Mar 292013

According to technology news site SAI reports, Apple recently announced a patent design application. The main content of the design is that the next-generation iPhone will use all-glass, full-screen, full-transparent, and wrap-around screen body design.

The technology website Patently Apple which focuses exclusively on Apple technology developments announced this new iPhone design draft.

Patently Apple also summarized the main contents of this Apple technology patent: “Today’s technological innovation focuses on softness and wrap-around screen, which can use aluminum, glass or transparent design. This future iPhone design does not provide any physical buttons, so when the users want to adjust the volume of this iPhone, just simply hand hover next to the display, then you will be able to see the corresponding virtual control buttons. With its unique dual-screen design, this new body can also create 3D visual effects. Undoubtedly it is one of Apple’s most popular technological innovations this year.”

SAI said that this Apple patent application looks very good. It needs to be pointed out that, from past experience, Apple will apply for patents for its large number of new products and technologies, but after these patents are granted, there are a large number of patents never used into market products.

It can be seen that after Apple applied patents for new generation iPhone design, the cover could become the prototype design of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, but it can also be shelved, and will not be seen in real product in the market.

Mar 292013

David Hsieh, vice president of NPD DisplaySearch in Greater China region, said on Thursday that Apple’s next-generation iPad mini screen suppliers may include Taiwan Innolux. The InnoLux and the Shenchao optical both have product certification from Apple, and they can supply touch panels for the iPad mini.

Earlier this week, the InnoLux touch panel sector director Yang Chiu-lien said the company will focus on smart phones and tablet PCs this year, the goal is to supply 7-inch display during the year. Since 2008, Innolux has been supplying the touch panels for the full-size Apple iPad. This year, the Innolux panels will have the touch-on-display technology, which will help Apple get rid of the problems of the iPhone 5 in-cell displays.

Although Apple and Samsung patent cases in the court are still irreconcilable, Samsung is still Apple many parts supplier. Apple is increasing the diversification of suppliers, and hopes to get rid of dependence on Samsung as early as possible.

Mar 282013

According to Taiwan’s Digitimes website reports, message from supply chain that Apple will release the 4K ultra high definition TV at the end of this year or early next year.

It is reported that this Apple’s new product is likely to be named as “iTV”. News source said this TV has a screen resolution of 3840*2160, and it’s with voice and somatosensory control function, also it can be connected to network.

If the news is true, the Apple iTV resolution will comply with 2160p 4K ultra high-definition TV standard, allegedly, the number of pixels of these products is four times than the 1080p HD TV’s. In this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show and other exhibitions, Korean brand LG and Samsung demonstrated a variety of 4K TVs.

According to the news source, Apple has discussed with its partner Foxconn for some time on massive production of ultra-high-definition TV. However, it is said that Apple is still looking for a reliable panel supplier.

Although Apple’s own display suppliers are able to produce such products, but they still need to focus on meeting the needs of the components of the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini products. LG Display may massively produce the required panel in the second half of this year, so informed sources believe Apple iTV may be released at the end of this year, but more likely in early 2014.

Mar 282013

Google released a new Google feature in Play App Store on Wednesday, when users use Android Tablet PCs to watch movies and press the pause button, it can automatically provide film actor and music background information.

This information is from Google Knowledge Graph, but it’s interesting that Google does not display information simply based on the movie metadata, but uses facial recognition and voice search technology to identify the actors and musicians.

When the user presses the pause button, the related information card will automatically jump out from the right side on the screen.

Google said that this feature will cover hundreds of films, and will expand coverage every day, but it’s only available for the United States users currently. In addition, only Tablet PC with Android 4.0 or the latest version can use this feature. But Google said they will have this feature to more countries and more devices. It is worth mentioning that Google has released the Play Movies movie player in India and Mexico.

But Google is not the only tech giants providing this functionality, Amazon also expanded X-Ray services application scope on Wednesday, which provides the background information when users watch TV programs. Amazon launched this feature last summer when they released Kindle Fire HD, but it was only compatible with movies, and now it’s also compatible with TV shows.

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Mar 272013

The figure display equipment manufacturer InFocus today announced the launch of a 55-inch touch screen AIO named “BigTouch”. The Aio machine is equipped with Windows 8 Pro system, it includes a wireless keyboard and mouse, and it supports all Windows 8 touch screen gestures, including the slide, click, zoom and rotate. On the hardware, the BigTouch uses Intel Core i5 processor, it has two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, Wi-Fi supporting 802.11n, two HDMI and 6 USB ports.

BigTouch provides a 120GB solid-state hard drive. The company upgraded version “Mondopad” will add new features such as video conferencing, digital notes, interactive whiteboard functionality, customizable interface elements, and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Edition.

The BigTouch is priced at $ 4,999, and there is no detailed specifications and price information of the Mondopad.

Mar 272013

According to media reports, in the US Silicon Valley, the Amazon head Bezos is deemed most likely to become the “second Jobs” entrepreneur. Bezos and another Amazon senior Gregory Hart submitted a patent application – the future Tablet PC will be without processor and battery, to be a remote display of cloud computing server.

This new Tablet PC itself is without the processor chip, nor the battery that supplies the processor power consumption, the tablet itself is a mobile display theoretically, its power, data and screen display are all from the cloud computing central computing server.

File of this patent application pointed out that the Tablet PC technology development has been limited, including the processor and other components and limited the size and weight of the Tablet PC, as the battery size is getting smaller and smaller, the Tablet PC endurance capacity can not meet the needs of users.

In fact, Nokia Lumia phone has now realized wireless charging, which means that the wireless transmission of electrical energy technology is not out of reach.

Although the product described in Amazon patent has implementation difficulty, the technology media said it provides a direction for the development of tablet and digital book reader.

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Mar 262013

Sharp has introduced an ultra-high-sensitivity touch screen, users can write on the display with an ordinary pencil or pen. In view of the partnership between Sharp and Apple, there are rumors that this display will be used in the iPhone 6. According to media reports, the touch screen sensitivity of Sharp newly developed touch screen is eight times than the ordinary capacitive display. And there are reports that a major feature of the next-generation iPhone is that it may be equipped with this new touch screen.

There are views that if the iPhone 6 is really able to be with the new touch screen, then its overall thickness may be declined further, thus to reduce the whole mobile phone weight. For the price driver smart phone market, product logistics costs account for a considerable part of the total cost, if the weight of each phone can be reduced, then the logistics costs can save down.

Sharp’s new touch screen can also be precisely operated even with gloves in winter, more importantly, it is the first touch screen that can use ordinary pencil or pen to write. The new touch-screen will be officially put into production on March 15, 2013.

Mar 262013

The Samsung GALAXY S4 had been released, then another Samsung’s big screen flagship Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅱ successor Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ has become the expecting focus. According to media reports, Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will have the 5.5-inch large screen upgraded to reach 5.9 inches level.

Allegedly rumors that Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will adopt 5.9-inch screen have been confirmed by some of the major components providers.

According to the Korea Times reports, Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will be launched in the U.S., and the report claimed that the South Korean operators are planning to have Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ concept machine displayed for U.S. carriers AT&T in the next few days.

It’s also rumored Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will be with the latest OLED display technology and 1080p full HD level.

There are expectations that Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅲ will be released at IFA2013 exhibition around the end of August, but it will avoid the show and independently organize conference.

Mar 252013

ZTE has always not paid much attention on the upcoming new security. Recently, the brand new ZTE Grand X Quad official pictures are exposed.

ZTE Grand X Quad is with a 5.0 inches 720p large screen, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and replaceable 2,500mAh battery. It supports dual SIM card (WCDMA and GSM). From the current configuration, it’s midrange Android system mobile phone.

This is not the fist time for broke news God @evleaks to successful leak the products official images, before he exposed the HTC Droid DNA. While we can not know how he got this first-hand information, then let’s wait for his coming wonderful news.