Mar 272013

According to media reports, in the US Silicon Valley, the Amazon head Bezos is deemed most likely to become the “second Jobs” entrepreneur. Bezos and another Amazon senior Gregory Hart submitted a patent application – the future Tablet PC will be without processor and battery, to be a remote display of cloud computing server.

This new Tablet PC itself is without the processor chip, nor the battery that supplies the processor power consumption, the tablet itself is a mobile display theoretically, its power, data and screen display are all from the cloud computing central computing server.

File of this patent application pointed out that the Tablet PC technology development has been limited, including the processor and other components and limited the size and weight of the Tablet PC, as the battery size is getting smaller and smaller, the Tablet PC endurance capacity can not meet the needs of users.

In fact, Nokia Lumia phone has now realized wireless charging, which means that the wireless transmission of electrical energy technology is not out of reach.

Although the product described in Amazon patent has implementation difficulty, the technology media said it provides a direction for the development of tablet and digital book reader.

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