Dec 122012

According to media reports, in November, a still running Apple first-generation computer was auctioned at a high price of $ 640,000 in Germany Team Breker which broke the auction record of Apple antique computers. In June this year, Sotheby’s auction houses actioned a first-generation Apple computer (Apple I computer) at a proce of $374,500.

With Apple’s continued expansion in the electronics market, the company’s first generation products have become increasingly collectible value. In June this year, a 1976 produced but still running first generation Apple Computer was successfully auctioned at a price of $180,000, while the valuation of this computer is only $120,000. Steve JobsĀ  manuscripts written during working in Atari was bought at a price $27,500.

The collector Lonnie Mimms said: “Because Apple’s position in the world today is unparalleled, the first generation Apple Computer as the company’s maiden work has a unique the symbolic significance for the United States and the computer industry.” He has a collection of two first generation Apple computers, among which one is the original computer but can not run, the another is still capable of running, but some of the parts have been replaced.

In 2010, a first generation Apple computer was sold at the high price of $174,000, which pioneered the first Apple antique computer auctions.

The first generation of Apple computers were produced only 200 units, Steve Wozniak have joined in the production. In the existing 50 original generation computers, only 6 can still run. When listed in 1976, the first generation Apple computer was sold at $666.66 without the power supply, display, keyboard and shell.

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