Oct 102012

According to media reports, Barclays Bank analyst Ben Reitzes published studies reported that Apple’s next revolutionary product is probable to be the TV remote control instead of the TV itself.

Reitzes said iPad mini configured with 7.85-inch display which can be used as a TV remote control, which will be one of the first products used to expand the potential market for iOS devices, “We believe that the iPad mini’s 7.85-inch display can be used for traditional media consumption tasks – such as reading books and watching movies, but as time goes on, Apple will have more ideas to iPad mini. Apple strategy secret is not TV, but the TV remote control ” .

Reitz said in the report, “With iCloud, we did not find the reason that Apple didn’t make the iPad become the TV interface, users can use the virtual keyboards to complete the basic computing tasks – e-mails, viewing calendar, surfing the Internet, editing photos and chating through iMessage. The iPad will become the Central Command of digital home one day, the home automation companies have been testing this idea.

Reitzes expects Apple will launch its own brand of high-definition TV, but he also warns that, before reaching a favorable licensing terms with content providers, Apple will not launch the TV products.

In August, there were rumors that Apple would provide a cloud computing DVR (digital video recorder) functionality set-top box to cable TV companies. It is reported that the negotiations are still in progress, it is expected at least to 2013 they will reach an agreement.

Reitzes reiterated Apple’s stock “overweight” rating and target price is $810.

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