May 222013

Today, Kyocera released two new phones upcoming to the U.S. market – Hyrdo XTRM and Hyrdo EDGE, which have taken the price and waterproof performance into account. The Kyocera Hyrdo XTRM has a brushed metal front panel, which looks durable. Its screen is 4 inches 480×800 resolution, and it’s equipped with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, 5 megapixel camera, built-in 4GB storage and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

Thankfully, the Hyrdo XTRM is with a 2000mAh battery, there is no problem for long battery life. The XTRM will land in the US Cellular on May 24, and the minimum contract price is only $ 29.99.

Then it comes to the Kyocera Hyrdo EDGE. The device is almost identical in terms of hardware and software with the above one, only the appearance is somewhat different. The device is the customized machine of another operator (Boost Mobile), the specific price has not been revealed).

The Hyrdo EDGE is equipped with the same Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean system, the screen is also 4 inches 480×800 resolution, it’s equipped with a 5 megapixel camera and Bluetooth 4.0. But the Hyrdo EDGE processor is down to the dual-core 1.0GHz, and the battery is also reduced to 1600mAh, fortunately it retains the waterproof function.

May 222013

It’s getting closer and closer to LG new conference on May 30, and it has been frequently exposed online that the LG Optimus G2 will not be released at the scene, which has become the focus of attention of many people. Earlier rumors that LG is going to launch the improved version of Optimus G Pro conference. However, recently a suspected LG Optimus G2 device appeared online, which indicates that it’s a certainty of the release of the device.

According to media reports, recently a suspected LG Optimus G2 LTE network test picture appeared on the Internet, seen from a picture, this equipment is very identical in appearance with the exposed Optimus G2 model, which not only changes the virtual Home button below the screen to an entity key, but also uses more distinctive rectangular frame. According to previous information, the Optimus G2 will have rounded corners and curved screen, and uses a very narrow bezel.

However, the media said that this device may be a prototype for the Optimus G2, from the leaked information, the Optimus G2 has been confirmed to support the LTE-A or LTE Advanced networks.

As for the other configuration, the sources said, the device may be equipped with a 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, built-in 2GB RAM, 5.2 inches scherm Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920*1080 and a 13 megapixel camera, and it’s expected to be listed in August at the earliest.

May 222013

Recently, Samsung launched the latest music video of the Galaxy S4, which describes how a man pursues goddess with Galaxy S4, incidentally, demonstrates a lot of Galaxy S4 unique innovative features. But it is worth noting that in the video, a brown Galaxy S4 was discovered by sharp-eyed netizens, which indicates the Samsung is indeed moving along the road of Galaxy S3 to release colorful version Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s previous generation flagship Galaxy S3 has totally pebble blue, marble white, garnet red, sapphire black, titanium gray, purple and amber brown seven color models. Compared to the rich colors of Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 appears to be bleak, the first published devices have only black and white two colors. However, since the appearance of the Galaxy S4 is with little difference as the Galaxy S3, so it can be speculated that Samsung Galaxy S4 should not have much change in color.

Previously, Samsung has just revealed a north pole blue Galaxy S4 in Japan, which can be regarded as the blue section, Samsung Galaxy S4 now has four colors, so it just should be a matter of time to launch the remaining three colors.

Nonetheless, but the colorful version Samsung Galaxy S4 will still continue to use the plastic material shell. If consumers prefer other material body, then please pay attention to the Galaxy S4 Active, which is learned to use aluminum metal frame.

May 222013

Lenovo has just launched the Windows8 Tablet ThinkPad Helix, and now it’s sold in the U.S., but this is not for individual users, but specially launched for the enterprise users, allegedly the product has optimized a lot for business users.

Lenovo ThinkPadHelix is equipped with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 11.6-inch touch screen, it will be sold together with the keyboard dock. Helix also makes some minor improvements to this keyboard dock, when the keyboard dock is inserted into the tablet, it will become laptop, which has “rip and flip” design, so you can lid it like notebook, and also it can be rotated 180 degrees like ThinkPad Tablet2. While the tablet itself is with a USB 2.0 port and a miniDisplayPort port, the keyboard base is still designed with two USB 3.0 ports, a miniDisplayPort interface, and another battery.

Individual tablet weights 1.8 pounds, it can run 6 hours without the keyboard base, and 10 hours with it. The tablet is equipped with 2.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD, its price is expected to be $ 1,680. While the other version is equipped with 3.2GHz Core i7 processor, 8GB memory and 180GB SSD, it runs Windows8Pro system, and it’s expected to be sold at $ 2,000. Currently users can order it on Lenovo’s official website, the official release date is on June 6.

May 212013

Desktop hard drive capacity is straight to 4TB, but the notebook hard drive is still struggling. Today, Western Digital’s Hitachi announced the launch of the world’s first 9.5 mm standard thickness 1.5TB notebook hard drive Travelstar 5K1500, while the previous record is only 1TB.

What’s more surprising is that Hitachi uses three-disc on the hard drive, single platter capacity is 500GB.

The hard disk is with SATA 6Gbps interface, 32MB cache and 5400RPM speed, the standby power consumption is only 0.5W, the noise is only 2.5 Bels, it can withstand the impact of 400G/2ms, 1000G/2ms respectively in self-protection and rest.

The TravelStar 5K1500 will be shipped in June, the third quarter will have the EA version (Enhanced Availability) and encrypted version, in which the former will enhance the stability to meet the needs of blade servers, network routers and video surveillance, the latter can meet the trusted computer Group (TCG) Opal storage Security specification.

Hitachi also stressed that the traditional hard drive will not be replaced by solid state drive, they will continue to invest in R&D of 9.5 mm and 7 mm notebook hard drive.

May 212013

Sony released two “Handycam” series digital camera new models, the HDR-GWP88V and HDR-GW66V on May 15th, which are expected to be on sale on June 21, the price of the HDR-GWP88V is 80,000 yen, the HDR-GW66V is 60,000 yen.

Both products are the successor models of Sony Handycam series first waterproof digital camera HDR-GW77V, the waterproof performance is enhanced from the previous 5m to 10m, in addition to the dustproof and anticollision capacities, it also adds antifreezing function in minus 10 degrees.

The high-end model HDR-GWP88V is also Sony’s first waterproof digital camera with projector function, the projector lumens luminous flux is 13lm, the resolution is 640*360, and the projection screen size range is 10-100 inches.

Two products configuration and photographic functions are basically the same in addition to the differences of the projector function, both are equipped with a 1/3.91 inches Exmor R CMOS back-illuminated sensor, the effective pixels is 5.02 million (16:9) and 3.76 million (4:3 ), 10x optical zoom G lens, and the BIONZ image processing engine, which can also take high-definition images in the dark light places, the back side is equipped with a 3-inch, 460,000-pixel LCD touch screen, and it supports microSD, SDHC and SDXC external expansion cards, the HDR-GWP88V is also with 16GB storage space, the battery life is 120 minutes.

In addition, the two products are with optical anti-vibration function, which can effectively reduce the image dithering in the mobile shooting and it’s designed with automatic adjust shooting function, which can respond to 99 shooting scenes including underwater shooting, automatically adjust the white balance, brightness, etc., it is also equipped with GPS function.

The high-end model HDR-GWP88V is black, while the low-end model HDR-GW66V has white and blue two colors.

May 212013

Up to now, there has been many rumors about Samsung three anti mobile phone Galaxy S4 Active (I9295). A few days ago, the photos of this phone was revealed.

As it can be seen from the figure, the phone’s configuration parameters are the same as exposed previously, including quad-core 1.9GHz processor + Adreno 320 GPU (Qualcomm Snapgragon 600). The display size and resolution of the device should be the same as the S4′s (5 inches 1080p), but it is not clear whether the panel will be the Super AMOLED. Curiously, the displayed screen pixel density on the phone is up to 480ppi, so the Active screen size may be less than 5 inches.

In addition, allegedly the Active pixel camera is reduced to 8.0 megapixel from the S4′s 13 megapixel.

In addition to the similar configuration, the S4 ACTIVE’s appearance has no resemblance with the original S4. The device uses a metal shell, the back has four bolts, and the front side has three physical buttons.

Although there is no official source, but this phone was displayed in Croatia recently, so it should be close to its official release.

May 212013

The new Sailfish OS smartphone officially released created by the MeeGo original team Jolla. After nearly waiting for a year time, the Sailfish OS has officially been unveiled, and also the first mobile phone equipped with the new system also officially released.

The Sailfish OS system is formerly known as MeeGo, which was given up by Nokia after they launched the MeeGo system N9. Then Jolla created the new Sailfish OS based on it. The smartphone uses a 4.5-inch touch screen, it’s equipped with dual-core processor and 16GB ROM and it supports for LTE 4G network. The back of the device is with a 8-megapixel camera with auto-focus function. Jolla said the new system will be compatible with Android applications, and it’s priced at 399 euros,

The Jolla smartphone design is clean and simple, and the user can customize the cellphone case. The user can select the shell color going with Sailfish user interface. This feature is called “the other half”, which is also the advertising slogan of this smartphone.

Jolla said the phone will be listed before the end of this year. However, because the listed time is still relatively early, so the specific sales policy has not been revealed too much.

May 202013

It seems Samsung has been ready for the arrival of the smaller size S Series Ultra HD (UHD) TV. According to media reports, the company released the 55/65 inches UHD TV and a 13.3-inch high-resolution screen in the South Korean domestic market today (May 20 local time). Samsung introduced the two TV are the smallest in its UHD product line, and they will be officially on sale next month.

Compared to the 85-inch UHD TV launched in this year’s CES show, the price of these two products will be relatively affordable. However, Samsung did not disclose the specific price. In addition, Samsung pointed out that these two TVs will support the Evolution Kit system showed in the CES 2013. The optical technology makes these two UHD TVs improved in brightness, contrast, detail processing power and the 4x level HD resolution content support.

In addition to these two TVs, Samsung also announced a 13.3-inch QHD 3200×1800 resolution display, which will be used in ultrabook product line. It is reported that the 3200×1800 resolution has exceeded the MacBook Pro 13 2560×1600 display and Chromebook Pixe 2560×1700 display a lot. Samsung has not put this display into any certain product, we may see an ultrabook equipped with this resolution up to 3200×1800 display in the IFA 2013 show.

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