Oct 312012

According to media reports, after Apple had a suddenly substantial adjustment in the management on Monday, the company on Tuesday announced that it would postpone the scheduled iTunes software update release for a month time. In September of this year, Apple announced that iTunes software update would be launched in October.

Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr expressed:” The new iTunes launch time will be late than expected and we want to perfect the new version iTunes with a little time. The new version iTunes is easier to use, the interface is more refreshing and seamless integration with iCloud, it’s planned to launch before the end of November. ”

It is not clear ITunes if the delay of the software update release is related to Apple management substantial adjustment. Apple announced the iOS software executive Scott Forstall and retail store business executive John Browett will leave the office at the adjustments. The Apple spokesman Neumayr refused to issue on it significantly. However, it is worth noting that Forstall isn’t in charge of iTunes business during his tenure. After Browett leaves the office, Eddy Cue will share the duties of Siri and map services, and Apple will incorporate the company’s network services into a department.

The other hand, Apple’s recent mistakes in the map service resulted the CEO Tim Cook in personally making a public apology, so the company will certainly be extra careful in the release of the next product. The new version iTunes may include: better layout, improved performance, providing more convenient playlist creating mode, supporting full library search, improving integration with iCloud, and will launch a redesigned Mini player.

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