Aug 092012

ARM in this year’s Siggraph conference on the launch of three new GPU core, the models are Mali-T628, Mali-T678, Mali-T624, graphics performance and computational performance of which the former two are twice the Mali-T624 and fourtimes compared to earlier released by Mali-T658 is a direct double version of the release of the Mali-T624.


From these brief chart of the Mali-T624 and the above-mentioned Mali-T604 is the same, but the ARM Mali-T624 uses microarray technology to achieve higher frequency so as to improve the performance, followed by all of Mali -T624 graphics kernel support is called the ASTC (adaptive texture compression, developed by ARM, have been incorporated into the new features for OpenGL ES 3.0), can reduce the memory bandwidth requirements, so it means that more energy efficient. According to the ARM, the above three GPU cores will see 2013 products.

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