Aug 102012

Low power chip designer MIPS has released the source code for a version of Google Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean optimized for devices with MIPS processors.

Right now most Android phones and tablets feature ARM-based processors, but some very low cost devices have MIPs chips, including the Karbonn Smart Tab 1, a $125 tablet for the Indian market.


Developers can find instructions for downloading the source code at the Android on MIPS website. You’ll also find the source code for Android 4.0, Android 2.3, and Android 2.2 on MIPS there.

It’s not clear when the Android 4.1 software update will be available for the Karbonn tablet or other existing devices with MIPs-based processors, but the release of the source code will let device makers (and independent developers) start working to port Google’s latest software to run on those devices.

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