Nov 062012

A federal judge in Madison, Wisconsin, United States on Monday withdrew a lawsuit by Apple, in which Apple accused Google’s Motorola mobile charge unreasonably high prices for the use of wireless technology patent license fee.

This lawsuit is part of the legal fight between Apple and Google worldwide. This summer, Google acquired Motorola Mobility and controlled its patents and used these patents to rival with Apple in court struggle.

Apple said in this litigation raised last year, Motorola required to receive royalties of 2.25% of the sales price of each device that used its patented technology. This fee is too high. The controversial devices include the iPhone and iPod Touch.

When Wi-Fi and cellular technology patents become part of the industry standard, the standard-setting organizations required Motorola obliged to license these technologies to provide a “reasonable” fee. However, there are a variety of answers to something that constitutes a “reasonable” charge.

The western Wisconsin District Court Judge Barbara Crabb does not provide grounds to revoke this litigation.

Motorola spokesman said the company is satisfied with the judge quashed the case. Motorola still has interest to reach an agreement with Apple.

Apple representatives did not immediately respond to comment on this message.

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