world will have 400 million units Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 hardware products. Windows 8 products include PCs, laptops, tablet PCs and mixer. The Windows Phone 8 products include smartphones.

This really is an ambitious number. However, this figure is certainly feasible, because the PC makers will start on October 26 to install Windows 8 on new PCs. New PC sales growth has slowed, but there will be many new PCs installing Windows 8 in hard drive.

The biggest problem now is how much will be running Windows Phone 8 among the 400 million hardware devices.

Sep 062012

On the IFA Electronics Show being held in Berlin, Germany, the world’s largest PC manufacturer HP brought a big surprise to its fans.

This is a called Spectre XT TouchSmart ultrabook, in order to get its function more perfect, HP adopts the lightning interface on ultrabook for the first time, and the 1080p IPS screen is also a HP’s breakthrough on ultrabook.

This ultrabook’s thickness is only 0.7 inches, but unfortunately its weight is 2.16 kilograms(4.77 pounds).

Seen from the configuration, this HP Spectre XT TouchSmart ultrabook is based on Intel’s Ivy Bridge architecture, with two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card reader, it will also bepre-installed with a series of application software, including Adobe Photoshop Elements listing 10, Adobe Premiere Elements 10, sMedio 360, HP Connected Music, Absolute Data Protect and so on.

Sep 062012

According to media reports, the South Korean antitrust agency the Fair Trade Commission announced on Thursday that the committee is working on the investigation which Apple sued Samsung Electronics has abused its dominant position in wireless technology field.

Currently, Samsung Electronics and Apple are processing patent infringement litigation in 10 countries, because the two companies are fighting for the flourishing smart phone market share. In August this year, a jury in San Jose, California federal court ruled that Samsung Electronics copied the key features of Apple’s iPhone, and ruled that Samsung Electronics need to pay Apple $1.05 billion in compensation. The jury also ruled that Apple did not infringe Samsung Electronics patent.

The Fair Trade Commission is currently investigating whether Samsung Electronics abused its rule on the wireless technology patents and unfairly compete in the market. The Fair Trade Commission officials said at the beginning of this year, Apple submitted the complaint.

Samsung Electronics committed in 1998 that they will be fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory to have it’s own 3G patents licensed to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Samsung Electronics has repeatedly said that the company has been assumed office its commitment to reasonably authorize its patents related to telecommunications standards.

Sep 062012

According to media reports, the market research firm comScore’s latest data shows that Apple’s share is slightly more than 33% in the U.S. smartphone market, an increase of 2 percentage points compared to April this year. comScore also found that Android market share is over 52% – an increase of 1.4 percentage points compared to April, and it is still the leader in the major smartphone platforms.

The biggest loser is RIM, which comes as no surprise. RIM ranked in third place with 9.5% market share. Microsoft’s efforts in the mobile market has yet to reach achievement, the market share of the last few months has not grown, but fell by 0.4 percentage points to 3.6%.

Samsung is still the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the U.S. market, the market share is 25.6%, compared to April it fell by 0.3% percentage points, followed by LG (18.4%), Apple (16.3%, an increase of 1.9 percentage points compared to April).

Mobile phone users have begun to use the various functions of the phone. comScore’s data also shows that, compared with April, the number of mobile phone users’s sending SMS, downloading applications, accessing social networking and running the browser have increased .

Sep 042012

According to media reports, Apple will hold the conference on the 12th of this month, the outside have speculated that Apple will release the next generation iPhone. Vietnamese website Tinhte released a video this week which showed the original headset design of the next generation iPhone will change.

It is reported that the currently Apple’s original headset with remote control and microphone was launched in 2008, but the design of the headset itself can be traced back to 2006. However, with the release of Apple’s next generation iPhone, the design of the headset may change greatly.

It’s said that the headset is designed by Apple’s California team and manufactured by Vietnam Foxconn factory. It’s clearly marked on the headphone line: “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in Vietnam”. The funnel-shaped design of this mold is very innovative, and the headset speaker is almost invisible. The headset seems to use Apple’s one molding process, but when look carefully you can still see the seams.

Compared to Apple’s current headset, the new version’s design has indeed been a major breakthrough. The new designed headphones blend the design of Apple’s current two headphones, earplugs change from round to teardrop-shaped.

Tinhte reported that compared to Apple’s current headphones, the new designed headset sound quality has been greatly improved, the “powerful” bass effect will definitely satisfy the users, but the only pity is that the new headphone output volume is smaller than the current Apple headphones.

It is worth noting that on the headphone line there is no remote control, while the previous line control is essential for iPhone headset. This design also makes other headset manufacturers easier to imitate, but the quality will be one of the advantages of the Apple headphones. The authenticity of the message will be verified two weeks later.

Sep 042012

According to media reports, Apple’s OS X operating system on network usage has exceeded Microsoft Windows Vista system, and the Windows 7 system also exceeded Windows XP for the first time to become the world’s highest share operating system.

According to the latest desktop operating system share data that Net Applications released, the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system’s tracking network usage amount fell to 6.15% in August, while Apple’s latest released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion system network usage share rose to a 1.34 %.

Apple’s most popular Mac operating system is still OS X 10.7 Lion system, its network usage share is 2.29%. Plus Snow Leopard (network usage share of 2.23%) and Leopard (network usage share of 0.65%), the sum of the network usage share of the OS X operating system is 6.51%, which is more than the share of the Windows Vista system.

OS X 10.4 Tiger system, released in April 2005, is also in Net Applications list and its network usage share is 0.15%.

If the iPad and iPhone are also counted, Apple devices share will certainly be larger. Net Applications found that iPad accounted for 3.37% network traffic, and the iPhone network traffic share is 2.42%.

In other mobile platforms, Google Android 2.3 system’s share is 1.02%, 0.48% for the Android 4.0 system’s share, Android 2.2 system’s share is 0.21% and 0.18% share of the BlackBerry system, 0.16% share for Apple’s iPod. Kindle Fire share is the smallest, which is only 0.04%.

Microsoft Windows 7 system exceeds the XP system for the first time to become the highest share operating system, its market share is 38.54%, the XO system market share is 38.46%. The Windows 8 system also enters the Net Applications’s statistical chart, it is now in the testing phase and the market share is 0.21%.

Sep 042012

SAP said on Monday, Oracle has appealed a lawsuit which lasts five years, and also this may make SAP pay more copyright infringement compensation.

This Monday, the SAP spokesman confirmed the contents that Germany “Mannheimer Morgen” had previously reported about what consequences Oracle appeal may bring, and said “in this bad cases, the appeal may take 2 years. ” SAP expressed disappointment on Oracle slowed down the process. SAP spokesman said, “We agree to carry out a reasonable settlement, because we believe that this case has been for a too long.”

In August, SAP agreed to pay Oracle $306 million compensation to settle the copyright infringement accusement to one of its departments, the lawyers pointed out at that time, this action was aimed at ” to save time and cost required by a new trial and to speed up the completion of the appeal procedure.” In 2010, a jury in North Carolina judged that  in the lawsuit of SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow improperly downloading Oracle files, SAP should pay Oracle $1.3 billion in compensation.

Sep 032012

According to media reports, Microsoft has its Terms of Service subtle adjusted last week, but this adjustment will greatly change Microsoft’s treatment of privacy and Dispute Resolution Policy. Microsoft sent e-mails to inform the users of this fact last Friday that the new terms of service will come into effect on October 19.

Obviously, inspired by Google, Microsoft revised the Terms of Service permitting the Company to contact and display user content cloud assets. In view of the old terms of service allowing Microsoft with the right to occupy user content alone to extend to the provided services, while the new terms express that these elements can be used to “provide, protect and improve Microsoft products and services.”

For example, Microsoft will be able to get information from cloud-based services such as Hotmail, SkyDrive or content, and applies its personalized applications to the user search results. Microsoft hinted in the e-mails that the use of similar content will be consistent with the cloud services products Microsoft designed to improve the numerous Microsoft products . ”

Microsoft also added the class action waiver to the new terms of service. The waiver requires the United States users to resolve their differences through arbitration rather than litigation. After the waiver coming into effect, it would deprive the user’s right to prosecute Microsoft in court, including initiating a class action.

Microsoft is not the first company to adopt the policy. Previously, Sony and Netflix have tied up the arbitration clause and class action waiver in the terms of service.

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