Jan 042013

According to media reports, Apple is preparing for the launch of different colors and sizes iPhone. So far, the iPhones Apple has launched only have one screen size.

Reported that the next generation iPhone will have different sizes models, which will make Apple better segment the market, and expand market share.

Apple may launch three different sizes iPhone models, including the 3.5-inch trumpet iPhone, 4-inch medium-sized iPhone, as well as the larger screen size iPhone.

The report also said that the next generation iPhone may be introduced at this period in June this year.

At the same time, Apple will provide more iPhone color choices, just as what Apple did to the iPod Touch.

Today, beside Apple, every other smartphone vendor has introducedlarger screen size products than the iPhone, therefore it’s also reasonable for Apple to increase the iPhone’s screen size. The 4-inch iPhone is very good, of course, it will be better if the screen can be larger.

It may bring the developers some trouble to launch different screen sizes iPhone. When Apple to introduce the longer screen size and different proportion iPhone 5, the developers will have to update their applications. Now it is not clear what developers will do when the three screen sizes iPhone are launch, but if the proportion of new iPhone screen is same with iPhone 4, it will be less trouble for developers. Or, Apple can solve this problem with a software solution.

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