Mar 282013

Google released a new Google feature in Play App Store on Wednesday, when users use Android Tablet PCs to watch movies and press the pause button, it can automatically provide film actor and music background information.

This information is from Google Knowledge Graph, but it’s interesting that Google does not display information simply based on the movie metadata, but uses facial recognition and voice search technology to identify the actors and musicians.

When the user presses the pause button, the related information card will automatically jump out from the right side on the screen.

Google said that this feature will cover hundreds of films, and will expand coverage every day, but it’s only available for the United States users currently. In addition, only Tablet PC with Android 4.0 or the latest version can use this feature. But Google said they will have this feature to more countries and more devices. It is worth mentioning that Google has released the Play Movies movie player in India and Mexico.

But Google is not the only tech giants providing this functionality, Amazon also expanded X-Ray services application scope on Wednesday, which provides the background information when users watch TV programs. Amazon launched this feature last summer when they released Kindle Fire HD, but it was only compatible with movies, and now it’s also compatible with TV shows.

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