Dec 122012

According to media reports, in November, a still running Apple first-generation computer was auctioned at a high price of $ 640,000 in Germany Team Breker which broke the auction record of Apple antique computers. In June this year, Sotheby’s auction houses actioned a first-generation Apple computer (Apple I computer) at a proce of $374,500.

With Apple’s continued expansion in the electronics market, the company’s first generation products have become increasingly collectible value. In June this year, a 1976 produced but still running first generation Apple Computer was successfully auctioned at a price of $180,000, while the valuation of this computer is only $120,000. Steve JobsĀ  manuscripts written during working in Atari was bought at a price $27,500.

The collector Lonnie Mimms said: “Because Apple’s position in the world today is unparalleled, the first generation Apple Computer as the company’s maiden work has a unique the symbolic significance for the United States and the computer industry.” He has a collection of two first generation Apple computers, among which one is the original computer but can not run, the another is still capable of running, but some of the parts have been replaced.

In 2010, a first generation Apple computer was sold at the high price of $174,000, which pioneered the first Apple antique computer auctions.

The first generation of Apple computers were produced only 200 units, Steve Wozniak have joined in the production. In the existing 50 original generation computers, only 6 can still run. When listed in 1976, the first generation Apple computer was sold at $666.66 without the power supply, display, keyboard and shell.

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Dec 122012

According to U.S. investment bank Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, Apple iPhone 5S will be released in June next year, as the next member of the iPhone family, it is not simple an iterative upgrade. At that time,the iPhone 5S will not only have a “super-high-definition screen and camera”, but also have a variety of colors to choose from like the new iPod Touch.

In addition to the screen, camera and body colors to be updated, iPhone 5S will be the first time to add a storage capacity of 128GB model. Based on Apple’s recent massive investments on the Passbook, Misek also speculated iPhone 5S will support NFC technology, and have a larger battery capacity.

Misek had speculated that Apple TV will be released by the end of the year, but the prophecy did not come true. Many people think his saying has somewhat “exaggeration”. But his guess is not groundless, although the industry is widely regarded the iPhone 5S will only be upgraded in a few specifications, and also there has been reports that the iPhone 6 will usher in major innovation. The well-known technology website BusinessInsider also believes that in response to the current trend of declining sales, next year Apple will shorten the iPhone’s new release cycle. They said: “Apple certainly does not want to see most of the year’s results are concentrated in the six months period of time. In order to avoid this phenomenon, they need to accelerate the pace of product launches.”

Finally, do not forget, Misek forecast on the iPhone 4S is quite accurate.

Dec 112012

According to media reports, Amazon is selling the discounted version of the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet PC, the sales price is only $250, $50 less than the previous normal price. However, this product will be on sale at a limited time.

If consumers want to get the discount, then when choose products, please choose this promotional version Kindle Fire HD Tablet PC.

The previous starting price of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inches Tablet PC is generally about $299, so after the discount, consumers only need to pay $249 and then can get this product.

Amazon this promotional discount doesn’t include the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD Tablet PC, whose starting price is $199.

Dec 112012

According to media reports, the general price of the Samsung Series 5 WiFi version Chromebook laptop is $429, however, Google announced on Monday that they would provide the discounted version 5 Series Chromebook laptop to the American Schools, and the discount price is only $99. This time Google cooperated with charity website to have this activity.

American school teachers can login DonorsChoose website and requir the site to provide a Series 5 Chromebook laptop for their teaching activities. Teachers can post their requirements on the website, which is convenient for those contribute and support this requirement will be able to see. After the funds amount teachers hope to raise is met, they can go to the Lakeshore Learning and receive the Chromebook laptops.

The Google event deadline is December 21, therefore, if the teachers want to get a $99 Chromebook laptop, it is best to release application on the DonorsChoose. A teacher can apply for 30 Chromebook laptops at most, which is also the American School students amount of the general classroom, so this will be able to ensure that each student can get a Chromebook laptop.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook laptop configuration is very good and also it’s very powerful. The laptop is equipped with the 12.1-inch LED display with a resolution of 1280* 800. In addition, this notebook is also equipped with Intel 1.66GHz Atom N570 dual-core processor, 2GB memory and 16GB flash memory, this storage capacity is not great, but enough to meet the user’s Internet needs.

Dec 112012

According to media reports, Samsung has released a video, which revealed that it would make a major announcement from January 8 to 11 next year, which happens to be the time of Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next year.

Samsung did not disclose any details in the video, however Businessinsider website guessed, Samsung may release the next-generation flagship smartphone Galaxy S IV. The current Galaxy S III phone was launched in May last year, but there are many rumors recently that a number of smartphone manufacturers including Apple will speed the product replacement cycle up to 6 months.

The Galaxy S IV will be a good choice for Samsung to open the new year. The Galaxy S III is widely regarded as the best Android phone, and in many ways it’s even better than the Apple iPhone. So far, Samsung has not released any news about the Galaxy S IV. Last week there were media reports saying this phone will be configured with new version screen. No more news on this phone except the screen.

Dec 102012

According to media reports, the Apple’s Apple TV set-top box will support Bluetooth function. The latest beta version Apple TV not only provides a new Bluetooth menu, but also the user can match the Bluetooth keyboard with the second generation and third-generation Apple TV.

After the Bluetooth keyboard matched with Apple TV, users can replace the Apple TV remote control with a Bluetooth keyboard to operate the Apple TV, the direction keys on the keyboard can be used to navigate, the Enter key can be used to play and pause, and the ESC key is available for pop-up menu or returning to the previous level. What’s more important is that it’s more convenient to use a physical keyboard to enter and search.

Previously, the user can connect an iOS device to the Apple TV, and use the remote control application to process keyboard input. Clearly, this time Apple has further enhanced the input features of the Apple TV.

Currently, the Apple TV can not be connected with Bluetooth speakers, mouse and Mac computers, and the Apple TV Bluetooth function seems only to enhance the input function. However, this helps the third-party manufacturers to open the door of the development of the Apple TV remote control. Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard which is priced at $70 can be easily connected with Apple TV to relize the remote control function and with the navigation keys.

This also means that Apple can launch a more powerful remote control. The industry generally believes that the Bluetooth remote control also contains a noise canceling microphone for the A2DP connection Siri voice input.

Dec 102012

There are already many tablet PC designed specifically for children. This week, the manufacturer Fuhu which has launched the Children’s Tablet PC Nabi announced a Tablet PC Nabi Jr. for younger children. This tablet is for the toddler.

Nabi Jr. will give children first experience of the Tablet PC, but can also rescue your more expensive Android or Apple tablet PCs from dirty-sticky small hands.

The new 5-inch product is with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra processor, the touch screen resolution is 800×400, and it’s with a flip Webcam. It uses Ice Cream Sandwich system, and it has many customized educational software which covers the curriculum from kindergarten to sixth grade, so the children can use it to improve the ability of their own writing, reading and mathematics, improve early childhood learning interest, and enhance their ability to learn and confidence. In the selling price, the 4GB version is only $100 and the 16GB version is $130.

Dec 072012

According to Taiwan media reports, HTC will launch a higher specification flagship model codenamed HTC M7 in first quarter of next year, the main competitor is directed at the Samsung GALAXY SIV which will also be launched in the first quarter of next year. HTC aspects have not responded to the message, but based on the analysis, the authenticity of the HTC M7′s can be high, because in accordance with the Taiwan media reports, HTC has asked the upstream components and chassis supplier to reserve 4- 5 million number HTC M7 components to prepare for production need in the first quarter of next year.

It is worth mentioning that there are Hong Kong media saying HTC M7 is expected to put on the market in the next year’s Chinese New Year. Therefore, if this rumor turns true, then we may be able to usher in the official release of the HTC M7 in CES2013 in early January next year.

As HTC have HTC Butterfly flagship model advented, it’s natualy concerned what configurations of the HTC M7 will be enhanced. Seen from the currently available information, the HTC M7 touch screen will continue the 5-inch configuration, although there is no information about the resolution, it’s guessed that it should be Full HD Spec. In addition, the phone together with the HTC Butterfly and HTC Droid DNA models will use the Qualcomm S4 Pro APQ8064 quad-core processor.

As the part of the hardware upgrade, HTC M7 will raise the built-in camera up to 13 million pixels, and will join a large aperture, wide-angle lens and high-speed continuous shooting functions. And in addition to continue using the one piece aluminum body design, this phone will be equipped with Android 4.2 system, and it’s expected to add a new version of the touch interface.

In addition, there are media reports that HTC will launch three to four new mobile phones at the beginning of next year, among which at least two will be flagship models, except the rumored HTC M7, HTC will also introduce smartphones with built-in NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, which will become the world’s first model loaded with Tegra 4 processor.

Dec 072012

According to media reports, market analysts on Wednesday said that the market currently has a very strong demand for the Windows 8 touch screen PC.

Bob O’Donnell, vice president of market research firm IDC projects said, ” the touch screen PC sales have actually exceeded market expectations.” This means that the supply of these products have been shortage. O’Donnell said that some vendors in fact have already been facing the problem of shortages, because the touch screen panel supply is extremely limited. Sellers said that they currently can not get enough touch-screen devices to meet consumer needs.

Another market research firm Rhoda Alexander also said, “We have been explored with a number of PC manufacturers, they had some trouble in obtaining the touch screen panel. Some dealers said, Windows 8 the touch screen PC has a shortage situation. ”

Microsoft Windows CMO and CFO Tami Reller said last week that the store shelves were currectly not with “adequate” touch screen devices.

The touch screen PC includes the standard laptop with a touch screen, hybrid notebook- tablet PC, and tablet PC. Under normal circumstances, the touch screen PC’s price is more expensive than the standard non-touch screen laptop.

Currently, Microsoft’s official online store is selling series of tablet PCs and hybrid laptops, including the $499 Acer Iconia W510, the $779 ASUS VivoTab, as well as the $849 HP Envy x2. Touchscreen laptops include the $699 Asus VivoBook, the $1,299 Acer Aspire S7, the $899 Sony Vaio T13, and the $1,349 HP Spectre XT TouchSmart.

IDC’s O’Donnell added, however, the non-touch screen Windows 8 PC’s current sales are not very good. The analyst said: ” the non-touch screen PC sales are lower than the market expection, if the sales of high-end equipment is better than expected, it will be a good thing, but not enough to make up for the sales of low-end products.”