Aug 242012

According to media reports, Amazon today issued invitations to the media, and claimed that the company will hold a press conference in Santa Monica, California on September 6.

Amazon’s invitation did not disclose any information about the content of the news conference. The body of the invitation is only one sentence: “We invite you to participate in the Amazon news conference.”

Amazon’s press conference will be held at Barker Hangar Pavilion in Santa Monica City. The Barker Hangar pavilion is located in the Santa Monica Airport, adjacent to the Los Angeles city, and also private parties and filming are often held in the pavilion.

A year ago, Amazon released Kindle series products, including the Kindle Fire Tablet PC which fully compliance with consumer expectations. Kindle Fire is a 7-inch Android tablet and focused on media consumption, the price is much lower than the Apple iPad.

There are many rumors about the next generation Kindle Fire. Most people think that the next-generation Kindle Fire will be configured a larger display.

According to informed sources, this product is likely to be launched at the second half of the year(may be before Christmas), the next-generation Kindle Fire is thinner and lighter than the previous generation, it will be equipped with a built-in camera and the display quality will be much improved.

As the press conference is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, the industry believes that the release will focus in video, music, and other forms of entertainment such as games and other content. At the same time, the first generation Kindle products may also be upgraded, but the majority of people in the industry believe that the Kindle products is not strong enough to compete with the iPhone and iPad.

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