Nov 302012

According to the online edition of the Fortune magazine, the U.S. investment bank Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig recently said in a report, T-Mobile, the U.S. fourth-largest carrier may get the iPhone underwriting rights next week.

This news looks reasonable. T-Mobile has 33 million customers in the United States. The company recently increased the HSPA + network coverage which is compatible with iPhone in 10 metropolitan areas in the United States, approximately 1.5 million T-Mobile customers have started to use the unlocked version iPhone on the network to enjoy higher download speed than GSM.

“We recognize that the iPhone has been an important reason for the loss of many T-Mobile customers,” said T-Mobile COO Jim Alling.

But it’s strange that, last week T-Mobile COO Jim Alling cold the rumour that T-Mobile will be selling the iPhone.

“We also hope to cooperate with the iPhone,” he said at a conference in Barcelona. “We hope, however, the economic benefits to sell iPhone bring in line with our expectations.”

Merrill Lynch analyst Greg pointed out that, after working with the fourth-largest U.S. carrier T-Mobile, Apple’s carrier channels will cover 98% of the nation’s post-paid market and 75% mobile phone users.

“This partnership brings very limited benefit,” he wrote. He expected Apple and T-Mobile cooperation will make 2013 iPhone selling 4 million more at the base of 179 million, and also make Apple’s revenue increase 1% and earnings per share increase by 2%.

If the U.S. Department of Justice refused the proposal of the AT&T acquisition the T-Mobile with antitrust, T-Mobile customers may already be able to use iPhone last year.

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