Sep 172012

AMD company is currently doing preparatory work for the company’s first Tablet PC processor release in the fourth quarter, this processor is named Hondo. Allegedly, this chip uses the same 40-nanometer production process with Brazos2.0. News from AMD vice president Steve Belt confirmed that Hondo will only support an operating system, that is the upcoming officially releasing Windows 8 system.

Hondo with Intel’s Clover Field will become ARM-based processor selected object in late next year. Performance comparison of the two products has not yet been released. But most applications in Windows 8 environment is optimized by DirectX, seen from this point, AMD’s iGPU occupies a certain advantage. However, seen from the power consumption, the 40-nanometer technology is significantly inferior to Intel’s 32-nanometer or 22-nanometer products.

The real comparative results will be known until the release of ARM version Windows 8 system.

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