Aug 292012

The Butterfly Effect of Apple won in the patent case is constantly appearing. Apple is formally applying for banning Samsung Electronics’s Galaxy and Droid series smartphones eight electronic products in the U.S. market. The ban sale order hearing will be held on September 20. Market analysts believe that this gives a wake-up call to other mobile phone manufacturers – patent litigation will expand Apple’s dominance in the mobile space.

The U.S. court ruled last week that Samsung products infringed on Apple’s patents, and Samsung need to pay a total of $1.05 billion compensation to Apple. Since then, Apple handed in the banning sales application to the northward California district court. However, the lock-up application has not involved in the Samsung flagship product Galaxy S III.

Apple gained decisive victory in patent litigation battle with Samsung, which may force some mobile phone operators, and even Google reassess their product plans and corporate strategy. The market worried that the mobile phone manufacturers including ZTE, Lenovo and HTC Android platform vendors, may also be liquidated by Apple. ZTE Senior Vice President Zhang Renjun said yesterday that the lawsuits between Apple and Samsung is just about the phone shape, it does not involve the operating system, ZTE has continued to enhance the number of patents, and they do not worry to be Apple’s target. Previously, ZTE is affected by the news, the stock hit a new low since its listing in 1997, yesterday it continued decline.

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