Nov 302012

According to media reports, the application analyst firm App Annie Intelligence recently published a report said that on a global scale, the Google Play store revenue growth rate is 311% YTD, while the iOS App Store growth rate is only 12.9%. However, the total revenue of the Apple App Store is still much more than Google Play’s, which is four times more than the latter.

The report shows that seen from downloads amount, the iOS platform’s is still higher than Android’s, but the leading range is not that obvious. Android YTD downloads growth rate is 48%, while the figure is only 3.3% of the iOS platform’s.

Analysts pointed out that the Apple App Store and Google Play Global revenue gap is still quite large, but the gap is narrowing every month, which provides more opportunities for the application developers to make money from Google Play Store.

If Apple’s application store revenue in October is divided to individual countries, the United States topped with the 33% proportion, Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia followed, while the rest countries contributed 44% revenue together.

As to the Google Play revenue, Japan exceeds the United States with the 29% proportion, the latter revenue ratio is 26%. South Korea and the United Kingdom followed, and the remaining countries contributed 23% revenue together.

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Nov 302012

According to the online edition of the Fortune magazine, the U.S. investment bank Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig recently said in a report, T-Mobile, the U.S. fourth-largest carrier may get the iPhone underwriting rights next week.

This news looks reasonable. T-Mobile has 33 million customers in the United States. The company recently increased the HSPA + network coverage which is compatible with iPhone in 10 metropolitan areas in the United States, approximately 1.5 million T-Mobile customers have started to use the unlocked version iPhone on the network to enjoy higher download speed than GSM.

“We recognize that the iPhone has been an important reason for the loss of many T-Mobile customers,” said T-Mobile COO Jim Alling.

But it’s strange that, last week T-Mobile COO Jim Alling cold the rumour that T-Mobile will be selling the iPhone.

“We also hope to cooperate with the iPhone,” he said at a conference in Barcelona. “We hope, however, the economic benefits to sell iPhone bring in line with our expectations.”

Merrill Lynch analyst Greg pointed out that, after working with the fourth-largest U.S. carrier T-Mobile, Apple’s carrier channels will cover 98% of the nation’s post-paid market and 75% mobile phone users.

“This partnership brings very limited benefit,” he wrote. He expected Apple and T-Mobile cooperation will make 2013 iPhone selling 4 million more at the base of 179 million, and also make Apple’s revenue increase 1% and earnings per share increase by 2%.

If the U.S. Department of Justice refused the proposal of the AT&T acquisition the T-Mobile with antitrust, T-Mobile customers may already be able to use iPhone last year.

Nov 292012

Currently, Microsoft, Asus and Lenovo have officially sold their NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core ARM processor based Windows RT tablet products, according to media quoted the NVIDIA website article as saying, the Windows RT has not fully played Tegra 3 processor entire performance so far.

It’s because Windows RT system also can not perfectly match with the 4-PLUS-1 Quad-Core with a 5th Battery Saver Core specially design Tegra 3 used, which allows processor to decid the participating number of core data processing according to the user’s current workload, and the companion core role is to handle the low power consumption task such as standby, music and video playback, in order to maximize the savings on electricity consumption.

However, the reality is that Windows RT equipment can not normally use the companion core in Tegra 3, but to enable one of the four high-performance cores to process low-power task, thereby increasing the overall power consumption of the Windows RT devices, this is why the Tegra 3 device operating frequency in Windows RT is lower than in Android devices.

Nov 292012

Chinese Taiwan technology site DigiTimes reported on Wednesday that Apple iPad mini and iMac sales this year may be lower than the initial target, due to the impact of the parts supply shortage problem.

Sources familiar with the matter revealled, Apple iPad mini display panel makers output is low, and the backlight module manufacturers are facing with the predicament of limited supply, these two issues will impact on this year’s iPad mini sales.

The source said that AU Optronics and LG are providing display panel for iPad mini, but the former has suffered production problem, which caused its shipping percentage dropped to about 22% from the original target of 40%. Earlier there were reports said, the Apple’s current quarter’s iPad mini sales target is 10 million units, but because of the AU Optronics production standstill sake, it’s expected its sales will reach 600 million units as much as possible.

At the same time, the production of the new iMac also suffered a delay. LG is responsible for the production of display panel for the new iMac, but the company had to create a new manufacturing process for large-scale production of such component. Sources said that LG can only provide a limited number of component, which will lead to the sales of the iMac blocked. The 21.5-inch new iMac will be listed this week, and the 27-inch iMac will begin shipping in December.

The sales of iPad mini and iMac should increase early next year, when suppliers will produce more parts for these new devices, thereby increasing their own revenue. At the same time, the suppliers parts output should be able to improve to help Apple complete the sales target in the first quarter of next year. But in 2013 there may be other supply problem, which will focus on the chip. It’s reported that Samsung is clearly unwilling to provide chips for Apple iPad and iPhone, so TSMC will face the pressure of increasing capacity.

Nov 282012

Although Intel had made great efforts, consumers do not seem to be interest in ultrabooks. There were news that ultrabook accounted for 5% in this year’s notebook shipments. And it’s expected that this figure will rise to 20% in 2013, which will be a great improvement, but not as high as the previous forecast. A year ago, IHS iSuppli had expected ultrabook this year’s shipments would grow 13%, and rise to 28% in 2013.

With the reducing of the processor power, SSD also becomes cheaper, it will be easier for computer manufacturers to establish systems that meets the Intel UltraBook requirements. However, t

Nov 282012

According to German site gHacks reports, laptop manufacturers have directly embedded Windows product key into the motherboard BIOS, so when reinstall the operating system it can be directly activated without entering it.

Users who recently purchased Windows 8 notebooks may find that the label printed with Windows key on the back no longer exists, and also there is no additional explanation, then how to reinstall the system without the key?

The answer is simple, Windows 8 product key has been embedded in the motherboard BIOS, it will automatically recognize and automatically activate the system when reinstall the system.

For Microsoft and OEM manufacturers, it will limit the system key to spread unchecked to some extent, and also for brand users, they do not have to worry about the loss of key, but it’s difficult to make piracy and the spread the Key.

It will be difficult if you want to install other operating systems or non-pre-installed version of Windows 8, such as your laptop is with the standard version Windows 8, but you also have a Windows 8 Pro OEM copy, if you install Windows 8 Pro now, then the laptop will still directly use the BIOS stored in the key without providing typing key option, eventually the loaded is Windows 8 instead of the Windows 8 Pro.

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Nov 282012

According to the Tech news site AllThingsD reports, Microsoft said on Tuesday that they have identified why part of the Windows Phone 8 restarted, and planned to release OTA updates to fix the fault.

Earlier there were reports that part of the Windows Phone 8 mobile phone users reflected in a number of professional forums that their phone often locked up or rebooted without cause, sometimes up to several times a day. These complaints are mainly related with HTC 8X and Lumia 920.

“We are continuing investigation on the relevant part of Windows Phone 8 phones restart with no reason, and now we have identified the cause of failure with partners,” Microsoft said in a statement. “We are developing the patch which is expected to be released in December.”

However, Microsoft refused to disclose what caused the failure, but also did not say whether the problem is limited to some models, or affect all Windows Phone 8 devices.

Nov 272012

In the view of the former Sun Microsystems engineer, the user usability guru Jakob Nielsen, Windows 8 most prominent problem is that it uses two different sets of interface at the same time, multi-window function missing, and flat visual style lead discoverability declined. He even asserted: Microsoft has committed a decision-making error by trying to integrate tablet and desktop sets interface into an operating system.

Nielsen made a further expression on his viewpoint when accepted the U.S. IT website Computerworld interview and in the renowned usability Blog Use It. He said, Microsoft has insufficient understanding in Tablet PC and desktop computer operating system, Microsoft’s decision is a pure and pute decision-making mistake, they can not use the same Windows in both tablet and PC. Windows 8 user availability is poor, extremely poor. ”

Nielsen also said, Windows 8 should not be forced to abandon the operation elements that users become accustomed to. Nielsen also does not agree on Metro style, as well as the low information density the style brings. Nielsen gave the following assessment on the Metro-style Bing Finance and the Los Angeles Times application using in Windows 8 platform :

“Even in a 10.6-inch tablet, Bing Finance Home can only accommodate a report and three share price. Nor is the Los Angeles Times, its home has only three headlines and an ad, in fact the headline news title can not be displayed in full, the summary has only seven words space. ”

Although Windows 8 is just released, the above questions Nelson mentioned are unable to be resolved through Service Pack or platform update. For application developers, they still have chance to adjust, improve and further innovation.

Nov 272012

According to foreign media reports, light blogging Tumblr announced on Monday, according to the network traffic statistics company Quantcast, the company has been listed among the U.S. top ten sites with largest traffic.

Tumblr unique visitors per month in the U.S. is more than 61.3 million, which is the ninth largest U.S. site with most users.

Tumblr manages 82.3 million blogs, and the global unique visitors reached nearly 170 million in the past 30 days. Tumblr visitor volume was 622.2 million at the same period, and page view time reached 17.88 billion.

The Quantcast data showed that Google is still the largest website in the United States, monthly unique accessing users are 194.4 million; Facebook and Twitter ranks third and fifth.

Tumblr listed among the U.S. top ten website is very interesting, because the industry is arguing if the consumer Internet has enough growth room. Some industry insiders believe that investors have paid attention to the corporate sector, because the field of consumer Internet has already saturated. But the success of Instagram or Pinterest shows that there is still growth room for the consumer internet or mobile.

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