Jul 022013

Sony’s flagship One Sony has been concerned by many users, and now the media once again shows the complete configuration of the device and UI screenshots, which looks like it will soon meet us. Japanese media exposed the Honami configuration firstly, it’s equipped with a 5-inch 1080p screen (2000:1 Contrast touch screen), the X-Reality Engine and Triluminos touch technology, as well as the OptiContrastPanel display technology applied on Xperia Z, while it has three anti features, the grade is IP55/58.

In addition, the device is also equipped with Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB RAM (expandable 32GB memory space), it provides 3000mAh battery and runs Android 4.2.2 system, it has S-Master MX ASIC (which is used in NWZ-Z1000), the sound quality performance is reported to be between the Walkman Z and Walkman XZ.

In addition to Walkman, the other feature of the device is the powerful camera. Honami is equipped with a 20 MP Exmor R camera (front 2.2 MP) that supports 4K (4000*2000 pixels) video recording, ISO is up to 12800, and it’s with anti-shake mode, xenon flash, etc., while Sony also offers Augmented Reality, Xperia Camera add-ons and other camera applications and a variety of shooting modes.

Earlier today, the XDA forum developer also showed many Honami system screenshots, the overall style doesn’t have much change when compared with the Xperia Z and Xperia ZU, the bottom is still with Browser, Application Store, Main Menu, Message and Dial-up icon.

Jul 022013

When the Galaxy S4 gained impressive sales performance in the world, many consumers are looking forward to the larger screen size and more powerful performance Galaxy Note III. Today, media got the news from Samsung inside that Samsung plans to hold a news conference on September 4 a few days before the consumer electronics trade show to launch this giant product. While some of the early advertising and propaganda will start in August, which are mainly related to Galaxy Note Series product line and Samsung’s history and so on.

Firstly, let’s review the previous two generations of Galaxy Note Series releae time:
- The first generation Galaxy Note was launched in 2011 IFA Conference held in October
- Galaxy Note II was launched in a special wireless exhibition in August, a few days before the IFA 2012

In addition to the launch time, more people concern about the specification of the Galaxy Note III. According to the relevant specifications exposed before, Samsung Galaxy Note III may be equipped with eight-core processor, eight-core Mali 450 GPU, 3GB RAM, 13 MP rear camera and 5.99 inches Full HD Super AMOLED display.

Jul 012013

According to media reports, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei has confirmed that the company is working with Google to develop an Android smart phone to be sold in Google Play stores in future.

In this regard, Huawei handset production department President Kevin Ho recently revealed in an interview with Pocket-Lint media, “the company is working with Google to analyse the feasibility of production a Google version Ascend P6 phone.” However, there is no definite news of the specific listing time of the Google version Huawei Ascend P6.

It is reported that, the Ascend P6 as Huawei’s high-end model is equipped with 4.7 inches 720PHD in-cell screen, with 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 2000mAh large capacity battery, 2G RAM and 8G ROM, the phone weighs about 120g.

In camera functions, Ascend P6′s performance is very good, the device is with the F2.0 large aperture 8 MP rear camera, and with a special “smart pixel” processing engine. The specification of the front camera also reaches the industry-leading 5 MP and with smart fill light shooting feature.

Jul 012013

According to the news from South Korea, the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone will use 5.99 inches Super AMOLED flexible display, which is contrary with many present argument. Recently,the well-informed @evleaks claims Galaxy Note 3 may adopt 5.7 inches display, rather than the majority rumored 5.99-inch panel. And another report thinks that, the phone may use AMOLED and LCD displays according to different market. And there are rumors that Samsung is not ready to use flexible display in Note 3 device, although they did consider this option.

And now, South Korean media MT Media reports said, Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display will be put into mass production in August, and officially released in September. However, the authenticity of this statement is difficult to trace.

This report gives several reasons why Samsung Note 3 will use flexible displays, including the Galaxy S4 sales lower than expected, as well as the threat from LG. LG has previously publicly stated that they are making a phone with flexible display, which is scheduled to release in Q4 of this year.

In addition, Sony and HTC these two competitors will compete with Samsung in the giant screen mobile phone market. Sony has officially released the first giant-screen phone Xperia Z Ultra a few days ago, and HTC is also reported to launch a One Max (T6). Both phones are strong competitors of the Galaxy Note 3.

This South Korean media also said that apparently Samsung wants to show the world that it is still with the innovative strength to develop this product. If they launch the Note 3 with flexible display, thent this phone will be the first flexible screen phone available in the market.

Jun 282013

Toshiba will ship its 4K ultra high-definition TV this summer which was displayed at CES 2013 in January of this year. The L9300U product line has 58,65 and 84 inches three models. Toshiba said the company plans to ship ultra-high definition 4K TV sometime in August, the 58-inch is priced at $ 4,999, 65-inch is priced at $ 6,999 and 84-inch $ 16,999. Ultra-high-definition televisions are with the company’s Resolution Restoration technology, which allows non-4K-resolution better displayed on the screen.

Those 4K ultra-definition televisions use Toshiba’s CEVO 4K quad-core + dual-core processor, which enhances the device’s color and saturation. The devices refresh rate is 240Hz (ClearScan), while the “color and depth adaptive Resolution +” technology is able to better improve the overall image quality.

In addition, it can also provide Cloud TV functions such as MediaShare and MediaGuide, as well as news streaming, photo sharing, messaging, and family calendar.

CQ engine brings a lot of image control functions, including corners enhancement, dynamic Gamma, Color Master and expert calibration mode, UltraClera brings dynamic noise reduction, and integrated WiFi, WiDi and Miracast support.

Jun 282013

June 28 message, the Chinese have an old saying: Hunger breeds discontentment. The most important center of a home is not the living room or a bedroom, but the kitchen which grasps the whole family eat and drink, so the kitchen multifunction and entertainment is the trend.

Today we recommend a Samsung newly launched refrigerator with wireless access to Internet-Samsung Wireless ICE Refrigerator, which is currently priced at $ 3,500.

This volume of this refrigerator is 26.1 cubic feet, the body panel is equipped with a detachable 10.4 inches LCD screen, and a touch-operated digital calendar, the control panel and electronic sticky notes. This Samsung refrigerator has built-in sound system and digital AM/FM radio, and you can set food expiration alerts.

Most importantly, this detachable LCD panel can be connected to the user’s entertainment system via WIFI, so you can listen to music and watch the movie while cooking, which makes cooking become a pleasure.

Jun 272013

The pre-release news photos of two Sony high-end compact cameras have been leaked, they are the RX100MII and RX1R. The press release said, “Sony on Thursday …”, but it did not specify on which day. The RX100MII with the suggested retail price of $ 749, is equipped with one inch 20.2 MP Exmor R sensor, and Sony’s BIONZ processor. The equivalent focal length of its 28-100mm/F1.8 lens is 35mm. Allegedly, because it has a larger sensor, its low-light noise is lower than the RX100.

Sony RX100MII has a 10 frames per second continuous capture mode. Videos can be recorded as 1080/60p and 1080/24p resolution AVCHD format, and 1440×1080 @30fps MP4 format.

As to the $ 2799 RX1R, it is equipped with 24.3 MP full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor. Other aspects are exactly the same with RX100MII, including BIONZ processor and the same video recording specifications.

RX1R is equipped with Carl Zeiss lens, the focal length is 37mm (& F2-22). Its ISO is 100-25600, while RX100MII’s is 160-25600, which is slightly different. Both cameras offer a 3-inch LCD and pop-up flash.

Jun 272013

Famous American education brand LeapFrog has introduced an early childhood tablet PC LeapPad Ultra. In addition to a 7-inch display and many of the early education applications, it also provides anti-drop design, and also it can protect children from being injured by tablet.

Internal specifications, LeapPad Ultra is equipped with a high-resolution 7-inch display, 8GB internal storage, with front and rear dual cameras. LeapPad Ultra internal body uses sturdy plastic material to avoid internal damage from littering, which it’s really hard for iPad. In addition, LeapPad also increases the physical navigation control buttons and the Home button.

This Early Learning Tablet PC will accept reservations on July 17 in the United States, Britain and Canada at the price of $ 150. For developed countries, $ 150 is really just toy price.

Jun 212013

In this year’s WWDC Apple released the new MacBook Air, relative to last year’s product, this new MacBook Air is equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core Duo Haswell processor, and supports 802.11ac Gigabit WiFi. Due to the use of the Haswell processor, the new 13-inch MacBook Air’s battery life has reached 12 hours, a lot of main medias are impressive on the new MacBook Air.

But now it seems the new MacBook Air seems to have WiFi connection problem, of course, it is basically not surprisin for Apple’s new products having WiFi connection problem. Many users complained about last week released new MacBook Air having frequent WiFi connection in Apple’s official support forum. Of course, for WiFi connection, there are many variables in the actual environment, such as network problems, users router problems, etc., so it is unclear exactly what problem the new MacBook Air has, system Or firmware?

Apple may soon launch a firmware upgrade patch to fix the new MacBook Air’s WiFi connection problem. The Retina MacBook Pro released last year also had a WiFi connection problem at the beginning, then Apple released a firmware revise patch in short time to solve the problem. Is there anyone who met the new MacBook Air’s WiFi connectivity issue?